Muffins Versus Cupcakes

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hello, hello! I hope your week is off to a fabulous start, my friends!


This morning’s breakfast was two Van’s waffles with sunflower butter and sliced banana on top. Most mornings, I want to make a two-ingredient pancake, but then I always opt for the quicker and easier toaster oven option. This breakfast requires practically no effort, but maybe I’ll switch it up tomorrow anyway.

IMG_0702 (600x450)

And, as always, I drank a glass of decaf iced coffee with almond milk with breakfast.

IMG_0705 (600x450)


I spent the rest of the morning working, blogging, and digging myself out of an inbox black hole. I eventually broke for lunch around noon and reheated my Lime Leaf leftovers from last night’s dinner, which were delicious. I love the noodles even more the next day.

IMG_0710 (600x450)

After lunch, I packed for Milwaukee, which took me a matter of minutes. I’m only there for about 24 hours and mostly doing fitness stuff, so I kept my packing light. I’m only bringing my gym bag, which I’m using as an overnight bag.

IMG_0749 (600x450)

And my purse.

IMG_0750 (600x450)

Here’s what I packed: workout clothes, PJs, make-up bag, laptop, and the clothes I plan to wear on the plane. That’s it. How’s that for packing light?

IMG_0753 (600x450)


After I was all packed up, I created a gluten-free granola recipe for Health, which, of course, I sampled right away. Mmm! It’s a good one!

sweet and salty granola

I also snacked on some dates and Nikki’s vanilla cake batter coconut butter before heading to CrossFit.

coconut butter and dates

Health News & Views

I love a muffin with all sorts of texture, including the crunch of nuts and seeds and the chew of raisins and dried fruit. Taking a bite of a muffin and surprising my taste buds each time makes for a very enjoyable eating experience.

This recipe for Banana Quinoa Mini Muffins combines all of my favorite textures into one muffin with a special ingredient that takes it one step further: quinoa. Quinoa is packed with protein and fiber as well as a number of vitamins and minerals (a one-cup serving of quinoa has 8 g of protein and 5 g of fiber), so these muffins are the best of both worlds: delicious and nutritious!

Try This Recipe for Banana Quinoa Mini Muffins

Question of the Day

Super important Question of the Day:

Would you rather eat a muffin or a cupcake (in the flavor of your choice)?

[image source]

I’d say 90% of the time, I’d pick a cupcake. I love frosting in a major way. But, on occasion, I really love a good muffin, like a pumpkin chocolate chip or French toast muffin.



  1. what a thoughie… I will need to go down to the bakery and try both… over and over again.

    but honestly, i’m a muffin person.. anytime anywhere

  2. Oh mannn that’s a toughie! I love both so much, and even though I looooooove cupcakes like crazy, they CAN get too sweet if I have them too often or too much of ’em, so if it’s on a more regular basis, I’d go with the muffin. But for a once in a while decadent treat I always crave cupcakes.

  3. I definitely think cupcake all the way because of the icing. There is a place here in Australia that does a cookie cupcake that has raw cookie dough in the centre but has a mini cookie on top of the icing. It is so so good! 🙂

  4. I live in New York City but Milwaukee is my hometown. You MUST got to Alterra coffee/cafe for a meal (several locations including the airport). Super yummy grilled cheese/soups/sandwiches/breakfast burritos!! Also eat frozen custard (a Milwaukee specialty) while you’re there!! And some of our many beers!! (Spotted Cow and Fat Squirrel are my fav) Hope you like Milwaukee it’s one of the most underrated cities in the country!

  5. The only time muffin wins over cupcake is if its one of those, like, coffe-cake style muffins that comes with all the streusel and crumbly bits on time…other than that, it’s cupcakes for the win!

  6. I am a frosting person, muffins can have frosting on them Yum!!! Love the purse. Who is the designer?

  7. I used to get cupcakes from the bakery at a local supermarket (King Kullen) that really seemed to be the best of both worlds- it was a muffin sized dense cupcake bottom that tasted more like a muffin topped with a serious amount of chocolate fudge frosting. It was delicious and satisfied either craving. That bakery stopped making those cupcakes a few years ago. It was a sad day. Now they only sell the dinky little cupcakes with a dollop of frosting which I want no part of.

  8. Can I pick muffins WITH frosting?! haha I have a Lulu waterbottle that, on the front, says “I work out” and on the back it says “because I like muffins, not muffin tops”… this couldn’t be more fitting for me!

  9. Well, I love to bake cupcakes but I have a favorite Blueberry Recipe that I always go to. Muffins are lighter in some cases and cupcakes are just cute and dainty! It’s a hard one though!

  10. As yummy as cupcakes (especially from Crumbs!) are, I’d have to go with a muffin. The coffee cake ones from Dunkin’ are delicious!

  11. My mom makes pumpkin or carrot flavored muffins, with a cream cheese icing filling. DELICIOUS! Those are my kind of muffins!

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  13. Easy. Cupcake. I can’t believe anyone would go muffin. They’re probably just as bad for you, really.

    Also, just for the record, I love muffins. To be totally honest, I’d probably eat both.


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