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Good morning and happy Tuesday to you!

Here’s another Monday In Meals post, which recaps my eats from yesterday. It wasn’t my healthiest day of eating (mostly because I’m out-of-town for 3 days this week and didn’t prep much food), but, hey, it was one of many days and today is a new day. Ok, here we go!

Decaf iced coffee with half & half and collagen 

IMG_5716 (640x640)

Two eggs and sourdough with ghee 

IMG_5720 (640x640)

Some fun info about sourdough (from Nicole at Whole Health RD): When it comes to bread, the long fermentation process makes the gluten less irritating to the GI tract for those who like to enjoy it occasionally. (An interesting theory: The use of dough conditioners to reduce the fermentation time is one of the reasons so many people have issues with gluten.) If you combine sourdough with some fat, it makes it even less irritating. Some good articles: Could sourdough bread be the answer to the gluten sensitivity epidemic? and Why I Never Eat Commercial Bread.

KFIT workout—> Protein shake on the drive home

Vietnamese cold brew mixed with decaf cold brew (50/50) 

IMG_5727 (640x640)

Potato + egg casserole (I whipped this up on Sunday afternoon using all sorts of leftovers from the fridge. In the mix: Red potatoes, tomato, spinach, zucchini, ricotta, Jarlsberg, and eggs. I just layered the veggies + cheese, poured whisked eggs over, and then baked it in the oven for 50 minutes.)

IMG_5730 (640x640)

Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

IMG_5731 (1) (640x640)

Part of a leftover blueberry muffin that I bought Quinn over the weekend (I figured it was now or never since it was getting pretty stale!)

IMG_5739 (640x640)

Plain Greek yogurt with Peanut Butter Puffins 

IMG_5741 (640x640)

Another piece of Potato + Egg Casserole (I brought the rest with me to the airport for breakfast this morning. I hope it’s good cold!)

IMG_5733 (640x640)

The other Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup 

Orange juice mixed with lemon seltzer + collagen

IMG_5742 (640x640)

The end.

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Questions of the Day

What was the healthiest thing you ate yesterday?

What was the most delicious thing you ate yesterday?

What’s your favorite kind of bread?

P.S. I’m on my way to LA for a fun event today, so be sure to follow me on Snapchat and Instagram (@carrotsncake) to see all of my adventures!



  1. You have such a great variety of “healthy” treats in the US – those PB cups look fantastic! Down here in SA the variety is much more limited, and pretty non-existent in a small town like the one where we live. So frustrating!

  2. I always find my stomach being so much happier after a sourdough bread sandwich compared to other breads! I knew it must have been something about the bacteria fermenting process but never knew exactly what! 😀 Thanks for the insight! Learn something new everyday 🙂

    1. @Katrina: and Tina, the new Michael Pollan book and series on Netflix called “Cooked” has a whole section/episode about the history of fermentation and why fermented grains, specifically in sourdough, are good for the human body! It’s a great way to learn more about the history of our societal turn away from fermentation too (and the resulting rise in GI irritation for a lot of people).

  3. Sourdough is one of my favorite breads along with pumpernickel. Yesterday we ordered in lunch from an organic salad shop and I enjoyed extra shredded beets. Yum!

  4. I’m glad that you are able to tolerate the sourdough! I definitely just did an experiment on sourdough for my blog, since I watched “Cooked” on Netflix and was super curious. I’ve been sensitive to gluten for a long time and the idea of being able to eat it again was super intriguing. I ended up making my own sourdough with einkorn wheat, and I definitely didn’t react like I normally do, but still didn’t feel great. It was also a lot of effort for something that I’ve happily lived without for so long. It’s just nice that the option is always there 🙂

  5. I didn’t get to eat yesterday. Prep for colonoscopy to rule out IBD. Not a fun day. Thankfully, I have some tasty things on my mind after not eating for the last day!

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever tried sourdough bread. Does the name describe the way it tastes? 😀

    Also, why do people eat ghee instead of butter, when it’s literally the same thing. :S

        1. @Jodea: Good point! Another good thing about ghee is that it can be used for frying. The smoking point of butter is low so it gets burned easily when heated. Clarified butter (ghee) has a smoking point way above that because the water in butter has been evaporated and the milk solids (mainly proteins) eliminated.

  7. This made me realise my day was pretty healthy yesterday! I had a sardine salad for lunch with olives, so lots of healthy fats. That was pretty delicious, but I did also have two really good chocolate dipped cookies in the evening…

    I love all kinds of bread, although tend to avoid it due to bloating and stomach pain. There’s this really nice rustic French stick I’ve had with raisins and walnuts which is gorgeous with good cheese. A very occasional treat.

  8. I didn’t do so great over the weekend, so I really cleaned it up yesterday. Healthiest was either the coconut milk quinoa with cinnamon pears/apples or the soba noodle salad with lots of raw veg.

    What was the most delicious thing you ate yesterday? The coconut date ball I made from recipe on your blog!

    What’s your favorite kind of bread? Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread

  9. Have you been drinking that collagen long enough to see affects yet? im wondering if its worth buying. Have a great time in LA 🙂

  10. Healthiest thing I ate was ezekiel english muffin with avocado, red pepper flakes and honey!

    Most delicious thing was a spaghetti meat sauce I made with chunks of mushroom and onions. I topped the pasta and sauce with onion and chive cottage cheese – amazing!

    My favorite kind of bread – boy that is tough! I could eat a whole loaf of warm Italian bread with butter but I also love Irish Soda bread grilled up with butter!

  11. Yay, such a real and honest look at what you eat! I swear there are some bloggers out there that pick the best day of the week to blog about. Just makes me feel bad.

    Anyway, I’m gonna check out some sourdough! Although I still thinks its the sticky gluten that affects my skin. Any homemade bread is my favorite. I tried Pamela’s recently and it was pretty good and makes the best pizza!

    I’m working on kicking the sugar after your post the other day…so nothing was good yesterday! lol! whomp, whomp, right!

  12. I never knew that about sourdough! I think I might just have to start buying that instead of my current brand! And fresh bread who are we kidding beats any packaged bread any day!

  13. What was the healthiest thing you ate yesterday? turkey and bean chili

    What was the most delicious thing you ate yesterday? leftover Turkish food! i had the most delicious meal: layered toasted pita bread, lamb, and yogurt

    What’s your favorite kind of bread? i love sourdough but don’t have it often enough! i usually go for ezekial sprouted grain bread which is also supposed to be easier to digest

  14. Healthiest: Kale smoothie

    Most Delicious: Buttered popcorn jelly beans (<– tell me someone else likes these and I'm not totally nuts 😉

    I love your sourdough explanation. It's like you knew all of us nutrition people would be asking ourselves, why does her RD have her eating gluten? Excellent explanation! So often people jump right to GF and you don't necessarily need to.

    I really admire that you're sharing with us while you start taking on a new therapeutic diet. It can be overwhelming to make big changes and wait to see how you feel let alone have a million people asking you questions about it and if it's helping. You rock, Tina!

    1. @Heather@hungryforbalance: Oh! Homemade sourdough is the best thing ever don’t you think? Although I admit that I needed few approaches to get good quality starter. After baking and cooling, I wrap each loaf of sourdough in clean cotton towel and enjoy the taste for couple of days or even a week. After few days this kind of bread may get a little bit hard or dry but I’ve never seen it mouldy.

  15. Bread: Pumpernickel, week in and week out! the best! but i love sourdough too!

    Healthiest food yesterday: grilled asparagus

    Most delicious: homemade chocolate, pb, and oats freezer cookies!

  16. I LOVE sourdough bread; it is the best fresh and makes the best toast! My husband used to be a baker and bring home loaves of fresh sourdough, but we haven’t had luck doing it from home yet.

  17. The dark chocolate peanut butter cups sound delicious. I think the yogurt with the puffins would be good too. I never thought about that combination.

    What was the healthiest thing you ate yesterday?
    My homemade turkey and noodle casserole made with healthy, low fat, low sodium, whole wheat ingredients.
    What was the most delicious thing you ate yesterday?
    dark chocolate blueberries
    What’s your favorite kind of bread?
    cheddar cheese biscuits

  18. Quick question about your collagen mocktails! I ordered the collagen you recommend, but yesterday I tried putting some in my class of Zevia soda and the concoction nearly exploded on my kitchen counter (whoops!). Then I read on the container that the collagen can be mixed with any non-carbonated beverage, but you often use seltzer, correct? Does it not bubble over and have trouble dissolving in the carbonation? Thanks!

    1. Oh, yea, it totally does that. I’ve had some counter spills myself. What helps is dissolving the collagen in a little warm water first and then slowly pouring in the seltzer, down the side of the glass, kinda like you’d pour a beer. It definitely still gets fizzy, but not as bad. I also sometimes add OJ, which seems to help with the fizz too.

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