Missing CrossFit, Tux Fitting + Altea’s Eatery (Worcester)

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends!

I hope you had a nice weekend. Ours was busy, but fun with a lot of quality family time – my favorite type of weekends! 🙂

On Saturday, Quinn had soccer and then we went to CrossFit. It was a partner workout, so we got to work out with some friends, and it made me miss CrossFit so much. I swear, there’s nothing like it! I actually even DANCED during the workout because I was having so much fun. Maybe I’ll start popping in on the regular again? It’s just such a great workout, it’s hard to stay away!

After CrossFit, we drove to Worcester (1.5 hours away) to get Quinn fitted for a tux. Mal’s dad is getting remarried, and Quinn is in the wedding. It was a lonnnngggg ride, but we made the most of our time in Worcester.

We ended up having lunch at Altea’s Eatery, which was quite the find, considering we were all starving (maybe even a bit hangry) and randomly stumbled upon it. The food was excellent!

After lunch, we explored a nearby pond (and even found some goslings) before driving back. We also popped into an awesome comic book store that both of the boys were obsessed with!

Even though we spent a lot of time in the car on Saturday, it ended up being a really nice day together!

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Question of the Day

I shared a lot of this blog post on Instagram – do you guys like seeing this “day in the life” content on the blog? Or do you already see it on IG?





  1. Question 1 – why are you staying away from CF? an injury? Question 2 – have you every tried OTF? I do OTF but have never done CF, curious of your opinion on OTF if you have done it? How it compares?

    Love your blog, so informative and inspiring!

    1. CrossFit is just too hard on my body. I have scoliosis (29 degree curve), so it’s just not a good thing for me – despite how much I love it.

      Yes, I’ve done OTF for a few years now. I don’t go often because the closest location is about 25 minutes away, so it ends up being 2 hours out of my day. It’s a lot of fun! I actually think OTF is more intense than CrossFit, but in a different way. CF you’re often standing around and the WOD is usually less than 15 minutes, so there’s a lot of “wasted” time – at least in my experience. OTF is ALL BUSINESS. You don’t stop moving the entire time you’re there! I’m always a sweaty mess by the end.

      1. Thank you for comparison! I was a little too intimidated to try CF – really more scared of injury than anything else, and I tend to be a cardio junkie too, so feel like I have found my sweet spot in OTF and I love it so much. Sorry to hear about your scoliosis – that sucks. Hope an OFT studio will open nearer to you soon!

  2. I don’t use instagram so it would be great if you could keep posting it on the blog also. Thanks!

  3. I am glad you liked Altea’s it is adorable!!! and they have the best mimosa buckets haha…. if you are in the area again go across the street to Blue Shades, its the cutest little waffle shop and the owners are just the sweetest!

  4. I don’t have Instagram so I only see things on blogs.

    It’s funny that you don’t do OTF because it’s 25 minutes away which is considered a ways away for you but 25 minutes where I am that would be super close!

    1. It’s not super far, but it’s not an everyday workout, ya know? Plus, there’s a new location going in 6 minutes from our house! Can’t wait!!

  5. Please keep sharing a day of the life posts on the blog. I don’t always get on Instagram and miss a bunch of stuff.

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