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Yesterday afternoon I noticed that Murphy rubbed his face with his paw a few times. His eye had been a little watery and wink-y the day before, but it didn’t seem to bother him other than a few paw rubs, so I didn’t think much of it. I just figured he got a little dirt in there or something. No big deal.

Well, when I took a good look at Murphy’s eye, it looked kind of gunky (not just eye boogers) and he was squinting a lot. At this point, I figured it was something more serious than just a little dirt in his eye, so I called the vet and brought him in for a check-up. Poor Murphy. He’s having a rough week.

photo (11) (480x640)

Side note: Murphy’s skin biopsy was benign, so the bump was probably an infected bug bite all along. Now we know and the peace of mind is definitely worth the time, money, and effort!

The vet checked out Murphy’s eye and determined he had an ulcer on it. She said he probably scratched his eyeball playing or running outside, which happens to dogs with buggy eyes quite a lot. Murphy actually had ulcers in both of his eyes a couple of years ago. I guess it’s a pug thing.

Anyway, the vet sent us home with some eye drops and a “cone of shame” to prevent him from scratching at his eye anymore. If everything works out, the vet said he’ll probably be good as new in 3-5 days, so I hope this and his weirdo infected bug bite are just little hiccups in his health and there’s no “Rule of 3” coming his way.

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On the drive home, I swung by CVS to pick up a prescription. (I’m in full on flare mode, so my doc is trying another drug to get things under control.) When I returned to the car, Murphy had made himself comfortable in Hippity’s car seat. I guess he wanted to test it out? This dog is so ridiculous. Haha!

photo 2 (480x640)

I spent the rest of yesterday afternoon on calls and catching up with emails. I eventually sat my butt on the couch and relaxed with Murphy. Between the rainy weather and being 39.5 weeks pregnant, I was exhausted.

photo (12) (480x640)


While chilling on the couch, I snacked on a piece of cinnamon raisin toast with almond butter spread on top.


Meanwhile, Mal got his sweat on in the basement. We received our new wall timer from Again Faster Equipment in the mail yesterday afternoon, so he was pumped to set it up and use it.


The wall timer is definitely one of my favorite pieces of equipment in our home gym. To me, it totally completes it because now I’m really working against the clock during my workouts. I mean, you can’t miss it, staring back at you on the wall, and it pushes me so much harder than I would push myself without it. It’s definitely a home gym essential in my opinion!

FYI: You can get 10% off your order at Again Faster Equipment with code AFcarrot (expires 7/31/15). Also, be sure to sign up for their email list. Again Faster always has great deals on their equipment! 


Mal’s workout was a variation of the one that our box did yesterday:

For time:


20 Back Squats (135, 95) [out of a rack]
30 Burpees
40 Hollow Rocks
500 meter Row —> 50 Ball Slams (30)
40 Meter Handstand Walk —> Shoulder Taps off bench
30 Deadlifts (135, 95)
20 Burpees




When dinnertime rolled around, I cooked up some some ground beef with taco seasoning for taco salads. It was simple, quick, and delicious. Mmm!


My evening concluded with watching bad TV and eating a million peanut M&Ms.

Question of the Day

Do you believe in the “Rule of 3” – basically that bad things (and good things) come in threes?



  1. I don’t know that I “believe” in the rule of three, but I do say it when I notice things happen in threes. You are in the home stretch. Poor Murphy, I hope he feels better soon. I saw the photo of him in your bed, does he get up (and down) there on his own? I have a pug(mix) and she can’t do it. We even put a bench at the end of the bed to help her, but she has become to spoiled and I always pick her up.

  2. So glad to hear Murphy is on the mend and glad he’s testing baby stuff for safety purposes. 😉

    I think the death comes in three’s seems to historically pan out unless we’re just a little more aware and looking for it. I’ve never heard the bad/good luck comes in three’s and it hasn’t been prominent enough for me to notice. But I do note that “when it rains, it pours” tends to apply when things aren’t going right!

  3. Poor Murphy! He looks so adorable in the carseat 🙂 I hope he can get over all his health issues quickly. I do believe in the Rule of 3. My grandparents would always refer to it when someone passed away. They’d question who the next two would be. I think that’s why I always look for it now.

  4. Poor pup. Hopefully Murphy’s eye gets better before the baby arrives. I would hate to be worrying about my pet at home while in the hospital.
    Mmm taco salads. Fast and healthy!
    I believe in the saying that things break in 3’s, like if the washing machine breaks, then 2 other appliances or household items will break, but never thought of just relating bad things happening in general. Hopefully the rest of your week is smooth sailing! 🙂

  5. Yes, I totally believe in the rule of three. It always works out that way. Also, my dog is super stressed about me being pregnant and has weird things going on, too.

  6. I believe in the rule of three when its obvious, if that makes sense. Typically I see this with death in entertainment/news…seems to happen in three’s but maybe because I’m paying attention and looking for three? Hopefully Murphy only has the rule of two! Poor guy…when it rains it pours I guess! Glad you two got some snuggles in yesterday!

    Do you ever get worried about how much attention you’ll be able to give murphy after baby H arrives? We are expecting our first in November and I keep telling myself that I won’t make our dog feel any less of a family member once the baby arrives but I’m afraid that may not be as easy as I think.

  7. I don’t necessarily believe in bad and good things in 3’s, but I do believe that the universe has a way of “balancing” so when things seem really good I’m just waiting for hell to break loose. And the opposite it true too, if my day starts out horrible I know it will get better soon enough. This has become exponentially true since have (multiple) children! It all balances out!

  8. I understand your pain with all the vet visits. One of our dogs has had horrible eye and ear problems for 2 years now. We even had to bring him to an optometrists in RI! He is now on eye drops and ointment twice a day for the rest of his life. It cost us a ton of time and money to finally figure out what was wrong, but it was well worth it. I hope Murphy gets better soon and doesn’t have to go through what our dog did.

  9. I’m checking back every day for the big announcement! I thought maybe today was the day! You’re definitely on the home stretch so it won’t be long. Can’t wait to “meet” the little guy. I love reading your posts when I’m starting my day because Murphy always makes me smile. He has SO much expression!

  10. I like to hope the rule of 3 doesn’t exist, but I’m not sure. Maybe the next medical thing in your family will just be the baby!

  11. Awww, you will have to give Murphy lots of kisses, I’m sure that will help.
    My hubby had two small fender benders, so I bought him a little bell to hang off his mirror to ward off bad things. Not sure if that makes me a believer, but hey it seemed to make him more aware and be more careful when ever it rings.
    I was wondering what to make for supper, I had taken out a package of ground turkey, was thinking meatballs and spaghetti squash, but tacos sound good too.
    I like the timer, our basement has turned into a home gym, and I did buy a large normal clock that shows the seconds, but a timer might have been a better idea.

  12. yesterday after you mentioned peanut M&Ms, someone in my office announced they had some at their desk! Haha I got my fix! And poor Murph, so not his week! Maybe he’s trying to get his health issues out of the way before the baby comes?

      1. I live in an apartment, so it’s kind of hard for me to have much at-home equipment – except free weights and a jump rope. But luckily the building has a gym!

  13. Poor Murphy! That guy is just nervous about someone new stealing your love soon I think. He’ll be fine!

    I respect your ability to keep up with your blog so well, with all these comments, writing quality and informative posts, and your nice photos. I had my first brush with going viral yesterday and it took my ENTIRE attention to stay on top of things. You do all this on top of being almost ready to pop! Well done Tina.

  14. I know it’s so odd and doesn’t make sense but I totally believe in the power of 3! Don’t know why or how but it always seems to work out that way! :-S

    Sooo agree that your home gym is now complete. You definitely need a wall clock to make it feel as tense as crossfit – the clock is watching you!!

  15. Poor guy! It can be so hard sometimes to figure out if it’s just a “thing” with pets or if there’s really something wrong with them. Hope he gets better soon!
    That dinner looks like what we had a couple of nights ago and we just did American Chop Suey last night. Was craving some comfort food with the cold weather!

  16. Awww poor Murph. Monday afternoon we took our maltipoo to the dog park and he left with an erection- we thought it would go down overnight but when we woke up the next morning it was still there (about 15 hours total by this time). I quickly took him to the doc and it turns out the hair around his parts prevented it from going back in. We left with some anti-inflammatory for him and a little of his dignity gone. 😉 Dogs are seriously too funny.

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