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Happy Monday, friends!

It’s time for my weekly Monday In Meals post, where I share what I ate throughout the day. Yesterday was an especially tasty day of eats with many of my favorite foods and combinations in the mix. My meals also came together quickly and effortlessly, thanks to a super efficient Sunday prep. Guys, it was only 45 minutes! Woohoo! I love when prep day comes together like that. Anyway, here’s a recap of my meals from Monday. After that, for those of you who are interested, I share what I *think* has cured my eczema.

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Ok, so remember that weird eye eczema that showed up back in December? Well, it continued to pop up throughout the holidays and even into January. I initially thought it might be related to stress (it still might be?), and it would get better for a bit, but then get worse and spread to other parts of my face and neck. Blahhhhh. Of course, I consulted Dr. Google on a few occasions and found some interesting information/studies about PUFAs and eczema, which immediately made sense to me with regard to the timing of my eye/face/neck flares (i.e. dining out, eating Mal’s leftover truffle fries, the holiday season). So, now I’m paying a lot more attention to the PUFAs in my diet (hence PB2 instead of peanut butter above) and things have calmed down on the eczema front. Hopefully, I’m on to something with this PUFA stuff, and I won’t have to deal with that again!

Question of the Day

Have you ever experienced a drastic improvement in a health condition/issue once you changed your diet? 



  1. Thats awesome you found what works for you on the eczema!! Also where is that iced coffee from since Marylou’s went downhill? Pecan iced coffee sounds yum!

  2. I have eczema and it gets worse with stress! I’ve found that a fish oil with a high EPA (like 750-800) + borage oil daily has almost completely cleared it up!

  3. Ugh, i have a similar weird itchy, puffy, scaly spot above one eyelid too. How long did it take before you noticed a reduction in puffiness? I can’t even put make up on it – gets all weird!

  4. I cut out cheese 3 years ago and not only are my digestive issues cured, my skin is clear as can be. A pimple is an extremely rare occurrence and it’s tiny and goes away within 24 hours, when I used to get way more than what seemed like my fair share in my mid twenties.

    Do I miss cheese? For these benefits, nope, not at all!

  5. Oh yes! I was put on estrogen two years ago to jumpstart my periods (which I would nevwr so again) and my body went nuts. I gained all kinds of weight no matter what I ate or did. Finally I realized I had to cut out grains and sugar as it was contributing to inflammation and causing me to store more fat. Once I did that and a few other nutritional tweaks everything came into balance.

  6. I changed my diet a couple of years ago and it improved my health. Without going into detail because TMI, I cut out alot of sugar in my diet and now I rarely, if ever, have that negative health effect. I’m still able to enjoy sugar in moderation but continue to watch it.

  7. So strange – I also have red, scaley, itchy spots above and below my eyes! I blamed it on a bad microdermabrasion, but it didn’t occur to me that it could be diet related. I have been eating very healthy getting ready for my wedding, but have increased my natural peanut butter consumption as a result. Now you have me wondering if that is related! Do you know if almond butter has PUFAs too?

  8. Every once in a while the same thing happens to me. After lots of experimentation, I determined that it was my face wash and changed to a non-soapy cleanser. It hasn’t come back *knock on wood*. Giving up nut butter sounds hard.

  9. Have you tried Norwex body cloths? I’m a consultant (just giving full disclosure!) but I became one because I absolutely love their products. I’ve started using just the body cloths, no soap at all, and it has really helped my skin. I had a weird patch on my elbow that I think was maybe eczema, and it has cleared up since I stopped the soap. No soap sounds crazy, but so far so good for me. Here is the link if you want to check any of it out:

  10. I had to avoid milk protein (basically all dairy and then some!) while breastfeeding my son due to an allergy, and then the pediatrician recommended it again for my daughter. I took it as a punishment the first time around, but this time I’ve tried to embrace it and get creative. I stopped breastfeeding a few weeks ago and I’ve decided to stay dairy free! My skin is better than it’s been in years, my own GI system has calmed down, and my baby weight has come off and then some.

  11. Thats awe-inspiring you found what works for you on the eczema!! additionally wherever is that ice coffee from since Marylou’s went downhill? Pecan ice coffee sounds yum!

  12. I love your breakfast meal. Big fan of Cauliflower and who wouldn’t like iced coffee with coconut creamer?! You’re living the live!

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