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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I’m so glad that I woke up to meet my bloggies friends for a run this morning. I almost slept in and skipped it, but I am SO HAPPY that I didn’t. I had an awesome run and the scenery was amazing. I love running in new cities!

A little before 7 AM, I met Sabrina, Kath, Meghann, Shannon, Brittany, and Emily for a 5 mile run by the bay.


Running in San Francisco was fabulous!

Palm trees! 😀




Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. So cool!


Ghirardelli!!! I hope I get to visit later! 😉


Alcatraz!!! I really wish that I could visit. I bet it would be so cool. Maybe the next time I’m out here I will have a chance to tour it. I know Mal would love learning about its history in person!


We took a photo of the group at the halfway mark of our run.


We picked up the pace on the way back to the hotel. I think our average pace was below 9 minute miles and we covered 5.25 miles. Awesome! It’s the furthest I’ve run since my half marathon in May. Hopefully, my hip won’t totally hate me later today! 😕


It’s time for breakfast and foodie-packed day!

See ya! 😎



  1. Mmm, nothing like a scenic run with some good company! Except I can’t hold a conversation when I run, I get too ‘in the zone’, haha.

    Good luck today, lovely lady!

  2. Alcatraz is very cool! I haven’t been for years but we’ve been talking about visiting again. When you and Mal visit, let me know! Ray and I would love to go with you.

  3. have fun at foodbuzzz today miss tina. i’ve been getting your tweets to my phone, lol, and everytime i look at my blackberry, wa la, 9 new tweets, 15 new tweets. you fb attendees are going crazy! enjoy.

  4. You couldn’t ask for better running weather, especially in SF!
    I highly recommend taking the ferry to Alcatraz on your next visit, the old prison is cool but the views of the city behind you are stunning!

  5. Beautiful runs! Alcatraz is definitely worth it as is Kara’s Cupcakes in Ghiradelli Square. More you miss means you HAVE to go back again!

  6. I love Alcatraz, we went to SF on our honeymoon in June and it was great. It wasn’t as creepy as I expected it to be and there was even a former inmate there signing copies of his book about his experiences there. The island is actually really beautiful and the view of the city is incredible.

  7. Hopefully your hip will be fine, because those are some amazing views to have in the background of a run. I’d LOVE to run through a big city like that one day. How unbelievable. Then again, I get to run with Mount Fuji in my background, so I’m pretty lucky too!

  8. I was at the San Fran market today too! I’m staffed here for a project and thought I would check it out – wasn’t it amazing 🙂 P.S. I have been reading you for about 6 months now and you totally inspired me to start eating healthier and hooked me on oatmeal. I just started a blog and you def introduced me to this community, so thank you 😀 !

  9. Wow your pictures of San Fran are making me very nostalgic! My husband and I had part of our honeymoon there. You really must go to Alcatraz – its quite an experience!

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