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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hello! I hope everyone had a nice weekend, especially those of you who celebrated Mother’s Day!

My Mother’s Day was really nice. I got to sleep in a little and then had breakfast and presents waiting for me when I woke up. Quinn was so excited about his present that he denied me a hug! Haha! When I came downstairs, I asked him for a hug, but he ran right by me, only to go get my present and come back to give it to me. He was just so excited! (After I opened his present, I got my hug!)

Mal and Murphy were also also pretty excited about their/Quinn’s present for me, which was a new cookbook. Mal actually heard an interview with the author on NPR, and he thought it sounded right up my alley… and it is! 🙂 I spent awhile flipping through it yesterday, and I’m so excited to make some recipes from it. It has so many easy ideas and techniques for everyday cooking + some awesome tips and tricks for entertaining and cocktails. It just makes everything seem so simple and do-able!

[rewind to Saturday morning]

My sister and her family came over on Saturday to spend the night. She brought the coolest Finding Dory bubble machine from Target and the kids went crazy over it!

It was bubble mania on our back porch!!

Then, the boys played in the dirt for a little while.

We spent all this money on creating an awesome play area and they chose the dirt next to it. Haha!

After playing outside for a bit, we came inside for lunch. On the menu: THE BEST WINGS EVER! And, of course, they were a huge hit with everyone. Even Cousin Matthew liked them!

Once we finished eating lunch, we did some arts & crafts before winding down for nap time.

Well, sorta. We had some fun with streamers first! 🙂

Once everyone was napping (Matthew rested and watched some TV on the couch), the adults (and Murphy) hung out on the porch and caught up.

We had some snacks and drinks, including FitVine Wine, which is lower in calories, sugar, and sulfites than regular wine. A friend from CrossFit told me about it (she actually orders it by the case), so I had to see what it was all about, especially since I’m trying to cut back on the sulfites in my diet.

FitVine isn’t sold at a ton of places near me, so I took an adventure one afternoon to buy a bottle, and I’m so glad that I did. The Sauvignon Blanc is really good! It’s dry and crisp – perfect for summer. Mal thinks it tastes watery, but I like it, especially for a low-sulfite wine. Have you guys ever tried organic wine? Uhhh, it’s disgusting (at least the ones I’ve tried). Save your money!! Haha! Anyway, I liked the FitVine Sauvignon Blanc so much, I bought a case myself! 🙂

After nap time, we headed out for a walk around the block. It was kind of chilly, but it was still nice to get outside and move around.

The boys had a blast playing together and exploring!

After our walk, we came home and ordered some pizzas for dinner. Dinner actually ended up taking longer than expected, so once everyone was finished eating, we got ready for bed and then enjoyed a movie night. We watch Moana, which is a favorite in both of our houses. I really enjoyed singing along with Qman. My gosh, he’s the sweetest kid. <3

Questions of the Day

Any Moana fans out there? (We’re obsessed lately.)

Moms, what was the best part of Mother’s Day for you?




  1. Holy moly those wings look delicious!! Looks like a lovely celebration. I haven’t seen Moana yet, but my boyfriend just watched it on the plane ride back from our vacation– still gotta see it!

    1. Every time we talk to Kelli, we always exchange weather temps. She like: It’s 90! I’m like it’s high-40s here! Haha!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day!The best part was the handmade gift and card. But it was wonderful enjoying our day of adventure, too!

  3. Moana has been playing in our house for the past month!! I have 3 year old twins and a 5 year old, and we all love it!!! I did my very first 5K race on Mother’s Day! Was awesome!!

  4. What a nice weekend! I love the sleepover idea, it’s such a nice way to get some extra hang out time in around kiddo schedules. My favorite part of Mother’s Day was spending the day exploring with my kiddos (we went to the farmers market and Whole Foods) handmade kiddo gifts, and my 18 month old saying happy Mother’s Day, it was so cute in her tiny little voice.

  5. I like Eppa sangria. It isn’t all organic, but is made with mostly organic fruits I believe. I really like it !

  6. I’ve been seeing that brand of wine advertising on Instagram a lot — thanks for sampling and giving us a report!

  7. I’m dying to make your wing recipe but I can’t find a large package of wings at my grocery store. I noticed one comment on the recipe post said she used legs and I can’t find those either in bulk!! All I can find are thighs… ugh. Any suggestions? 🙂

  8. Speaking of Moana fans have you happened to hear of a little girl named Claire, age four, whose father has a YouTube channel of her singing lots of Disney songs?

    Claire has been on the Ellen show a couple of times, and once she appeared with Aili’i Cravalho to sing “How Far I’ll Go.”
    The channel is called Claire and the Crosbys and it’s so worth checking out.

    What a nice time you shared here. The children are adorable (including Murphy!), and the wings look incredible!

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