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Hi, guys! Happy Tuesday!

It is HOT here… like really hot… like holy heat wave hot. I’m working from my home office right now, but I might need a change of scenery and air conditioning soon!

This morning, I was up and at ’em working before my boys woke up – well, besides Murphy, who hops out of bed as soon as I am a wake because: food potential. The dog is always on top of where his next meal is coming from!

After I took Murphy for a walk, I headed home and saw that Mal and Quinn were awake. On Tuesdays, we receive a delivery from Hornstra Farms, and Quinn immediately remembered that we ordered ice cream. The kid hightailed it downstairs to bring it up to the freezer! He was pumped!

Before Quinn left for school, he made sure to fill up his water bottle, which “has [his] name on it, so no one else drinks it.” Smart. Strep is going around school this week – and my throat hurt today. Oy.

Mal is golfing this morning, so he dropped off Quinn at school on his way to the course. I immediately got back to work and then took a quick break mid-morning for breakfast. On the menu: zucchini millet toast with chive cream cheese style spread and a slice of tomato + honey peanut butter with banana slices on top. Mmm! I loved this breakfast!

Question of the Day

Is it HOT where you are?

What’d you have for breakfast this morning?



  1. Whenever my daughter brought home a note saying she was exposed to Strep, I got it. So not fun as an adult. I mean, I’m glad she didn’t get it but OMG, it’s like swallowing razors. Once I had it twice within 6 weeks.

  2. Yes, super hot here in N.C., as well! Gotta love the east coast in August. I’m taking the kids to our pool right after lunch, it’s the only option to be outside in this heat (& their constant bickering is driving Mama crazy…we all need to get out of the house!)
    Breakfast was my usual: almond butter on toast and coffee. Have a great day!

  3. I live in the valley of CA and funny you mention the hot weather! This morning I went on a run and was surprised to find it at 70 degrees cool when I stepped outside! So so rewarding, haha, when it’s been above 100 for the past forever.

    And just ’cause your second question is quite important 😉 pancakes leftover from the weekend! Leftovers rock.

  4. It is HOT here as well – I’m in Baltimore. The whole East coast has been having a crazy heat wave recently, as you are obviously aware! So cool that you get a delivery each week. I need to find a local farm and follow suit! Have a great rest of your week 🙂

  5. Super hot here in NC, but I traveled to CT last week to visit my parents and it was even hotter there!! The humidity is brutal. Do you still get out to run in this heat?

  6. It is HOT HOT HOT in Virginia right now. I live near DC, so it’s muggy as all get out too. I’d die without A/C!

  7. Yes it is HOT in N.J. We are currently getting hit with thunderstorms though so fingers crossed that it breaks the heat!! What a cool delivery service, wish I had that by me. Breakfast was homemade banana walnut lactation muffins. Here is to makin’ that milk!! Hope you had a great day!

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