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Good morning, friends! Happy Tuesday!

Here’s the next edition of Monday In Meals where I recap what I ate throughout the day on Monday. Ok, here we go! 🙂

Monday In Meals_November 28

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with broccoli rabe and a toasted Barely Bread bagel with Kerrygold butter + iced coffee with a splash of eggnog and collagen.
  • Mid-morning snack: A mug of eggnog tea + Quinn’s leftover muffin from Whole Foods
  • Lunch: Cauliflower Stuffing with chicken breast and roasted butternut squash
  • Afternoon snack: Peanut Butter Mighty Muffin with banana slices
  • Dinner: Crockpot chicken with Trader Joe’s Masala Simmer Sauce and Fire-Roasted Peppers & Onions over cauliflower rice
  • DessertSea Salt Caramel Cashews with dark chocolate chunks x 3

Ok, now onto the “dangerous kid toys” part of this blog post…

So, yesterday morning began like many others… breakfast, building forts, chasing Murphy (he’s still a sock monster), and, uh, playing with glitter. (Our couch is quite festive now!)

IMG_5851 (576x1024)

We also spent a good portion of the morning building with Legos. They were actually Mal’s when he was a kid and we found them in his parents’ barn on Thanksgiving, so we brought them home for Quinn. Anyway, when Quinn plays with them now, one of us is always close by supervising since there are so many tiny pieces– not that Qman is putting them in his mouth, but you never know.

IMG_5855 (576x1024)

We played with Quinn’s Legos during his Early Intervention appointment yesterday morning. The specialist and I riffled through them together, and I half-jokingly mentioned all of the small, choking hazard-size pieces. She smiled and agreed (like no big deal), so we continued to play with Quinn. Not 30 seconds later, I spied a bunch of Legos stuck together, but in a weird sort of way. I picked up the clump to get a better look and realized that it was a bunch of tiny magnets stuck to a RUSTY NAIL. Guys, there was literally a rusty nail in Quinn’s “new” set of Legos. Oy.

IMG_5909 (1024x1024)

I was actually kind of embarrassed and said to the specialist, something like: “It’s a good thing that I found it before he did.” Umm. I honestly don’t think she cared, but it was awkward for me. #motheroftheyear

After Quinn’s session ended, I sent a WhatsApp message to a couple of my mom friends to recount what happened. I basically sent them the photo above along with a short caption: “Lego safety score: -76.” Then, I explained what happened in a voice message and our conversation moved toward some of the dangerous toys we played with as kids: Lawn darts, Clackers, Snap Bracelets, and Steel Sleds/Saucers (my step-sister actually broke her collarbone on one). Things have definitely changed with regard to toy safety, but I’m pretty sure rusty nails are always considered dangerous, especially to 2 year olds!

Question of the Day

Do you remember any dangerous toys from your childhood?




  1. I’m confused about how this is the blame of lego.

    It’s just dirty old toys score – 76? It’s not like you bought it brand new and it was in the box. Your conclusion is misleading.

    1. Was thinking the same thing. Legos are obviously dangerous for kids like my 7 month old daughter because she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, but these were stored in a barn for many years, who knows what you might find?!? Can’t blame the legos!

  2. When I first read that I thought it said maggots. I nearly vomited and then read it again! LOL Thank goodness you found it!!!

  3. Nails count as toys, right? Ha ha.

    I was a child of the 80s so everything we played with was dangerous! I remember riding in the bed of the truck around town, not wearing a seat belt, waiting in the car for my parents while they were in the store. Sadly those days are gone now.

  4. Reading about the nail totally brought back flash backs of my #momoftheyear moments (and my guy is only two too, so I’m sure we’ll have more!) I’m happy you found it – I definitely wouldn’t have thought to check a box of legos for anything dangerous before digging in to play. Being a parent is definitely a constant learning process, we live and we learn!

  5. Sounds like the LEGOs weren’t to blame, but the storage.

    My brother broke his collarbone trying to be like Evel Knievel on his bike. But it wasn’t the bike’s fault.;)

  6. I grew up on farm so everything was dangerous 😉

    Though I have to say my worst ouch memories were from a Christmas tree angel we had! It had lovely spun fibreglass wings that would fall off and get embedded in its victims feet!! I recall my mom trying for hours to remove a thin glass shard from my foot

  7. Oh no! So glad you found the nail and magnets first. I’m sure we all have crazy stories of the dangerous things our kids found in their toys. My daughter was playing with a bin full of old toys at my sisters house and found pieces of old broken balloons (why!?) and was putting one in her mouth when I walked in. Talk about a choking hazard. Hope you aren’t too hard on yourself, these things happen, so scary!

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