Mistakes I Made When I First Tried to Lose Weight

Hello, hello!

How’s your Thursday going so far? I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday. This week flew by. Holy cow!


When lunchtime rolled around yesterday afternoon, I knew exactly what I wanted to eat: Potato & Chorizo Dobladas. Yummm! The leftovers from dinner made an awesome lunch!


After lunch, Murphy and I went to the senior home to make some visits. The pug was pumped and enthusiastically jumped into the backseat of my car.

pumped for visiting

We made our rounds and actually visited an extra wing yesterday, so Murphy was totally spent on the ride home.

pooped pug


After lunch, I did a little baking, which, obviously, included some taste-testing. Carrot Cake Cookies? Oooh, yes. The recipe will be on Health.com in the coming weeks!



For dinner, I made a super easy (and delicious!) sweet potato and black bean quesadilla. This recipe will also be on Health.com soon.

Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quesadilla_thumb

I wanted something sweet after dinner, so I ate a few dates with peanut butter stuffed inside. Sweet + satisfying.


After dinner, Mal and I got ready to watch Kristan Clever and Talayna Fortunato compete in Open WOD 13.3. The two of them are animals and made it look so easy!

CrossFit Workout 13.3

So, 13.3… I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of bummed about it. I actually did this same workout back in January and failed miserably at it, so I’m already feeling kind of defeated. But, I’m trying to change my thinking, so, hopefully, things will go well tonight. We shall see. It’s suppose to be fun, right? GAH! Wallballs are my nemesis.

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Health News & Views

When I gained more than 20 pounds after college, I had no idea how to lose the weight. I knew I wasn’t taking the best care of myself (I was eating fattening foods and skipping my workouts), but I didn’t know how to start.

Eventually, I figured out what worked for me, and the pounds steadily came off (and stayed off), but I wish I had known a few things before I embarked on my weight loss journey-it would have made the process that much easier! With that said, here are a few mistakes I made when I first tried to lose weight. Hopefully, you won’t make them, too!

3 Mistakes I Made When I First Tried to Lose Weight

Question of the Day

What mistakes did you make when you first started losing weight?

CrossFit friends: What are your thought on 13.3?

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  1. My main mistake was cutting out the carb and increasing my cardio training. I ended up feeling very tired and not progressing with my running or diet as I ended bingeing on high sugar food.
    Now RICE has become my best friend. As you said:” RICE IS NICE”.

    My second mistake was to follow mainstream nutrition guidelines … I ended with nasty IBS. I finally had a consultation with a hospital dietician. It made a huge difference! Flat and painless tummy first time in 15 YEARS!!!!!
    Broccoli, peas are not for everybody!

    Thanks very much for he treat : dates stuffed with peanut butter! Best dessert ever!

  2. One mistake I’m currently making is not consistently scheduling my workouts on my iPhone calendar. I’ve noticed that I stick to my workouts more if they are scheduled into my day like a meeting or appointment. I really have no excuse considering my phone is practically attached to me at all times!

  3. We just did wall balls last night in our WOD so I’m not looking forward to 13.3 tomorrow, but I’m so competitive with myself so my goal is to just throw the damn ball and not get hit in the face, lol! Anything after that will be a bonus!

  4. After I had my two boys I gained about 25 pounds. My big mistake was following the standard american diet (SAD) and loading up on “healthy whole grains” and extremely low fat foods. I was always on a carb/insulin rush and starving! When I finally got rid of grains and started eating high quality protien, veggies and moderate amounts of fruits my weight started dropping off. Turns out the low carbs, lots of protien and moderat fats were what it took to get my body functioning properly again. Wish I had known it sooner, I would have saved myself so much self loathing for being to “weak” to lose the weight.

  5. Hi! I’m proud of you and I’m amazed that you can admit that you did make mistakes. A lot of people (including me) fails to do that. But in the long run acknowledging mistakes makes you more wiser since you know what to do to avoid it and keep right on the track!

  6. Everything in this post looks absolutely delicious. Really looking forward to the recipe for those carrot cake cookies! Mistakes I made when I first started trying to lose weight; rewarding exercise with food, I thought if I went for a 3 mile run that meant I could eat a lot. Not paying attention to portion size- I’d eat healthy things, but just WAY too much of them (i.e. hummus and crackers). And using the weekends as a free-for-all, I’d be really good during the week and thought that meant that I could eat terribly and binge all weekend. Needless to say, these habits were getting me nowhere fast.

  7. I’ve made more mistakes than not in my weight loss journey. Mine include lots of fads (Atkins, etc.), not sticking with any one thing long enough, undereating, focusing too much on food and not on exercise, focusing too much on exercise and not on food, and worrying too much about tiny details and losing sight of the big picture. However, for every mistake I have made, I have learned and taken something from it. The fad diets aren’t right – but some do have a nugget or two you can take with you. And I try to look at all of it as a part of my process of finding the right balance. I am still on this journey, about 15 lbs left to lose, and I am not perfect, I am still learning.
    As for 13.3, I did it yesterday and will definitely be redo’ing it this weekend. Last yr I got 122. This year I wanted to get SOME double-unders, but I only make it to 145. I felt weak and not at my best yesterday. If I can recover enough in the next 24 hours, I feel like I can do better. Right now though, I can hardly walk!

  8. Quesadillas on the brain! Yours look so good and I love sweet potato and black beans together. Last night I made America’s Test Kitchen corn and black bean quesadillas. SO good!

  9. After the birth of my first son(he is 19) I gained 55 plus pounds and kept it on because I indulged in low fat snacks and didn’t exercise. It took me 8 years to lose my pregnancy weight and then some. I have maintained my current weight through exercise and a diet of fruit vegetables and rice(rice is nice) and beans. I use to salt everything and thought butter was by best friend. I also use to buy treats and try to eat them in moderation but that never worked. I now know what my triggers are and I avoid them at all costs.
    I can’t wait to try the sweet potato quesadillas and peanut butter stuffed dates. Yum

  10. I made many of the same mistakes when I first started to lose my weight. I ate way too many processed, pre-packed low-calorie “diet” foods & not enough real, whole foods. I was afraid of fat. I’m happy to say that I no longer go for just the “diet” foods or fat-free foods… I embrace the fat & whole foods. Less processed & more natural is definitely the way to go, & fat is not the enemy as so many people think.

  11. I love your 3 Mistakes I Made When I First Tried to Lose Weight! I can totally relate. I’m currently in a DietBet and I noticed how important it is to not only track your calories but to track your nutrition as well. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. I love quesadillas and pitabreads. So this blog made me hungry. If diet and healthy living means eating quesadillas, I’ll be so much happy to go diet and live healthy. I’m also including your carrot cake cookie in my to bake list in a few days 🙂

  13. My downfall is in the evening. I snack out of boredom. If I’m concious of it and care enough, I’ll go brush my teeth -that kills the craving, by cleansing my palate. It works well.

    Sometimes I don’t catch myself and find myself eating peanuts and drinking red wine in front of the TV.

    so there you have my big mistakes.


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