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Hi, friends! Happy FRIDAY to you!

A little story for you guys… so, the other day, I pick up Quinn from daycare. When we arrive home, I take him out of the car and place him on the ground. As we start to walk toward the front door of our house, he suddenly stops in his tracks and then stomps on a bug with his foot. He immediately apologizes to the bug and says “sorry,” which is both funny and adorable, especially since he just killed it. Qman then picks up the squashed bug, smiles as he proudly shows it to me, and then tries to stick it on the side of my car. Haha! The whole thing was ridiculous and hilarious, and I really wish I had it on video, so I could show Mal and relive it again. Oh, toddlers… they’re so fun. Anyway, this little story inspired today’s post, so here are a variety of moments from my life that I wish I had on video—to watch again, relive, and feel those feels all over again.

moments I wish I had on video

Opening the door and seeing Mal for the first time in years for our second first date. If you didn’t know already, Mal and I have a long history together. We rekindled our relationship in 2003 with a group bowling date, and I still remember the moment that I saw him standing in the hallway outside my Brookline apartment. I even remember what the two of us were wearing (similar outfits – black tops with jeans). I just wish I could see both of our faces and remember those (likely awkward) moments of reuniting after all those years apart. I have a feeling it was love at second sight! Smile

Any Saturday night (not finals week, obviously) at Union, preferably one that involved running home late at night. During the winter, it was so cold in update New York, my roommate and I often ran home from parties. It was so ridiculous and fun, I’d just love to see a video of our (drunken) antics!

Speaking of running, I’d love to see a video of me running down Beacon Street during the Boston Marathon. Somehow, I survived 24+ miles and felt pretty good. I still remember what song was playing (“Shut Up and Dance” – Walk the Moon) and how I felt. I’d love to relive that moment.

Any part of our wedding day. We were so broke when we got married, we couldn’t afford a videographer. Hell, we found our photographer on Craigslist, so the physical memories from our wedding day are few and far between. And, for this reason, the advice we always give friends getting married is DON’T skimp on your photographer and videographer. I really wish we had video and better photos from our big day.

The infamous night at “The Gallery” during my semester abroad to York, England. All I remember is the night starting with vodka and it ending with my friends helping me walk home barefoot through the streets of York. And rumor has it that I got “locked” inside a Burger King and banged on the door to get out because I wanted to go back to The Gallery. Man, I was a mess. Even still, I’d love to see what happened that night. I’m curious after all of these years!

Getting off the T to take a call from NuVal. How I remember it: My phone started to ring when the train stopped at Park Street, so I hopped off to answer it. NuVal offered me a part-time contractor job, which allowed me to quit my full-time job and put more time into CNC. It was both exciting and scary, and I had no idea what was to come. Knowing what I know now and how much my life has changed for the better… it would just be really cool to see myself in that moment.

Any part of our trip to Ireland. We had so much fun driving around the countryside. I would love, love, love to relive that vacation.

Quinn at 2 years old falling asleep on me. I just want to feel the feels of cuddling with my son. I know he’s not going to be small forever, and I want every memory to last.

Meeting Murphy for the very first time. Oh, wait. I do have that moment on video!

The mayhem in Quinn’s bedroom last night. I live with a bunch of clowns. All four of us were running around Qman’s room yelling, barking, laughing, and trying to scare one another. It was so fun and definitely a moment that I would love to relive.

Question of the Day

Your turn! Share a memory that you wish you had on video! 



  1. I love this post. I take so many videos now for this exact reason. Some of my favorites are of Mitch trying new foods, playing, or all of us just hanging out laughing. My mom has so many old videos from my childhood, too. Looking back is so fun!

  2. I didn’t hire a videographer for my wedding either, I thought why bother. Well one of my bridesmaids and her husband used a hand held video camera throughout the day and night and made us a wedding video, complete with captions and all our music and gave it to us for our 1st anniversary as a surprise! I’m so thankful for them and happy to have it now!!!

  3. 3 Moments:
    1. My husband proposing to me in Thailand. He did a great job of not giving any hints that he was going to do it that day, I was so surprised!

    2. Seeing my dad and sister (Mom couldn’t make it out) when I got home from Afghanistan. We got released from our ceremony formation to find our families, and I remember tearing up and running to them the second I saw them. I’d love to relive that!

    3. Playing Cranium with my Grandma Gert. She had a Humdinger card and was trying so hard to hum “That’s the Way I Like It.” I remember all of us almost passing out from laughing so hard.

    Great post 🙂

  4. Just went and read the linked article to you and your husband’s long history together. I just started reading this year and had never heard the story of how you met. Toooooo sweet! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Okay I’m sorry but that story reminds me of a cat. I’ve been a long time reader so I’m pretty sure you’ve never had a cat? Anyways, cats kill things and then bring them inside for you and leave them places you wouldn’t expect as a present. Seems like that’s what Quinn was doing, trying to give it to you as a present lol

  6. Its funny we often video the big things in life (except sorry about the missing wedding videographer part…) but its often the smallest littlest things we wish to have the most. Those are the moments that make up our lives. I wish I could see the video of my little puppy growing, it happened too fast! He is now 2 but looked like a little frenchie version of that murphy shot and I miss his nuggetness!

  7. How adorable!!! Great moments! Qman is so hilarious! My son is almost 18 months so thinking how he will be at 2, I just couldn’t imagine. Then I read your story and oh my, this will be fun!!!

  8. this post is so adorable! i’d love to have any video of my Mima and PapPap and me when i was a kid. they were the best grandparents and i miss them so much.
    PS–i laughed so hard at you running home in college bc i used to do the exact same thing! i’d leave a party w/o telling anyone and run home. all i wanted to do was eat and go to bed; i was on a mission. my roommate would make so much fun of me but it was efficient and safe!

  9. This was such a cute post! I remember when you guys first got Murphy! I love that you still include him in blog posts/on IG and SC. I forgot about the darker stripe of fur down his back. Our dog had one as a puppy and we called it her zipper. 🙂 That story of Quinn is h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s.!!! Bha ha ha! Love it–I can’t help but keep smiling.

    P.S. Glad I’m not the only one who would run home from college parties. I’ve never been so poor in my life, yet had so much fun. Man those were the days. 😉

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