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Hi, friends! How’s it going?

It’s time for another Monday In Meals post where I recap a day of my meals and snacks from, well, Monday. After some Sunday food prep, I tend to eat healthier at the beginning of the week, so I figured my eats might be good inspiration. Plus, CNC started out as a food journal, so it’s fun to take her back to her roots sometimes. And without further ado, here’s the next edition of Monday in Meals!

Two eggs scrambled with roasted zucchini, summer squash, and nutritional yeast + sourdough toast + iced coffee with half and half

IMG_6142 (640x640)


IMG_6166 (640x640)

Post-workout protein shake made with SFH vanilla Recovery + water – I drank it while watching Q-Man play at the gym

IMG_6147 (480x640)

Half of a honey dip donut – Quinn and I had a rough morning, so I thought maybe sharing a donut would turn things around for us.

IMG_6155 (640x640)

Pecan Sticky Bun iced coffee with milk

IMG_6157 (640x640)

Crock-Pot Lemon Herb Chicken

IMG_6171 (640x640)

A few slices of Quinn’s orange

IMG_6176 (480x640)

A piece of Matzoh Crunch

IMG_6172 (640x640)

Plain Greek yogurt with peanuts and dried cherries

IMG_6178 (640x640)

Crock-Pot Lemon Herb Chicken mixed with spaghetti squash and grated Parmesan

IMG_6187 (640x640)

Two Lemon Coconut Date Rolls + a glass of wine that I feel like I kind of needed after Quinn’s tantrum-filled morning and then him skipping his nap all together. It was a lonnnnggg Monday, so a nice glass of wine was just what I needed!

IMG_6190 (640x640)

The end.

Now let’s talk about running! I took a little time off when the CrossFit Open started just because it was difficult to balance both, but I’m back at it once again with a few races on my calendar in the coming months.

Upcoming Race Calendar

Harpoon 5-Miler

I’m running the Harpoon 5-Miler once again as part of a 6-woman team along with the lovely ladies of KFIT. We had a blast last year, so I am already looking forward to this year’s race!


Yankee Homecoming 10-Miler

I am especially excited about this race because my sister and I are training for it together. Well, not technically running together to prepare for it, but we’re using similar training plans and keeping each other motivated. My sister hasn’t run a race since 2009 (we ran the Run to Remember together), so she’s itching to get back into it and we thought training together would be a fun way to help keep us accountable.

South Shore Half Marathon

I loved running this race last year and already have it on my calendar as my fall half marathon. It’s a tough course (super hilly), so I really want to improve my time this year!


Questions of the Day

What makes you NEED a glass of wine?

What’s the next race on your calendar?



  1. I try not to drink too much during the week but on days where I get stuck in traffic or my daughter decides 5am is a good wake up time for the fifth day in a row, a glass of wine sure does help.

  2. That’s a good racing calendar! Right now I’m signed up for the New York Marathon in the fall, but I’m planning to do an early summer marathon as well. Anyone have a recommendation for a June marathon in New York?

  3. I like to think I am a wine girl, but I am just not. My husband and I try different wines for special occasions in the hopes that we will find one we like…so far we are hopeless, hah! We are moving to Northern California in less than a month and I feel like a good wine tasting might change our minds!

  4. It’s April 12th and I’m a CPA working on tax returns so I definitely need a glass of wine soon! I have a super hilly half marathon (toughest in the NW) this Saturday so looking forward to that and the fun after party to celebrate the end of tax season!

  5. I know you said it’s hard to balance the running and crossfit so how many days are you running now versus going to crossfit? I’m trying to find this balance as well with running and lifting.

    1. It depends what I’m training for. When I’m training for a long distance race, I run 2-3 days with 1-2 days of CrossFit. When I’m not, I typically go to CF 2-3 days and run 1-2 times per week.

  6. Just registered for the BAA 10k! I’ve never run that race before so I’m excited! No other race plans yet, but on the lookout for a half in the fall 🙂

  7. I used to NEED a glass of wine when I was a nanny after college on days that the children would not nap 🙂 I need one now when I have had a long day at work. No races on the calendar for me right now… just enjoying running for fun!

  8. Argh, I forgot to try and find that matzoh crunch yesterday! I guess that’s for the better…. I’m sure I would eat the whole container asap anyways 😉

    My next “race” is next Sunday – the Ironmaster’s Challenge in Pine Grove State Park! I am super excited and, surprisingly, not at all stressed. My 75 year old Grandfather wants to walk/jog it again so my aunt, uncle, and I are joining him for the heck of it! I wasn’t planning on going except that my Grandfather signed me up on a whim…. What a surprise! Otherwise I’m looking around for some races in Virginia! Looks like you have a fun race season ahead 🙂

  9. Pregnancy plus a teething baby make me need a glass of wine… only 8ish more weeks to go!

    I haven’t decided what my first post-baby race will be, but I’m sure looking forward to going for a run again!

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