6:30 AM to 6:30 PM {Monday}

Hey, hey!

Here’s a recap from our day today– approximately 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Ready? GO!

6:30: I wake up, head downstairs, and pour myself a glass of iced coffee. Mal is getting ready for school. Quinn is still sleeping, and I’m not sure what to do with myself. I’m rarely ever awake before him!

IMG_0014 (1024x768)

My laptop is starting to die (it actually kicked the bucket for good tonight), so I saved a bunch of the important stuff onto an external hard drive.


7:15 AM: Quinn wakes up. (Wow, he slept late!) We cuddle on the couch together. He eats a banana and drinks some milk while I enjoy a bowl of crock-pot steel-cut oatmeal with almond butter.

IMG_0015 (1024x768)

8:00 AM: We play, play, play!

IMG_0022 (1024x1024)

9:30 AM: My sister and Matthew visit. The cousins play together while my sister and I catch up.

IMG_0023 (1024x768)

10:00 AM: We visit the South Shore Natural Science Center.

IMG_0028 (1024x768)

Quinn really loves the turtles.

IMG_0029 (1024x768)

He even gets to meet a Snapping Turtle up close and personal!

IMG_0032 (1024x768)

While there, we also visit the chickens. Cluck cluck!

IMG_0036 (1024x768)

IMG_0037 (1024x768)

11:15 AM: We visit the cows at Hornstra Farms. We also buy milk and ice cream (obviously).

IMG_0039 (1024x768)

IMG_0057 (1024x1024)

IMG_0049 (1024x768)

IMG_0047 (1024x1024)

12:00 PM: We stop by Gunther Tooties for coffees. Quinn falls asleep on the drive home, so I put him down for a nap.

12:15 PM: We’re hungry when we get home, so I break out some snacks.

IMG_0051 (1024x768)

1:00 PM: Lunch is served. I make bacon and cheese omelets and root vegetable fries for everyone. (My sister is 7 months pregnant and craved eggs and fries, so that’s exactly what we had!)

IMG_0053 (768x1024)

2:00 PM: Our new sideboard is delivered. It looks even better in person! I say goodbye to my sister and Matthew. I clean up the house and eat some Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies.

IMG_0056 (1024x768)

2:45 PM: Quinn wakes up from his nap. We cuddle on the couch and watch Paw Patrol. Then, he eats lunch.

3:30 PM: We take Murphy for a walk.

4:15 PM: We arrive home. Mal gets home 5 minutes later. We chat. I fill him in on our day. We play with Quinn.

5:15 PM: I head down to the basement to do a workout.

IMG_0067 (1024x1024)

5:45 PM: I take a shower and then whip up dinner.

6:30: PM: Time to eat! I eat a roasted acorn squash with leftover root veggie fries, chickpeas, rice, broccoli, and Mama Pea’s “Mmm Sauce” on top. (It might not look pretty, but it was deeeelicious!)

IMG_0069 (1024x768)

Questions of the Day

What were you doing at 6:30 AM today?

What were you doing at 6:30 PM today? 


  1. My day starts with my nugget at 5:45, then I am off to work until 3. I pick up Avery and we take a walk and play. Dinner and bath time and she is in bed by 7. I pour a glass of wine and read a book. Lights out by 9!

  2. Read through the comments and I must have been the only one sleeping at 630 am! 🙂 At 630 pm, I was folding three loads of laundry and changing the sheets on my bed.

    Looks like you had a nice day!

    1. @Cate: No kids at my house and I work a little bit later shift (I’m SO much more productive after everyone leaves!) so at 0630 I’m trying to roll myself out of bed. If I were on my game, I’d be up exercising…

      1. Me too! Set the alarm this morning to work out, but hit snooze. I’m lucky I don’t have to be in as early as others, which is great for this night owl! 🙂

  3. 6:30am I was getting my little man out of his crib
    6:30pm We were having play time before bed 🙂

    This is typically what we are doing at these times every day, we love routine!

  4. It’s fun to see what a day in your life is like with a toddler (I don’t have kids, but maybe someday). 6:30 am yesterday: Getting ready for work. 6:30pm yesterday: eating baked chicken parm from Skinny Taste and watching Parenthood on tv.

    1. Yum! I bet I would love that recipe. I love anything from Skinny Taste! And, of course, I love Parenthood! 🙂 Did you see my interview with Kristina Braverman earlier this Fall?

  5. 6:30- stopped at Starbucks for a Caffe Americano on my way to work #treatyoself
    Work, after work meeting, 20 min treadmill run at work, let out the pup, off to the gym for a metabolic workout, home to make some dinner, then relaxation!

  6. Your days look like so much fun with Quinn. I hope to some day be able to be with my kids during the day. 6:30 am – getting ready for work 6:30 pm – making shrimp & qunioa for dinner while sipping wine!

  7. So fun to see a day in your life!

    Yesterday at 6:30am I was turning off my alarm and choosing to stay in bed a little longer. So hard to get out of bed at this time of year!

    At 6:30pm, I was wrapping up work and settling down for dinner (chicken / broccoli cheesy casserole. TASTY!).

  8. I would love to see a post on how you’ve changed your diet to more vegetarian base and if you can tell a difference in your digestion! From someone who is always looking for ways to feel her best I would be interested!!

    and how lucky to have the little one sleep until 7:15!!

  9. 6:30 AM – asleep, 15 minutes before my alarm goes off for work (unless I’m doing an AM workout).

    6:30 PM – heading to my parent’s house for dinner after a quick4 mile taper run for the Philly Marathon this weeken!

  10. What a super fun sister day you had! I love spending time with my sisters <3

    6:30am – Driving to work after finishing 5am class at CrossFit Acadia.

    6:30pm – Laying in bed with my 2 sweet kids for snuggle time before lugging them off to their own beds for sleep.

  11. What toy is Quinn playing with in the 8am picture?? I feel like my daughter would love that! She is totally into cars and trucks!

  12. 6:30am- Getting our coats on to drive to daycare and then work.
    6:30pm- Bath time for the little ones

    Did Quinn eat anything between the early morning banana and his lunch at 2:45pm?

  13. 6:30 a.m. Watching Sesame Street with my 18-month old twins before I got ready for work.
    6:30 p.m. Eating dinner with my family.

  14. I was on my way home from the gym at 6:30am to get the kids ready for school and my husband and I were at the Joe Andruzzi Foundation Gratitude Gala at Gillette at 6:30pm…great event for an amazing cause, but totally wiped out today!

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