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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Lunch, facials, Starbucks, and shopping? Sounds like a really nice way to spend the day, right? Especially with two of my favorite people!

IMG_9411 (563x750)

More on our Mother-Daughter-Daughter Day in a minute!


After breakfast, I headed to CrossFit for workout. Usually, I arrive at the box 15-30 minutes before the start of class, so I can work on skills, but I was running late yesterday and made it just in time. Thank goodness””I didn’t want to run a mile, which is the “punishment” for being late to class.

IMG_9376 (750x563)

Yesterday’s workout was a partner WOD, so I worked with my friend Whit to accumulate as many reps (points) as possible in 30 minutes of the following: 100 meter Prowler Pushes (50 meters each), max unbroken Double Unders, and max unbroken Pull-ups.


With a partner, you will complete a

30 minute AMRAP of:

100m Partner Prowler Push
Max UNBROKEN Double Unders (two attempts to get your longest UB set)
Max UNBROKEN Pull-ups (once you drop from the bar the set is over)

Rx: Prowler+100lbs, prowler+50lbs
Beginner: 50m partner prowler push

Score = total reps.

Prowler push = 1 rep, each double under = 1 rep, each pull-up = 1 rep. Add totals from each round at the end of the WOD

My goodness, the Prowler Pushes were hard! We (the ladies) don’t usually put on much weight (if any) and it was really hot outside yesterday, so Whit and I were dying by the end””I even walked for part of one””but we still managed to get 5 rounds, which included 65 Double Unders and 65 pull-ups. If you do CrossFit, you know that these two numbers should probably not be the same””the Double Under score should be a whole heck of a lot higher. I guess Whit and I really need to work on them!

On a more positive note, we did ALL 65 pull-ups unassisted. That’s right! My first WOD with real, live pull-ups and I smashed my PR of 4 pull-ups with 8 yesterday””two different times! Insanity. I still can’t believe I can do pull-ups. It really seemed like an impossible feat when I started CrossFit. I just goes to show you that persistence and hard work go a long way!

 IMG_9378 (563x750)


After CrossFit, I came home, quickly showered, made a protein shake, and then hit the road to drive to my sister’s house to meet her and my mom.

IMG_9380 (563x750)

When I arrived, I saw Batman.

IMG_9391 (563x750)

And received a couple of presents from my sister. Murphy also got some fancy organic dog bones from “Grandma.”



All three of us were hungry, so we headed to Panera for lunch.

IMG_9395 (585x750)

I ordered the BBQ Chicken Salad with the dressing on the side. I have to admit the salad was a little boring””it was mostly just chicken and romaine with a few black beans and corn kernels””but both of the dressings were really delicious, and I ended up dipping my bread into them.

IMG_9402 (750x563)

After lunch, we went to get facials at Catherine Hinds. I used my last facial in the series that I bought nearly two years ago, so I probably won’t visit again for awhile, which is a wicked bummer since their services are so cheap, but the drive is just too far for me.

IMG_9403 (750x374)

After our facials, we hit up Old Navy and Nordstrom Rack for some shopping.

IMG_9413 (750x563)

I also returned a shirt to Nordstrom Rack that I bought back in March. (Clearly, shopping isn’t a priority for me.)

IMG_9414 (750x563)

Since I returned the shirt 4.5 months after I bought it, I received a store credit, which was totally cool since I still had a gift card to spend from the tweet-up I attended there last September, and I was determined to spend it yesterday. I must have tried on at least 50 things, but I eventually left with two fun tops. Hooray!

IMG_9415 (750x563)


After our shopping adventures, we returned to my sister’s house where we chatted for a little while longer and snacked on some a zillion blue corn chips. By then, it was almost 5:00, so I decided to hit the road and battle rush hour traffic.

IMG_9421 (563x750)


Two and a half hours later (yep, it took me 2.5 hours to drive 27 miles), I arrived home. I was starving, so I threw together a salad with a can of tuna on top, homemade croutons, and leftover dressing (so good) from Wednesday’s dinner. It was pretty simple, but I was not in the mood to cook anything complicated after my infuriating commute home. I finished off the night with a couple of spoonfuls of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, which, of course, made me a bit happier.

IMG_9424 (750x563)

Brew at the Zoo Giveaway

I totally forgot to pick a winner for the Brew at the Zoo giveaway. Oops, sorry! Without further ado, here’s your winner:

Marcy Borak

Love this contest!!!

Hmmm”¦fav animal at a zoo is probably the lions- incredible to watch their strength

(If SeaWorld is considered a “zoo” then my answer changes to sharks)

Congrats, Marcy! Please email me at to claim your prize.

Question of the Day

What’s the worst commute/drive you’ve ever experienced? How do you handle traffic? Do you listen to music/talk radio and find a zen place or do you get frustrated and angry (like I do)?



  1. Batman looks like he’s saying “cheeeese” for the photo. What a cutie! And what a fantastic mother/daughter day. I wish my Mom lived closer, we’d do the same more often than we do. Traffic here in Vancouver is a pain, but being in the car with my husband and listening to him bitch about the traffic is even MORE painful!!! 🙂 He’s a pretty easy going guy, but put him behind the wheel of the car and he becomes “Mr. A-hole Grumpy Traffic critic”. To me, his rants are worse than the gridlock. Oh well…he’s a keeper for so many other reasons! Have a great Friday Tina.

  2. I definitely get frustrated/angry!

    My worst driving experience was last March. The boyfriend and I were driving from London to Kingston (about 4 hours) on the 401 (huge high-speed highway in Ontario) for the first time. On my leg of the drive home, it started pouring rain and the traffic was awful. I’m trying to drive with the wipers on full blast and trucks driving by, completely soaking my windshield every 30 seconds and making it impossible to see at all. Quite possibly the most nerve wracking experience of my life!

  3. That picture of Batman put this huge, goofy smile on my face. Dogs take the funniest pictures. Your Panera salad looks pretty sad and that’s upsetting since I worked at a Panera for over a year. It sucks that all chain restaurants can’t hold the same standards, so you never know if it’s going to be good or a complete waste of $.

  4. I cannot handle commuting, which is why I moved to an apartment that is a 10 minute walk from my work. I used to live a 45 minute drive away (without traffic) and it sucked! I’m super impatient and got road rage all the time so I’m thankful I don’t have to do that anymore 🙂

  5. I was there with you yesterday, frustrated on 93 and route 3. It took me 3 hours from Boston to our house. Ugh.

  6. Pingback: Poor Murphy
  7. I live in DC (WORST TRAFFIC EVER!) and had to get to Richmond for a race. It took me 5 hours to get there, when usually it’s supposed to be a little less than 2 hours. Totally missed my packet pick up and dinner with friends. Fail!

  8. Batman!! Hahahha…so adorable!

    I have no patience when it comes to driving. Thankfully, where I live in Scottsdale I am about 10 minutes away from everything I need. Except for my favorite “mega” Whole Foods which is about 20 minutes away, but the smaller one is close. Arizona drivers are the worst (from Chicago). I do not struggle with horrible traffic/rush hour/commute, but not a day goes by where I do not wish I could strap a flame thrower on the hood of my car. I wish driving was like Mario Kart and I could shoot turtle shells at people or casually drop a banana peel or two. One can dream 🙂

  9. I’ve hit some really bad traffic coming home (south) from Boston a couple of times. It usually infuriates me to have to keep switching pedals and deal with people who just don’t know how to drive, but to keep myself calm I like to call a friend or my sister on my blue tooth to chat. Not only does it keep me distracted from whats going on on the road, but I can vent to someone who’ll listen and understand at the same time!

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