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Hi, guys!

I feel like we haven’t talked in forever. Well, ok, not since Friday, but it felt strange not sharing a weekend recap with you. I apologize. We’re jamming over here in Designed to Fit land, so I was busy with that and then I got sick, like food poisoning sick. Ugh, it was awful. I’ve actually never had food poisoning, but I guess there’s a first for everything, right?

The only “weird” thing I ate– that maybe could have made me sick– was bagged baby spinach. Nothing else was suspect and, thankfully, I’m the only one who ate it. Mal was out-to-dinner with friends, and Qman ate pizza, so it was just me… rolling around in bed, trying not to die, and then, a couple of hours later, swiftly walking to the bathroom to vomit. UGH, not fun. I hate throwing up so much. But, hey, once the evil was out, I was totally fine. I fell right to sleep and woke up the next morning feeling like a million bucks. So, there ya go: My first experience with food poisoning. Good times. Anyway, I felt completely fine yesterday and ate normally, so I wanted to share my Monday in Meals!

5:19 AM: I pour myself a glass of iced coffee with collagen and coconut creamer and then get to work.

6:45 AM: My stomach starts to grumble. Time for breakfast! I eat two pieces of Butternut Squash Breakfast Casserole (I left out the sage because Mal isn’t a fan) and pour myself iced coffee #2.

paleomg butternut egg bake

7:40 AM: Qman wakes up. Holy cow. I don’t think he’s ever slept so late in his entire life.

IMG_3277 (1024x768)

We spend the morning playing before his weekly Early Intervention appointment.

IMG_3279 (1024x768)

We play with water balloons.




Qman is killing it with words lately. He also busted out “bagel” for the first time yesterday morning. 🙂

IMG_3284 (1024x768)

11:05 AM: Snack time: I have Muuna peach cottage cheese with Cheerios.

muuna cottage cheese

After snack time, Qman and I head to Jo-Ann Fabric to get his Halloween costume. He wants to be a ghost, so I buy two yards of white fabric. I just need to cut out a couple of holes for eyes, and his Halloween costume will be complete!

IMG_3286 (1024x768)

12:30 PM: Lunchtime! Lunch was steamed broccoli and peas with baked chicken breast, Caesar vinaigrette, and shredded Swiss cheese. It was a little random, but I ended up throwing out the spaghetti squash lasagna that I made for dinner the previous night (because food poisoning), so I just winged it for lunch.

IMG_3288 (1024x768)

1:00 PM: I finish off Qman’s apple slices from his lunch.

IMG_3289 (1024x768)

2:47 PM: Cranberry-Cacao Nib Protein Muffin (recipe coming to CNC soon) and Dandy Blend mixed with collagen and banana milk. Yes, banana milk. It’s actually quite tasty and nutritious. The brand sent me a carton to sample (I was seriously so curious), and now I’m hooked. I really love bananas, so I’m using it in my iced coffee, smoothies, cereal… everything lately!

IMG_3293 (1024x768)

About an hour later, Qman wakes up from his nap. When we go downstairs, he sees that Murphy is sleeping, so he covers him with “Geet,” his blanket. Aww, so sweet.


Shortly after that, I drive to CrossFit. I finish the WOD in 9:13 Rx, which included 14-pound wallballs to a 10-foot target and totally kicked my butt. That extra foot is no joke, especially after a 60-calorie row! Oy.


5:40 PM: A mini protein shake made with SFH vanilla Recovery and orange juice. I knew I was going home to eat dinner, so I only used a 1/2 scoop (maybe less?) of protein powder.


5:55 PM: A chicken nugget. When I walked in the door after CrossFit, Mal was making Quinn’s dinner, so I snagged one. I was hungry, and they just smelled so good!


I throw together dinner for Mal and me and then head upstairs to shower. Quick shout-out to the rice bowls from O Organics. They’re awesome!


6:38 PM: I eat chicken stir fry with rice for dinner. I’m so hungry that I forget to snap a photo before I dig in, so, FYI, there was a much bigger portion before I started. #feedme


7:11 PM: I eat about 500 Justin’s Mini Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. My gosh, they are addictive!!!! The peanut butter inside is ridiculous… thick, soft, and creamy. I probably shouldn’t keep these things in the house anymore. I have zero willpower around them!!

justin's pb cups so friggin good

Question of the Day

Have you ever had food poisoning? What happened? 

Around what food(s) do you have zero willpower? 

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  1. I had food poisoning many, many times when I lived in Africa (Peace Corps). I even was “rushed” to the hospital (with public transport, including having to walk myself to the road, it took 12 agonizing hours) because my fever was so high and I was racked with chills that we thought meant malaria. The emergency room doctor took one look at me–at the sickest I’ve ever been–and shrugged. Not malaria, JUST food poisoning. I figured that if malaria was worse, I was going to be extra vigilant not to get that!
    A little BRAT (bananas/rice/applesauce/toast) later and I was fine. The other times weren’t nearly as bad.
    I rarely buy packaged veggies, but when we have them, I wash them again, no matter that they say they’re washed.

  2. I had food poisoning once and it was one of the worst expertof my life. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I was so scared of getting sick again I ate toast for three days. The food I go crazy for is M&Ms!

  3. Yes. I’ve had it 3 times in recent years. I think last time it was from potatoes but it’s hard to tell. It’s not necessarily just fruits and vegetables!

  4. I had poisoning of some kind once when I was working in Mexico a few years ago. I remember calling my director in pure agony because the dry hearing and agony just would not stop. Eventually they brought a doctor to me who gave me shot to make it all stop. It was the worst I’ve been sick in my life. Thankfully yours was short lived!

  5. Yes! But I did it to myself! I was sprouting beans which I always used to do, but the conditions in the room I had them sprouting in (it was too hot) and I was trying a new bean….they had a funny oder too, but I ate them….almost died…so horrible!

  6. I’m guessing that you had a mild stomach bug rather than food poisoning which is still awful because food poisoning will knock you on your a**, at least it did for me. I spent a good 12 hours straight throwing up and sitting in the toilet at the same time(TMI) before heading to the hospital where it was confirmed. Worst sickness of my life!

    Throwing up is the worst and I will do anything to keep it down. Ugh!!

    Glad you are feeling better!

  7. I had it in college but at the time thought it was just a bad stomach bug. A few hours in I was doubled over in pain, shaking, and even passed out. Landed in ER gold it was FP and I would need 2 bags of fluid. Never figured out what the source was.

    Glad you feel better!

  8. I don’t know how you didn’t want to eat everything in site after throwing up/food poisoning. Your meals look so healthy/tiny after having a seriously empty stomach!

  9. I cannot eat sandwiches because I HAVE to have potato chips with them, and I have no control over myself with chips. None. I would never eat this at home but sometimes when I’m out and about and hungry, I will grab JimmyJohn’s tuna sub and have to have potato chips with it.

  10. Tortilla chips and salsa. Can’t keep them in the house!
    What is the name of those tracks Quinn has? I’m looking for something like that for my 2 year old.

  11. I would love to see some beginner workouts on your site–something that someone thinking about HIIT or crossfit could try. I tried the workout you posted last week, and it was just too advanced for me. Or, if you’ve done this already, maybe a round up post that links us to workouts for every stage of fitness? Thanks!!!!

    Also, I got some of the Justin’s PB cups, and they are so dangerous!

  12. I’ve had Food Poisoning several times in the states and overseas (Thailand, Peru, Mexico). The best is if you see a doctor/ER and they give you an IV. You start feeling better so much more quickly. Otherwise, it takes a day or two to get over it.

  13. I think I had some kind of food poisoning once from chicken salad that I got from a sandwich shop. Like you, I was only sick for a little while and then once I vommed I was good. I can’t imagine being sick for 12 hours or so :/

    My food without brakes is cheese! Gimme ALL the cheese!

  14. I had food poisoning about 5 years ago. One random night the hubs and I wanted to go out to dinner but couldn’t decide what we wanted. We picked an Irish Pub restaurant near our house that we never went to before. I ordered fish and chips because normally, yum. It was either the fish or the tarter sauce. I’m thinking the sauce was bad because the fish tasted fine, except probably pretty greasy. It was a 24 hour thing with awful stomach pains and vomiting and at one point, I was tempted to go to the ER.

    Gatorade and saltines were my friends that whole time. That restaurant has been closed for 3 years now. hhaa.

    I have so many different food weaknesses but I guess my absolute zero willpower foods that I go nuts for would be Reese’s’ Pieces candies and chips, salsa and Guacamole= LIFE!

  15. I’ve had bad food poisoning three times in my life and all three times were from spinach! (twice from frozen spinach and once from restaurant saag paneer). I still eat spinach though, but I don’t buy frozen anymore. So… I feel ya.

  16. I had food poisoning a couple of months ago. It was from a popular BBQ place in our area. I threw up every 10 minutes for 12+ hours! I had to go to the ER to get zofran to make it stop but it only stopped it for an hour. I had to be put on an iv and admitted to the hospital. They told me I would know when it was almost over because it would go from vomiting to diarrhea (oh how fun!). It was absolutely terrible. I could not eat real food for days for fear of throwing up again. I lived on crackers. I still have not been able to eat BBQ since. Even the idea of it makes me nauseous. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy! Glad it sounds like you got a pretty mild case, yuck!

  17. I haven’t had food poisoning (knock on wood!), but my husband got ridiculously sick from a bloomin’ onion at Outback, sick from the combo of booze and too much food at Fogo de Chao, AND sick from whatever the hell in Thailand.

    I have zero willpower around Nutella. Even when I plan out a serving. I go straight for the jar, every time!

  18. As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I am so happy to hear Quinn is talking so much!! It’s so amazing what some strategies can do for language! Thumbs up to you for getting him into EI!

  19. I’ve had a stomach bug which I’m not sure was food poisoning or the Norovirus (eek!) but man it’s the worst. Like others in the comments, I’ve had it coming out both ends at once NOT FUN! So you can be thankful you didn’t have that lovely experience right? Haha…Be well!

  20. Glad you healed quickly! I had food poisoning in college, from some salmon/noodle dish I probably kept at the wrong temperature, then again years later, from a chicken salad made in a coffee shop staffed by college students, and then once again after a potluck dinner. The potluck dinner may have had the worst aftermath. I have to say – that experience made me leery of eating food from potlucks! I couldn’t even move from the floor at a certain point.

  21. I just got food poisoning from a spinach dish too! Wonder if there’s another e. coli outbreak or something. 🙁

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