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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hi, friends! I hope your day is off to a wonderful start!

Here are some of my eats from yesterday”¦


I’ve been so boring with my breakfasts lately. I wake up craving nut butter + banana, so for the past week or so, I’ve been eating almond butter on toast with banana slices on top… every.single. morning. I’ve also been hitting up Marylou’s a lot for iced coffee, so I finally bought a bag of ground coffee (decaf white chocolate chip) and have been making it at home to save a little dinero.

IMG_9352 (675x900)

Mondays are my “get sh*t done days” when it comes to the blog and freelance projects (lots of writing and first drafts, planning/scheduling), so I woke up super early and then kept my butt glued to my desk chair all morning long.

Around lunchtime, I started to get hungry, so I headed to Whole Foods to do our grocery shopping for the week. I was not in the mood to meal plan, so I basically just bought a bunch of staples and hoped for the best. I hate doing this because I always end up spending more money than I planned, but I just didn’t have it in me to meal plan.

IMG_9354 (900x735)

Here’s what I came up with for this week’s meal plan:

FYI: The boneless, skinless chicken breasts at Whole Foods were on sale for just $4.49 per pound (if you buy 3+ pounds), which is such a steal!!


When I got home from Whole Foods, I threw together a quick lunch and ate it outside on our back porch. I always feel a little guilty when I’m not working at home, so I typically eat lunch at my desk, but I’m really trying to take some time for myself in the next few weeks since I know once Baby H. gets here, things will be a lot different!

IMG_9365 (900x675)

On the menu: leftover salad from Saturday’s barbeque topped with some fun goodies from the salad bar at Whole Foods.

IMG_9360 (900x675)

And a (no-cook) pizza rice cake made with cheese from The Laughing Cow, marinara sauce, green bell pepper, and a little bit of oregano””it is the perfect low-calorie snack when you’re craving pizza!

pizza rice cake made with The Laughing Cow (900x675)_thumb[1]

IMG_9374 (675x900)

Murphy kept me company while I ate, so I shared a few bites of my salad with him. Even though his face doesn’t show it in the photo below, he loves carrots and cucumbers!

IMG_9375 (900x675)


A few hours later, I started to get hungry again, so I snacked on a bowl of Raisin Bran with almond milk. Well, one bowl led to like 6 bowls, so when dinnertime actually rolled around, I wasn’t very hungry. I definitely ruined my dinner by eating so much cereal. Oh, well.

IMG_9382 (675x900)

But, of course, I had some room for S’mores ice cream when Mal mentioned wanting some. I hadn’t yet tried this flavor, so I obviously needed to see what it was all about. I ate a good size serving, and it was definitely delicious. Mal says it’s his favorite flavor, but my current Ben & Jerry’s favorite is Milk & Cookies. Holy yum!

IMG_9379 (675x900)

Questions of the Day

How often do you typically eat lunch at your desk?

If you work from home or own your own business, do you constantly feel guilty when you’re not working?

What’s your favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream?



  1. I’d really love to hear more about your blog work process! I’ve been blogging for 5+ years and it’s really hard to stay consistent, but you always post twice-a-day, which I LOVE! I also love that you have a lot of series, like What I’m Loving and the CNC Meal Plans. I’d love to hear how you plan, schedule, and get it all done! Just a thought! Otherwise: MMMMMM. Ben & Jerrys!!! YUM!

  2. I had to laugh when I scrolled down and saw the B&J’s S’Mores. I must have eaten 50 pints of it when I was pregnant. I’ve only had one pint since having my baby because even though it’s still good, somehow it’s just not quite as delicious tasting as when I was pregnant. So enjoy!

  3. Cook Smarts is perfect for these kind of weeks when you don’t want to meal plan. Not paid to promote them, just love it.

  4. I made your ground turkey sweet potato hash for the first time last night and both my husband and I loved it! Will definitely be making again! I work from home and almost always eat lunch at my desk. But I jump at the opportunity to eat outside when it’s nice out! I definitely feel guilty when I’m not at my desk-like every time I take my dog for a walk!

  5. oh my gosh that pizza with laughing cow and rice cake is genius! I am obsessed with laughing cow and that sounds amazing! Do you heat it up?

  6. I eat all my meals except for dinner in front of the computer. They say it’s bad because you won’t be practicing “mindful eating”, but if you practice portion control, there’s nothing wrong with it. 🙂

  7. Love the pizza rice cracker idea!! By the way wanted to tell you if I’m having a bad day I look at pictures of Murphy,thats all it takes to make me happy once again.

  8. I’m a teacher (second grade) so lunch is typically scarfed while doing something else (ie: grading papers, making copies, setting up for the afternoon, etc). But during the summer I never feel guilty about doing NOTHING! Ha! 🙂 Favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor is Cherry Garcia!!

  9. I used to work from home and feel guilty when I had slow days. I realized after awhile though that things balance out over time some days are just busier than others. My main concern was all the sitting so I made a habit of always taking an afternoon walk before dinner so I didn’t over eat before dinner or eat sugar junk.

  10. That Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is really making me crave for some sweets!! My favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor is Cherry Garcia!!

    Unfortunately I eat lunch at my desk everyday. I know it’s horrible but it’s just so convenient for me. I really need to break out of that bad habit!

  11. I am currently studying for the MCAT so any time I am home I feel like I should be studying away! I have to keep reminding myself that its ok to take a break!

  12. I feel pressured to be working all the time but I have to remind myself that taking time away can help me in the long run. And yes, your life is going to change big time when the baby arrives. Enjoy your time now to relax : )

  13. Ugh I eat lunch at my desk too much 🙁 I’m really trying to change it!!

    I never feel guilty when I”m not working haha. I work at job where I don’t have to “take it home,” which is nice!!

    Any and all Ben and Jerry’s please. PS. I’ve been to the factory, too!

  14. I try to mix up my lunch location so that I don’t get bored. We have a small kitchen at work and sometimes I will eat in there if I pack my lunch. I enjoy actually going places by myself and reading a Rolling Stone magazine. It breaks up the day and I can be more productive when I get back, sometimes that is harder on days when it is gorgeous out. I try to find lunch places with outdoor seating too.

  15. I work from home/own my own business, and I always feel guilty if I’m not working! But I am trying to be better about eating away from my desk. I always feel more productive in the afternoon if I take a break at lunch!

  16. Americone Dream all the way! However, I am OBSESSED with Talenti recently so Ben & Jerry’s comes home with me less often these days 😉

  17. I eat lunch at my desk all week long. It’s rare for me to step out of the office since I pack and bring in food from home. I know it’s not a healthy habit but I don’t live close enough to go home for an hour and it’s just easier. I’m usually working while eating anyway.

    I think my favorite B&J flavor is Strawberry Cheesecake but I like Karma Sutra too. S’mores sounds yummy!

  18. I used to love eating lunch at my desk in my previous job. I kinda miss those days! Now I can’t eat at my desk at all except for small snacks. Usually I make my way over to eat with coworkers in another building because they have a cafeteria but occasionally I’ll find another corner of the library I work in and eat there. If it makes any difference, I’m writing this comment while at the library – so, not working from home – and I feel guilty! We all need little breaks!

    Americone Dream, Brownie Batter, Chubby Hubby, Half Baked…all favorites but B&J ice cream is good in just about every flavor!

  19. I only eat at my desk when my bosses aren’t in the office – we eat out everyday which is awesome and also bad because I know how unhealthy restaurant food is – even when I try to pick the “healthiest” thing on the menu.

    I LOVE Half Baked – so glad they made it into a FroYo flavor so I don’t feel AS bad for eating it :-). I really want to try Truffle Trifecta – maybe that will be my “Friday Cheat Snack” 😀

  20. I eat lunch at my desk every day. It’s really bad, I know. But I catch up on blogs during this time because once I get home for the day I don’t like to turn on my computer if I don’t have to! I think it’s great you’re making a point to step away from your desk while you eat. Time to yourself will be rare from here on out. Enjoy it!

  21. I shouldn’t admit this, but I eat my lunch at my desk basically every day””even on days I’m not working at the hospital, since I catch up on freelance/blogging projects on my days “off.” I try to make myself eat dinner away from the computer, at least…

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