Morning With My Little Man

Hi, friends! How’s your Hump Day going so far?

Mal was at a workshop all week, so it’s been just Quinn and me (and Murphy) in the mornings, which have quickly become my favorite time of day. I look forward to hearing the little guy on the monitor (even if it’s insanely early) just so we can get up and hang out together. A morning “baba” is always the first thing on our agenda, so we cuddle on the couch while watching the news or reading books. It’s such a nice way to start the day.

IMG_6066 (1024x768)

After that, it was iced coffee and breakfast time for mom. Peanut butter and banana on toast is my go-to for a super fast and filling breakfast. Check out that weird hole in my bread! (FYI: My bread is from Trader Joe’s.)

IMG_6069 (1024x768)

I ate my breakfast in the playroom while Quinn had some fun with his toys. He woke up in the best mood this morning!

IMG_6077 (1024x768)

He was all smiles! (Chicken hair, don’t care! It actually reminds of us Rod Stewart’s hair. Potential Halloween costume?)

IMG_6080 (1024x1024)

A little while, it was time for Quinn’s breakfast. I was sort of still hungry too, so I grabbed some grapes to snack on.

IMG_6087 (1024x768)

As soon as Quinn saw them, he wanted some. The Grape Monster strikes again! This boy loves grapes!

IMG_6090 (1024x768)

After breakfast, we played some more and then headed to KFIT for a workout, which was a WOD recently done at CrossFit 781. (“FS” is Front Squats.) I started with #25 for the Manmakers, but switched to #15 after 10 reps. I was dying. I used #25 for the rest of the workout though (Front Squats + alternating Dumbbell Snatches). It was an awesome workout and one that I definitely want to do again. It’s a keeper for sure!

IMG_6095 (768x1024)

At home, I refueled with a smoothie made with strawberries, grapes, banana, spinach, vanilla soy milk, Radiance Platinum All-In-One Superfood Chocolate Mix, and SFH vanilla Recovery protein powder.

IMG_6096 (1024x768)

As you can see, Quinn was really into “helping” me make it.

IMG_6099 (1024x768)

Quinn went down for a nap not long after that. I was hungry again, so I made myself an open-face egg sandwich with Laughing Cow cheese.

IMG_6101 (1024x768)

And now I’m blogging.

Question of the Day

How was your morning? Share something fun/interesting/funny about it! 

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  1. forgot to write this yesterday but blue diamond almonds on sale buy one get one at CVS and there are great coupons to print out through Hopster!!!

  2. This morning my son started saying a new word: Shoes! And my daughter’s new word is purple. (I have 15-month-old twins.) I got so excited about it I made them repeat it a million times, which they were more than happy to do! 🙂
    I wish my kids would beg for grapes and veggies AND eat the ones I give them. (I know I’m asking a lot! haha) My daughter points and asks for ‘nanas, so that’s a good start!

  3. I don’t have kids so I am just asking: do you cut the grapes or can you give them whole? I am such a freak with big pieces even for my dog! LOL

  4. We’ve been without gas since yesterday morning so with no hot water for the dishwasher, laundry, shower as well as no stove, I’m not a happy camper. Especially since the gas company said they can’t come out until tomorrow to finish the job. Gah! With a 9 month old at home I need my hot water, I use it all the time to clean and sanitize. On the upside though its a beautiful day and I will be taking the babe and dog for a walk this afternoon. (Can’t work up a sweat though…no shower, gggrrrrr)

  5. Oooh, going to need to pick up some of that Chocolate superfood to try! I like to mix my protein powder into overnight oats and I bet that would be super tasty.

  6. I just want say I love the flooring in your new house. The kitchen and the wood. It’s gorgeous. Do you have the iRobot Pet Series Vacuum. I love mine since I have 2 Boston Terriers and they shed like crazy. I program myou vacuum daily and it’s saved me so much time. Costco currently carries them for less than 350.00 it will save you time, and keep your floors clean. I can’t wait to see pics of the house. It doesn’t look kind you had to do much. It was move in ready. Enjoy your new home.

  7. There’s just something about mornings with babes, huh? We’re having a particularly enjoyable one here, where the boys woke up at different times, allowing a peaceful nursing session with each rather than rushing to get bottles in their mouths and tandem feed when they wake up hangry. Even though mornings like these sort of mess with our schedule, they are so worth it!

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