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A couple of weeks ago, Julie wrote a post about the meaning of her dog Sadie’s name. It means “Princess” and fits her adorable pup perfectly. I was curious to know what Murphy‘s name means, so I looked it up online. Murphy means “sea-warrior” or “sea-battler.” Obviously, it’s the perfect name for a pug [insert sarcasm].

Generally, pugs aren’t the biggest fans of water (most of them won’t even go near it, let alone swim), but Murphy is a weirdo has enjoyed it since his puppy days.


(How adorable is he?)

In the summertime, Murphy thoroughly enjoys cooling off in the water.

photo5 (640x478)

He has one hot pug butt!

IMG_0018 (500x375)

And, sometimes, he even likes going for a swim.

IMG_0034 (500x375)

Clearly, this dog has “sea warrior” written all over him.


This morning’s breakfast started out as a mini cooking disaster (I planned to make pancakes, but they stuck to the pan and fell apart), but it ended up turning out okay and tasting really delicious: Breakfast “Stir Fry”

002 (900x675)

Three Questions Thursday

Happy Thursday! Here’s the next edition of Three Questions Thursday!

What happened to Blog Dogs? I sent you a picture of my dog, but it was never posted. Do you think you’ll bring it back? I really liked seeing the dogs!

Sorry that I wasn’t able to post a picture of your pup on CNC. Here’s what happened with Blog Dogs.

A few months ago, I received a monthly bill from my web host for $1,200. As you can imagine, I had a mini heart attack. Apparently, I was going over my allotted bandwidth and getting hit with some serious overage charges, which I thought, at the time, was related to posting all of those dog photos, so I stopped doing Blog Dogs. (Bloggers: Just another reminder to reduce/resize your photos before posting them!)

My host and I figured everything out (the bill was a mistake on their end), and I know a lot of you guys miss Blog Dogs, so I’m going to bring it back. If you sent me a photo and it was never posted on CNC, I still have it in my inbox, so I’ll start posting them again soon. If you’d like your pup to appear in Blog Dogs, just send me an email with a pic and a sentence or two that you would like me to include with it. 

When you do the WOD in Crossfit and it only takes say 9 minutes, are you done? Do you just go home or do you repeat it? It’s crazy to me to only work out for 10 min even though I know it’s a great one.

The WOD is just one part of a typical CrossFit class, and they can range from 2 minutes (if you’re an animal) to 30 minutes (or more). Each day that I go to CrossFit, I plan to be there for an hour.

Every CrossFit class is different, but here’s what the majority of them might look like:

  • 10-15 minute warm-up, usually done as a group
  • 15-20 minutes spent on either practicing a skill (rowing technique, handstands, jump rope skills) OR strength (deadlifts, overheat squats, Olympic lifts)
  • 10-30 minutes for the Workout of the Day (WOD). At my box, 90% of the WODs are done in under 20 minutes, but they’re no joke.
  • The last 5-10 minutes of class are spent on mobility and improving range of motion (stretching, foam rolling, etc.).

I was hoping you might have a recommendation for any hotels that are close to the starting line for the Boston marathon. I have NO IDEA where to stay. The website is not very helpful and I’m unfamiliar with the city.

Good question! I’m not too sure either, but I found a couple of websites that might be helpful to you: Marathon Hotel Guide (Boston Marathon) and Marathon Tours & Travel (Boston Marathon). Additionally, if other readers have recommendations as to where to stay near the start line (or finish line), please leave a comment on this post. Thank you!

P.S. Remember that Protein Bistro Box that I bought at Starbucks last week? I made my own at home, which was cheaper and more satisfying!



  1. I remember you posting or tweeting about that bill, glad to hear it was cleared up and you didn’t have to pay it in the end! I’m glad I learned the resizing thing early on in blogging, I think I would’ve had a panic attack if that overage thing happened to me down the road!

  2. Omgness $1000 something would have made me run away crying “mommy”! haha! But great thing it worked out Tina! Yayyy 🙂

    And it’s so interesting that all our names (and dogs’ names) seem to align with our characters and our lives! Names can be powerful things.

  3. I just looked up my dog’s name, Cooper. Barrel maker! What? I don’t know how I can say that fits him although he has peed on a few barrels in his life.

    Thanks for the info about resizing pics. I would have fainted in shock to get that bill!

  4. LOL!! I have a pug named Murphy too and lets just say he hates the water. I once took him to the Delta near my house and he ran full speed down the boat dock into the water, not knowing it was water! He was so freaked out! Luckily he could swim…I just about had a heart attack. Only later could I laugh about it : )

  5. Boston Marathon Hotel:
    Just an FYI that you don’t want to stay near the starting line. It’s 26.2 miles from Boston in Hopkinton, which is a pretty small town. And traffic is always backed up and bad so getting from the finish line back to your hotel would be a long and expensive cab ride.
    Stay downtown in Boston and the BAA has shuttle buses that will take you out to the start line. It’s quite the experience to be caravanning in school buses with all the other runners!

  6. Hi there — I hope you don’t mind if I pipe in re:Boston Marathon! I would recommend trying to book through Marathon Travel & Tours ( and stay as close to Boston Common as you can. The BAA will bus everyone from Boston Common to the starting line and that way when you finish the race you don’t have to worry about getting all the way back out to Hopkinton. The buses are kind of nutty, but there’s so much energy in the air and it’s a neat part of the experience.

  7. speaking of the boston marathon… did you see the article that came out today saying sam adam’s is doing a special 26.2 brew for the marathon? AWESOME.

  8. That dog is too darn cute, I love his face. I have a half pug / half boston “Bug” is what they call the breed. He is super cute and sweet. I will send you a photo someday. Thanks for the tip on not uploading too large of images, that kind of bill would freak me out!

  9. I need to tell my pug that she isn’t supposed to like water. Maybe then she’ll stop lurking when my 5 year old is in the bathtub. She is such a creeper wherever there is water to be enjoyed.

  10. Now you have inspired me to look up the meaning of my dog’s name. Can’t believe I hadn’t ever thought to do that! There must be something behind this because his name is Raleigh which means ‘from the roe deer field’ and everyone always says he looks like a baby deer!

  11. YIKES!!! I think I’d have had a heart attack if I got a bill like that. SOOOO glad Blog Dogs are coming back!!! (I so wanted to send a picture of my cat Neva, ’cause she’s WAY more dog than cat…but thought that would just be cheeky!!) Love the pics of Murphy with his booty in the water. He’s hilarious. Have a great day.

  12. That’s funny that Murphy means sea warrior because my dog Murphy hates the water, even though he is a golden retriever and is supposed to like it.

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