Mr. America

Hello, hello!

The first part of yesterday afternoon was all about running errands. I received my sister’s baby shower invitations in the mail on Tuesday, so I addressed them and mailed them out yesterday afternoon.


I also did a little shopping and bought a few things for our trip to Hawaii. Obviously, I needed a new purse and pair of wedges.

vacation accessories

While I was out shopping, I also picked up a Silicone Travel Tube that I found at CVS. It’s basically a heavy-duty squeeze bottle. I already own a couple of travel bottles, but after I use about half of the product inside, it’s almost impossible to get the rest out. This silicone tube thing seems like it’s going to be awesome. There’s some serious squeezing potential! I’ll be sure to report back!


While I was out, I also bought Murphy more of his dog food.


And now he’s now obsessed with the bag. One-track pug mind.


After running errands, Murphy and I went to do some visiting at the senior home.

039 (480x640)

We’ve visited the senior home a few times now, so we’re starting to see the same faces again and again. While making our rounds yesterday, a bunch of people recognized Murphy and called him by name. One man even gave him a new name.

When we walked into the room of the gentleman, who once owned a pug himself, he saw Murphy and enthusiastically said: “Here comes Mr. America!” Haha! Love it.

Murphy being called “Mr. America” totally cracked me up. I told Mal about it when he got home and we’ve been calling Murphy it ever since.


Giving people pug therapy is tough work, so Murphy was exhausted on the ride home. Look at that pathetic face!



On the agenda for dinner was burgers with guacamole and Rotel, so I whipped up the quac while Mal made the burgers. (My “recipe” is just minced garlic, lime juice, garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste.)

I ate a bunch of guacamole with rice crackers while I waited for dinner to cook. I cannot be trusted around it.

homemade guacamole and rice crackers

Rotel + guacamole + burger = DELICIOUS!


On the side, we had Sweet Potato Wedges.


Excellent dinner!


Question of the Day

If you had the chance to do this, would you?

Mal and I are seriously considering it (because we’re crazy).


  1. I would absolutely do that shark thing! I was just recently in Cape Town, South Africa and really wanted to do the great white shark cage diving but we didn’t have time. 🙁 Do it up!!!!

  2. We have a chocolate Lab and he does the same thing when we bring home a new bag of food. He just sits by it and wags his tail. He’s even gone so far as to lick the outside of the bag. Murphy is awesome 🙂

  3. That is how I make my guac too…except I add cumin. You should try it…takes it to a whole new level of awesome 🙂

  4. OMG that picture of Murphy….I can’t….it’s just TOO funny. Love his Mr. America face!! Hahah!

    Also you should TOTALLY do the shark tour!! It looks so awesome. However you’re only allowed to do it if you buy an underwater camera and “take us with you.” 🙂

  5. i don’t know if i could do a shark tour…and i haven’t even seen Jaws etc! maybe if my husby was holding my hand the whole time?
    murphy is so cute! love his little pug face! my 2 boxers love their taste of the wild food too…its the best:)

  6. I love the new bag and shoes! I also love the photo of Murphy next to the bag of dog food with wolves running through the forest on it. It’s a good pairing. 🙂 I would totally do the shark tour, especially since you might see sea turtles. I’ve only seen a few sea turtles in the wild and each time it’s been really awesome.

  7. I’ve never done a shark tour, but we went skydiving while visiting the North Shore on Oahu. It was an amazing experience!
    I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

  8. I traveled with three of those squeeze tubes around Europe– they’re little mini lifesavers! 🙂 I can’t tell if they’re the same brand, but mine also have a suction cup, so you can just stick em on the mirror, if you’re short on counter space. Which in Europe is like, everywhere.

  9. I love it Mr. America! I had the opportunity to do shark cage diving in south africa and I passed on it, sharks really terrify me and the thought of being so close to them was not my idea of a good time. I know a lot of ppl did it and enjoyed it, most said they got sea sick on the boat though.

  10. Mr. America is adorable! Such a sweet face. 🙂 I love guac, I need some ASAP! I think I would for sure do the shark tank if I had the opportunity. It’s a once in a lifetime thing…it’d be pretty sweet to say you did it!

  11. I’ve seen those travel bottles before but haven’t actually purchased them, mostly because in the moment they seem too expensive. Remind me later how much money I’ll save from buying the travel sized containers you can only partially use. 😉

  12. I love guacamole! That burger looks so good, and sweet potatoes are my favorite! That shark boat would scare me, but I’m sure they wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t safe. I like doing things that scare like when I went skydiving!

  13. I did the shark thing when I was in Tahiti….it’s def more hyped up in the ads than the actual experience, which was more like big fish grabbing raw meat near you…but it’s a good story when you get home. I prefer the swimming with dolphins excursion anyday though

  14. Is Rotel really that much better than any other canned diced tomatoes? I always see you using it, but I can’t get myself to buy it when it’s cheaper to buy store brand!

  15. I have wanted to do this FOREVER! We were in HI last year and couldn’t work it in…I actually had a boyfriend break up with me because I want to do this. He thought it was a “ridiculous risk” – needless to say, I am better off 🙂

  16. Hey Tina! I live on the North Shore. The shark tour is great (very safe too). If you’re in Haleiwa you need to go to Grass Skirt Grill (best fish around). Don’t be fooled into Haleiwa Joes, Pizza Bobs.. total tourist traps! Have fun, aloha!

  17. Definitely do the shark tour!! My husband and I went to Hawaii on our honeymoon 2 years ago. We had taken lessons to be certified to scuba dive before we left….our final test was the open water descent in Hawaii. I chickened out and snorkeled while he was diving with the instructor below. During our adventure at Molokini crater, we had seen 3 white tipped reef sharks. I sprinted back to the boat scared for my life while watching my husband below….he had come within a few few feet before the sharks swam away. Needless to say they were harmless and it’s something we talk about often when reminiscing on our vacation!!

  18. I think YOU should do the shark tour- and then blog about it- but I would NEVER do it! Total scaredy-cat….All I can think is da-dum-da-dum-da-dum-dum. I’ve seen Jaws too many times!

  19. Ah shark tour, I dont think I could do it. I dont know. I also dont even know if I could fly that long to Hawaii although I bet its amazing there!! Are those nut thins? I had pecan nut thins the other day for the first time. So good especially for dipping!

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