Mother’s Day at The Melting Pot

This afternoon, my sister and I treated my mom to a late lunch at The Melting Pot to celebrate Mother’s Day. After our last trip to The Melting Pot, we weren’t 100% sure if we wanted to take my mom there, but she had never been before, so we thought it would be fun for her. Plus, the food is really delicious at The Melting Pot, so we hoped for a better dining experience this time.

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Mom and me!

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For Mother’s Day, The Melting Pot featured a special Mother’s Day menu, which included four courses.

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For the first course, we had a choice of three different cheese fondues. We ended up choosing the Spinach Artichoke fondue, which was made with Fontina and Butterkase cheeses, spinach, garlic, and artichoke hearts.

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We dipped all sort of goodies into the Spinach Artichoke fondue, including various breads, tortilla chips, Granny Smith apples, broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower. Mmm! Very delicious.

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For the second course, we had a choice of two salads: Cherry Blossom made with mixed greens, dried cherries, and pecans with a raspberry walnut vinaigrette dressing or Shrimp Ceviche Salad made with a blend of citrus-marinated shrimp atop avocado purée and tortilla chips served with tropical fruit pico de gallo and a side of mixed greens with a lime vinaigrette.

I ended up picking the Shrimp Ceviche Salad, but it was just so-so. The pieces of shrimp were pretty small and the rest of the salad just wasn’t my thing. The Cherry Blossom salad, however, looked really good. My mom and sister both ordered it and liked it a lot, so I had a little bit of food envy.

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For the entrée course, we picked the Coq au Vin cooking style, which came with all sorts of dippers: Filet Mignon, Chimichurri Sirloin, Garlic Piri Piri Shrimp, Mole-marinated Chicken Breast, Citrus-marinated Pork Tenderloin, Fire-Roasted-Corn-Salsa Ravioli, Edamame, Thai Peanut-marinated Tofu, Artichoke Hearts, Portobello Mushrooms, Asparagus, Spinach & Artichoke Raviolis, and Spring Vegetable Dumplings.

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Holy food!!!

IMG_0026 (640x480)

We dug right in.

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My favorite course of the night (of course) was dessert, which was Snickers Chocolate Fondue made with milk chocolate, caramel, and and a swirl of crunchy Peanut Butter.

IMG_0034 (640x480)

I am sooooo glad that I saved room for the final course. I went to town on all of the different treats!

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Today’s trip to The Melting Pot was so much better than the one in December. I’m so glad that my sister and I gave it another chance, especially since my mom really enjoyed herself and loved the fondue-style meal.

After lunch, I received a Mother’s Day gift from “Murphy.”

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According to my mom, Murphy emailed her to ask if she’d buy an herb garden for me for Mother’s Day. I had no idea that Murphy could even use a computer! How nice of him! I love fresh herbs!

IMG_0007 (480x640)

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!!


  1. I’m glad you experience was better than the last time you went to the Melting Pot! The dessert is the BEST part of the meal! 🙂

  2. Your present from Murphy is so adorable! I think that was so thoughtful of your mom- pets are people too and often they need human help 😉

    I am so jealous of the Melting Pot! We have nothing like that in my area (upstate NY).

  3. What an interesting idea for a restaurant! I don’t eat cheese but really enjoy a good dark chocolate fondue. Strawberries are the best thing to dip – you get the smooth bitterness of the chocolate contrasted with the sweet juiciness of the strawberries. Delicious!

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