Murphy Is Part Wolf (Clearly)

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

After breakfast yesterday morning, I headed out for a run. It was chilly, but sunny outside, so I grabbed my gloves and slathered sunblock on my face, neck, and hands (everything else was covered). I also grabbed my iPhone and Flip Belt (because I am obsessed with it).

IMG_5912 (750x563)


I put the David Guetta station on Pandora, enjoyed the scenery, and zoned out for 6 glorious miles. I love letting my mind wander on runs. It totally relaxes me. I finished in 51:15 (8:32 pace).



After my run, I came home, stretched, showered, and then cooked lunch, which was a big bowl of scrambled egg whites with green bell pepper, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. I also ate some coconut butter straight from the jar.



I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up with work and emails, so when Mal came home and offered me a glass of wine around 5:00 PM, I was all about it.

IMG_5941 (563x750)

Mal and I chatted for a bit and then he got to work grading tests on the dining room table. Meanwhile, I started making dinner.

IMG_5939 (563x750)

I planned to make a cauliflower mac & cheese with ground turkey, onion, and kale, but it kind of bombed. It tasted good, but it was pretty runny, so I’m going to try making it again at some point.

IMG_5951 (750x563)

I grated 4 cups of cheese for this recipe, so Murphy was psyched when I brushed the remnants on the floor when I was cleaning up. It keep him busy for at least 10 minutes and now our floor is super clean.


After dinner, Mal and I watched The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which neither of us had ever seen. We had already watched everything in our DVR and there wasn’t anything else on TV that really peaked our interest, so New Moon was a good option. We liked it and it kept us entertained.


When the movie ended, Mal turned to me and said: “Can you believe Murphy is a descendent of wolves?” For some reason, the thought of our spoiled dog being related to wolves totally cracked me up. Even thinking about his fancy curly tail makes me laugh this morning.

IMG_0003 (500x375)

Look at this dog.

IMG_0005 (500x375)

He’s clearly a decedent of the wolf.

IMG_0033 (640x480)

IMG_0034 (640x480)

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Question of the Day

Are you excited about the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 on Friday? Have you read the Twilight books? Are they worth reading?

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  1. I was a Twilight hater for a long time. But then I picked up the first one, and I was hooked. I plowed through all 4 books in less than three weeks. Then my friend gave me ‘Vampire’ homework to watch all the previous movies. She then took me to the theater last fall to watch the newest one. They are so well written. I typically don’t read anything scary or with vampires/werewolves. But, really it is a dramatic love story. I highly recommend them. Then of course I moved on to the Hunger Games. Sigh. What can I read now?

  2. Hey Tina,

    Since reading can be time consuming (and we all have enough other things to do in our day normally), I tend to download audio books and listen to them while I walk to work or if I’m doing a long bike ride without company! You can find most books, even Twilight, available for download – so put in on your iPod and listen on your next run!

  3. I was in love with the series until “Breaking Dawn” came out. Thought the end was a bit of a cop-out.

    I’m going to BD2 with friends tonight, though. Super excited (and a little ready for vampires to be passe for awhile. Bring on the next supernatural being!)

  4. You should definitely check out the Twilight books! They’re a fast read, but they’re good. Definitely looking forward to the movie, the second half of the last book was my favorite!

  5. @Tiffany S., you might try the Queen Betsy series by Maryjanice Davidson. The first one is called “Undead and Unwed.” They’re definitely geared toward adults, but they’re quick reads and a lot of fun.

  6. I didn’t see what all the hype was about, but a few years ago my friends were trying to convince me to read the books. My husband heard me talking about it so when I came home from work, the first book was waiting for me. I plowed through all 4 of them in a couple of weeks. I don’t like the movies as much as the books (are movies ever better than the book?) but I definitely enjoyed the whole series. Just keep in mind they were written for teens.

  7. I am somewhat excited… the movies have gotten a little better each time, the acting a little more tolerable each time. I liked the books, though I’m much more of a Harry Potter fan. It should be a good movie though!! Honestly, I just like watching Taylor Lautner 🙂 Who’s with me!?

  8. I’m ridiculously excited for the movie on Friday and not ashamed to admit it 🙂 I have read all the books – definately worth reading if you are looking for an easy read. They are great beach/vacation books!

  9. I am probably the only one, but I could not even get through 1/2 of the first book. It did not interest me at all and I did not really like the writing style.

  10. hahahahah awww Murphy! That’s like how I think of my cats and a lion or tiger haha I read all the books… not a huge fan because I found myself frustrated with some of her spelling errors/run on sentences lol and have yet to see the first part, but I did like the third movie 🙂 that stayed pretty true to the book

  11. I can never get bored of murphy pictures…you even have me thinking of getting a pug sometime in the future (great match with a bulldog i think!)….

  12. Cauliflower mac and cheese is the next recipe in my book of things to make! I made cauliflower cheesy bread this weekend and it came out really well so now I want to try it with my actual favorite food (and hopefully not ruin it for myself in the process). It’s definitely a hard ingredient to work with, but when it goes well, it really pays off!

  13. I read all 4 of the books, back to back, right before the first movie came out. They aren’t high quality literature but ANY means, but I was still shamelessly hooked haha I’m not a huge fan of Bella but I still could read those books back to back again if I wanted to. Movies, I’m not such a huge fan of. I see them anyway because I feel obligated as such a huge fan of the books.

  14. I have watched the movies but don’t really enjoy them. My hubby took his mom to see the first one and although he claims he doesn’t like them, he has watched all of them since (and made me too) and is taking me to see this new one ‘just to finish the story.’ Uh huh…. sure 😉

  15. The Twilight series is my favorite series of all time! I was very skeptical at first. I thought the whole vampire craze was pretty stupid and I didn’t want to be a part of it. I don’t really rememeber what made me decide to pick up the first book, but once I did, I was hooked! I read all 4 in record time and was very upset when they were done because I wanted the story to continue. The movies are nothing compared to the books!

  16. Is it bad if you have never read Twighlight or watched a single movie of Twighlight??
    I am also intrigued by your healthy mac and cheese! I am not overly picky about texture of my food so I am sure it was great regardless of being “runny” 😉

  17. I’ve been a boxer person my whole life, but Murphy could change that. The photos of him make me literally laugh out loud! Such a funny dog, can’t imagine how much joy he must bring to your life!

  18. I think the books are okay. I read them just to read them, but I wouldn’t read them again. I’ve seen all the movies–again, kind of just because. I think the 3rd one(?) has been my fav. I’ll prob end up seeing the new one at some point. Hah!

  19. I read all of the books first, and I totally think that they are better than the movies. But despite the sometimes bad acting and cheeziness, I do like the movies, too!

  20. First time commenter, but long time reader with a quick question–how did you choose your flipbelt size? I am right in between a small and a medium, and I am kind of unsure as to where I want to wear it (waist or hips), so it was a hard for me to choose a size based on the open sky info—I guess I probably won’t know how I want to wear it until I run with it! Thoughts?

    1. Did you see the sizing chart on the website? It helped me pick the right size. Personally, I’d go smaller than larger since you’d probably want the Flip Belt tighter so it won’t slip around/fall down if you decide to wear it on your hips and it’ll always stretch!

  21. 6 miles is my favorite distance to run…just long enough to feel like a good workout, but not too long that I’m dying at the end! Have you tried Dorito crusted Mac and Cheese? OMG, so good! I”ve made it with cauliflower too instead of pasta…so decadent, but so good!

  22. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m hooked. I especially love your pug! I’m a small animal vet in Anchorage, Alaska and I have to say he is the cutest pug I’ve ever seen. And, whenever I see a pug in normal body condition, I feel I must commend the owners- pugs are usually such food hounds it’s hard to keep their weight normal. Oh, and I have a client that has the cutest and most appropriate name for her pug’s (Mooshoo’s) tail: cinnamon bun.

  23. Can you post the mac’n’cheese recipe? It looks divine. Have you ever made it with califlower? If so, how!? I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  24. I enjoyed the books and the movies are ok. The first movie is def my favorite. I just don’t feel that Meyer and the directors did a very good job at blending the realities (real world vs. vampire/werewolf world). Harry Potter, which in my opinion was AMAZING, was seamless, completely believable which i think added something extra to it. I just found the twilight movies to be awkward. I’m still a fan because this genera is my favorite but yea… Given the choice i’d watch Vampire Diaries over Twilight.

  25. Blend some cooked cauliflower, pumpkin puree or even sweet potato in to the mac sauce to thicken it 🙂 I’m not a Twilight fan! People who are in to it seem to be in to it to the extreme but I could never buy in to who fantasy movie/story thing!

  26. My personal opinion but no you should NOT read the twilight books! I read the first book and it is not worth your time. I would rather read about people aspiring for more than simply a man. Not to say that I don’t enjoy the rom com with my girlfriends, but I am annoyed with Twilight to no end. I am especially annoyed that these books are marketed to young girls! Young people (and I would know I’m not much older) are very impressionable.
    that being said if adults want to read twilight than that’s one thing. However my opinion is that they are dumb.

  27. I love zoning out on runs. I got out there early this morning and left my phone/headphones at home to really enjoy just being outside before a lot of people are up and about.

    I loved the Twilight books, but I can’t really stand the movies. I almost got kicked out of the theater during the last one because some of the special effects were just too much. I’m meeting up with a couple of girlfriends for drinks before heading to the 10pm showing tonight to send them out in style.

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