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Is there such a thing as the Mid-Week Blues? If so, I think I have ’em. πŸ˜•

For some reason, the middle of the week is really tough for me. It’s only Wednesday, but I feel like it should be Friday– yet, Friday is still so far away. Boo! πŸ˜• Why can’t we have 3-day weeks?!

Anyway… enough of that!


So, I liked my lunch a lot today! πŸ˜€

I started with Crofter’s Superfruit Spread + Barney Butter on a whole wheat Sandwich Thin. I also had some almonds on the side.


Then, I munched on some celery and carrot sticks.


And a big ol’ Gala apple. (I miss my Jazz apples, but the Galas were on sale this week.)


Good lunch. Very satisfying.


I also had a piece of yummy pumpkin bread that someone in the office baked. I just couldn’t resist– it had a light frosting glaze on top. Mmm!

Ask Me Anything

Tomorrow is the last day for Ask Me Anything! Friday will be my final post with answers.

Boston has so many yummy pizza places… which is your favorite?

Considering how much I love pizza, this is really bad, but I don’t have a favorite pizza place! Isn’t that terrible?!? Bostonians, if you have a favorite pizza joint, please let me know!

Do you ever get drunk after a few drinks? I notice you never drink that much, but sometimes you mention having a headache the next day. Do you ever let loose?

This comment actually cracked me up because I definitely like to enjoy a drink or two… or three! πŸ˜‰ In the past, I’ve written posts about VinoVoyage, Harpoonfest, Pub Golf, and my college days when I let loose and drank like a fish. I even won the Blogger You Would Most Want to Make You a Cocktail at the Foodbuzz Festival last fall! πŸ˜‰ Nowadays, I don’t get drunk all that often (I hate the way I feel the next morning), but I still enjoy a 2-3 cocktails each week.

I find I’m struggling to stay on a healthy diet while living with a B-O-Y. If he buys Milanos and opens a bottle of wine … I want Milanos and glass of wine. Have you ever struggled with this while living with Mal?

Yes, of course! For instance, I never ate potato chips until I lived with Mal, but now, I LOVE Kettle Backyard BBQ chips in a weird, sort of obsessive way!

What works for me is keeping Mal’s unhealthy foods separate from mine. Out of sight, out of mind! Mal has his own cabinet where he keeps all of his junk food. So, in my mind, this cabinet is “off limits” to me, so I’m not tempted and I usually forget that his snacks are even there. Plus, I have my own cabinet where I keep my healthy stuff.

P.S. A lot of your questions have already been answered in previous Ask Me Anything posts, my FAQs, and/or Weight Loss Q & A section. Check to see if your question has already been answered in one of these places.



  1. I hate Wednesdays for the simple fact that I have to be at work from 6a-5p because I am the closer on Wednesdays- but I LOVE the idea of having different areas for his snacks and your snacks πŸ™‚

  2. I totally just said the same thing to a coworker this afternoon about it feeling like it should be Friday. This week is dragging along so slowly!

  3. Wow, it seems I’m pretty lucky that my Husband is not that big of a snacker and has a very tiny sweet tooth. He likes real food and real meals… makes it easier on me, I guess πŸ™‚

  4. My favorite pizza place is hands down Pizzeria Regina! The best! I love that ask me anything questions I need to get to a point where I end it on my blog though the amount of questions can get overwhelming.

  5. Mid week blues happen to us all… its like you can get nothing right! We just have to have faith that everything will be fine and enjoy the little things (like getting a good parking space). Hope you have a good afternoon/evening

  6. I definitely get the midweek blues, and looking at the rest of the comments, you are definitely not alone! Have you ever tried light therapy? It might work well for you to have one of those natural light lamps especially since you get up so early to work at home.

  7. picco pizza in the south end will change your life! i reco the red pepper, arugula + goat cheese pizza…and any of the homemade ice creams πŸ™‚

  8. I eat way better ever since I met my husband—he’s an AMAZING cook and baker (…and now he eats way more sweets due to my sugar addiction..whoops!)….I actually kind of like Wednesdays ’cause then I know it’s downhill from here…Maybe you should give yourself a designated treat on Wednesdays? Like Happy Hour or go out to dinner, something fun and easy that you can look forward to.

  9. It is so hard living with a boy … But I find that over time we both start to love alternatives to our favourite snacks. Popchips or popcorn while watching movies, or pretzels. I used to be so bad and split a bag of Chex mix with him, but now we both crave veggies and healthy snacks a lot of the time.

    Of course, sometimes you just have to let loose and eat something bad, but at least if you’re eating healthy most of the time, it’ll feel like a treat, rather than an everyday occurance.


  10. I’ve been going to Tufts University for the last three years, and my three favorite pizza places in Boston so far are
    1. Za in Arlington (SO WORTH THE DRIVE! They have really awesome flavor combinations using ingredients from local farms.)
    2. Pizzeria Regina in the North End
    3. Upper Crust

    Please try Za! It’s where I get my family to take me every single time they visit. The restaurant feels a little swanky but also really homey at the same time – I love it!

  11. Tina, I think you need a vacation! Seriously, you take on soooo much.

    It might not be in the cards right now, but at least know we understand that you’re being pulled in a million (albeit awesome) directions – you’re totally allowed to have mid-week blues! πŸ˜‰

  12. I never ate potato chips regularly until I lived with my husband either! We keep all our stuff in the pantry, but I shove all the chips on the very top shelf so they are a pain to get down and so hopefully I can resist them πŸ™‚

  13. I have to say, I also LOVE Kettle Backyard BBQ. Aren’t they the best chips ever?
    But I’m definitely the bad influence in the relationship, since my boyfriend eats clean as a whistle. That’s good though, because he never has junk food around for me to eat, or wants fast food. I can only blame myself. πŸ™‚

  14. Antico Fornos in the North End for gourmet pizza. One of my favorites is the Vesuvio. Figs in Charlestown is also a great choice..I saw a previous post mentioned the procuitto and fig pizza! yesss to die for. Pizzeria Regina and Hot Tomatoes In the North End are my other staples!

  15. Have you tried Pacific Rose apples?? They are my most favorite apples – especially topped w/Naturally More PB.

    My local supermarket has them for $2/pound and sometimes a little more….but I found them at a Walmart (where I rarely buy produce because it’s usually not very good) for a measly $1/pound. They were perfect – crisp and just a little tart – and so pretty!

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