Mohegan Sun: Part III

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After finishing dinner at Tuscany, we headed to Leffingwells (aka Star Bar) to relax and enjoy the massive planetarium dome. The “sky” continuously changes from dawn to dusk and back again. It’s neat to see and totally relaxing! 😀

The Casino of the Sky has a functional planetarium utilizing fiber optics to display the sun, moon, and stars accompanying the lighting effects of the Wombi Rock, which is a three-story high crystal mountain crafted of alabaster and more than 12,000 individual plates of hand-selected onyx from quarries in Iran, Pakistan, and Mexico; which were transported to Carrara, Italy and fused into glass.

At Leffingwells, Mal ordered me a glass of red wine, but I was pretty much stuffed to the gills, so I only drank a few sips of it.

The four of us had a really nice time at the lounge– soaking in the scene, enjoying some good conversation, and snapping some “couple-ly” V-Day photos.

Progression of a Valentine’s Day kiss…

Late Night Gambling

Around 1:30 AM, we finally hit the tables for some gambling! Gambling so late in the evening actually worked out well because the casino cleared-out a little and the four of us were able to gamble together at the same Black Jack table. We played for a couple of hours– winning, losing, hooting, hollering, and laughing quite a lot. I’m not much of a gambler (mostly because I hate losing money like that), but I had a great time! I am, however, a very conservative gambler, so I knew when to quit. In fact, Mal was very impressed with my “squirreling away” skills! Basically, every time I won, I would put the chip in my pocket instead of on the table where it would temp me to gamble it. Once I had gambled away my initial investment, I stopped playing. Mal joked that he was surprised that I didn’t start putting the chips in my cheeks like a squirrel! By the end of the evening, I won back what I spent on my Tiffany’s purchase… plus some!!! :mrgreen:

All in all, our trip to Mohegan was a fabulous way to spend Valentine’s Day!

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  1. That’s so awesome you won back what you spent on the Tiffany’s purchase! Schore 😀
    Looks like you had a fabulous time. I can’t get over that sky in the restaurant!


  2. That place is beautiful!! And I wish I had as much discipline as you with gambling, I get easily addicted at a casino and quickly lose my winnings… and then some…

  3. I like this strategy for gambling! I’m going to vegas a week from Tuesday, so maybe this will work for me and I can buy something from Tiffany’s!!! ha ha

  4. the progression pics are too cute! i was too young to gamble/enjoy much the last time i was at mohegan sun- i need to get out there again- it looks like a great time!

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