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A huge THANK YOU to all of you who have sent well wishes and prayers for Murphy. The poor pug has had a rough few days, so we really appreciate it.

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Ok, let me back up a little and give you guys the whole story…

Back in January, Murphy had an ear infection and then some hearing loss. We tried approximately, oh, a million different medications to cure it with no luck. We finally saw a specialist at the local VCA, who prescribed him some new meds that seemed to work. Hooray! Murphy seemed so much better. But, last week, we took him for a check-up just to make sure things were 100%. Unfortunately, they were not, so Murphy was prescribed another new drug and, a couple of days later, everything went to sh*t. He ended up with vestibular disease, which messed up his balance and coordination and gave him a permanent head tilt.

With the long holiday weekend, we couldn’t get him an appointment with his usual vet until Tuesday evening. It was only a consult, so his vet couldn’t do anything for him then, but she scheduled a CT scan for the next day (yesterday). She thought maybe a tumor/mass might be causing all of Murphy’s ear issues since none of the previous treatments seemed to make any difference and things were just getting worse and worse.

After the CT scan, I received a call from the vet and she said everything looked great””no tumor, no mass””so she’d continue on with our plan, which was giving Murphy’s ear a deep “cleaning.” Basically, she would get all of the gunk (i.e. pus, bacteria) out of his ear and then take cultures to figure out what was the cause of the infection. Well, once the vet started the deep cleaning, she found a tumor/mass inside Murphy’s ear canal. Whomp whomp. She didn’t want to keep him under anesthesia longer than needed, so she scheduled a surgery to remove it next week. 

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So, that’s where we are now. Murphy seemed okay after the procedure””just tired and kind of out of it, which we assumed was from the anesthesia””but we had a rough night after that. He wouldn’t eat or sleep and he would periodically yelp in pain, which, of course, woke up Mal and me in a panic. We absolutely hate seeing Murphy in pain, especially when we can’t do much about it. We feel so helpless and it totally breaks our hearts. Murphy is on pain and anti-nausea meds now, but they make him so mopey and out of it. Ugh. Guys, I hate seeing him like this. I just want him to be well again.

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We’re counting down the days until next Tuesday when he has his surgery, and we really hope everything goes according to plan. Please keep the little furball in your prayers.



  1. Oh no! Poor little guy 🙁 my lab had a 7lb tumor in her tummy when she was 13 and acted like a puppy again once it was removed. Hopefully Murphy will feel better real soon

  2. oh Man! Poor Murphy! Poor Hauperts! nothing worse than seeing one of your babies suffering! I am sending well wishes for a speedy recovery. I am sure this surgery will do the trick!

  3. Thoughts and prayers to you guys!! Waiting until Tuesday seems like such a long time 🙁 I hope it’s a quick and easy surgery for Murphy and that he feels 200% better after!

  4. Praying for your fur baby! It’s heart breaking to watch them suffer in pain. Praying surgery goes according to plan and he has a speedy recovery!!

  5. Huge prayers for your pug baby! I have three of my own and know how hard it can be. Murphy has great parents and brother taking care of him. Best of luck in surgery and hope all goes well. Will be looking for pug updates!

  6. So sorry to hear this – I’ve been anxiously awaiting Murphy updates! I roll more along the non-prayers of the world but am thinking good thoughts to all of you for a restful and peaceful weekend and a successful surgery.

  7. Ohhh sorry sorry to hear this. My puppy had surgery Tuesday and we are in full blown cone on head, restlessness, discomfort, trouble sleeping mode… I just want her recovered and back to her normal adorable self. It sucks that they don’t understand what’s going on and everyone just wants what’s best, even though it means meds and pain right now. Hope Murphy is on the mend soon 🙂

  8. I can so relate to what you guys are going through and feel for you! My Shih Tzu has had chronic ear infections all of his life – there is hardly ever a month that has went by that he hasn’t had one in almost 10 years. A few months ago he started with an ear infection again and we didn’t think much of it – just treated it with ear medication that we always have on hand. After about a week, he still seemed to have the infection and our vet wanted to see him. We took him to the vet and they used a super long Q tip to clean everything out. A few days later, he seemed to be in a lot more pain (unlike he ever had been before), would not let us even touch his ears, and even started to scream when he jumped off the couch (from the impact), or if we walked within 2 feet of him. We thought maybe the vet had hurt him or damaged his ear during his last visit. We decided to take him to a more specialized vet in our area and learned that all of the inside of his ear had calcified. The Dr. explained that due to years of infection, the ear canal calcified and could no longer be treated with medicine. This was why he was in so much pain – the wax could not get out and no medicine could get in. We made the decision that day to have his ear canal removed and they were able to do surgery later that day. The Dr. said it was really the only treatment option at that point and if we didn’t do it, it could cause the infection to spread to his brain or even cause meningitis. The surgery went really well and we are so happy that he was immediately better after just a few days! I will admit that I am still a little freaked out by the looks of it – the outside looks like a normal floppy ear, but when you lift his ear, there is nothing there – it is just sewed shut.

    Sorry for my book of a comment. 🙂 As I said, thinking of you! I think we hurt just as much as them when they are in pain.

  9. So sorry that Murphy isn’t feeling well! I hope everything goes smoothly on Tuesday. It is so tough to see them not feeling well. We’ve had a rough year medically, since January with our fur babies too. Our dog had her first of 2 ACL surgeries last week – at the Weymouth VCA, they were awesome – and needs another one in two weeks on her other leg (fun!) Sending positive thoughts your way and vibes for a speedy recovery!

  10. This is so sad to hear but I’m glad you figured out what the issue is and can take steps to fix it. I’m sending positive pup vibes your way! I know how hard it can be to see your pup in pain, keeping you all in my thoughts and wishing a speedy recovery to lil Murphy!

  11. Thinking of your boy!! You guys are the best pup parents and it’s so nice to see him so loved. Keeping him in my thoughts next Tuesday!

  12. I’m so sorry to hear this and will keep Murphy in my prayers! I feel your pain- literally. A week ago my chocolate lab had his second mast cell tumor removed in 7 months. And this time it was on his beautiful cheek;( he never whimpers except for after anesthesia and acts like a restless zombie for hours after- so I can relate to the helpless feeling and hating seeing them confused and in pain. Just keep reminding yourself you are doing what you have to do for your dog’s health! And everything will be ok in the long run. Now just to be done with the dreaded cone of shame…..:)

  13. Thinking well wishes for Murphy! I’m so attached to him, and I just read the blog, so I can imagine how you feel!

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