Morning Motivation: What Gets You Out of Bed?

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Good morning! Happy Hump Day!

Are you ready to tackle the day? I sure am! Murphy, however, went back to bed after he ate his breakfast. What a lazy bum.

IMG_3741 (563x750)

I actually had a rough night of sleep last night, so I woke up groggy and not super psyched to start the day. Working from home and making my own schedule, I could sleep the day away, but I almost always get up with my alarm at 6:01 AM and start my day.

On the mornings when I really struggle to get out of bed, I usually just need a little morning motivation to get me going. I mean, I could think: Ugh, I need to get up because I have to work and my To Do list is a million miles long. But, instead I try to put a more positive spin on starting the day. These three thoughts always seem to motivate me and start my day off on the right foot:

Get Up, Get Going, Get Dressed

I’ve blogged about “Get Up, Get Going, Get Dressed” a couple of times already on CNC, but it really is my go-to inspiration when I’m not feeling motivated. It’s from a book called Fit from Within, which, as cheesy as it may sound, helped me change my thinking about my body and my weight. Here are some other health and weight loss books that I’ve loved and found helpful.


Carpe Diem

I think of carpe diem as my life motto. It’s one of my motivational mantras, and it’s even engraved on my Road ID. There’s just something about those words that is so empowering. Seize the day! It always motivates me to get my butt in gear with regard to all aspects of my life.


Good Things Happen to Those Who Work Hard

I have no idea where this piece of motivation came from, but it’s been my “favorite quotation” on my Facebook page since I signed up in 2005, and I truly believe it. In all aspects of your life, work hard and good things will happen!



Rise and shine! It’s breakfast time! (Clearly, I’m jazzed this morning.)

I mixed up the batter for OMG! Pancakes last night before bed, so I cooked them on our Griddler this morning for Mal and me.

IMG_3745 (750x563)

I spread almond butter in between and on top of my pancakes. (I don’t know why, but typing this about my almond butter and pancakes always sounds so dirty to me. LOL!)

IMG_3742 (750x563)


Last night’s dinner was a delicious one! In fact, it was so delicious, I ended up eating two servings of it.

I made Shepherd’s Pie, but instead of the traditional mashed potatoes, corn, and ground beef, I used mashed sweet potatoes, peas, and ground turkey. It was pretty much all of my favorite foods in one dish, so I really loved it. Here’s the recipe!

IMG_3732 (750x563) (750x563)

Question of the Day

What gets you out of bed in the morning?



  1. First thing that gets me out of bed and moving is my dogs!
    Then its straight to the coffee maker!

    That recipe looks good. I think I would add sauteed and a bit of tomato paste or diced tomatoes!(love onions).

  2. I’m not a morning person but I purposely do get up earlier than I have to because I don’t like rushing. So what gets me out of bed is knowing I have some ‘me’ time to have a cup of tea and my breakfast and check emails etc before the day gets going!

  3. every morning when our alarm goes off, our dog runs up and starts licking us to help wake us up. it’s like he feels like it’s his duty to wake us up everyday. it’s hard to sleep through puppy kisses 🙂

  4. The sound of the coffee machine definitely gets me up! My mornings are going to be super early and my days super long this month so I need all the motivation I can get to make it through the day! I think knowing that by the end of all this craziness, my husband and I will have a house, helps to get me through. 🙂

  5. Nothing gets you out of bed faster than a child-my two year old has me up bright and early every day!

  6. I am definitely lacking in the motivation department these days and that book sounds like exactly what I need to reboot my healthy eating system. I will have to check it out.

    What gets me out of bed? Some mornings it is my 7:30AM patient and some mornings it is the lure of the quiet forest preserve on a chilly morning, my favorite running weather. On Sunday, it is definitely my yoga class and the long list of FUN errands I look forwrad to getting done!

  7. I will have to try that recipe. I love anything with sweet potatoes. I am vegetarian so Ill have to come up with a substitute for the turkey. Maybe tofu.

    My dog does NOT get me out of bed in the morning. She likes to sleep in. I could wake up without an alarm clock but one thing I think helps is that I leave my window open at night for the fresh air. It’s still in the high 40s in Seattle so that wakes me up. When it is warmer in the room I tend to sleep later.

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