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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I hope you guys are enjoying my posts about my trip to judge The Ultimate Potato Recipe Contest with Better Homes & Gardens in partnership with the U.S. Potato Board. It was such a cool experience!

Before the judging started, we got a quick tour of the Test Kitchen where all of the food magic happens at Meredith.

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The Meredith Test Kitchen has been in continuous operation since 1928 and today contains 10 galley kitchens, two dining room-style tasting rooms, and an outdoor grilling area. The Test Kitchen team includes 6 culinary specialists, 2 nutritional specialists, a purchasing specialist, 3 housekeepers, and an officer manager.

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Services provided by the Test Kitchen:

  • Developing recipes
  • Testing recipes
  • Editing recipes
  • Conducting nutritional analysis
  • Creating dietary exchanges
  • Judging recipe contests
  • Planning meals to include special diets
  • Maintaining a terminology database
  • Answering consumer phone calls and letters
  • Teaching cooking classes

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A typical year in the life of the Test Kitchen:

  • More than 5,900 recipes tested
  • $120,000 spent on groceries
  • 6,000 cups of flour
  • 4,000 cups of sugar
  • 400 dozen eggs
  • 3,2000 cups of milk
  • 600 pounds of butter
  • 800 onions
  • 800 teaspoons of salt

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After the tour, we headed into a room where we tasted and judged 8 finalist recipes. Check out my “judging station”!

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The Ultimate Potato Recipe Contest received 334 entries and about 1/3 of the entrants did not specify the type of potatoes in their recipes. When they did, here’s a breakdown of what kind of potato they used:

  • Russet: 66
  • Red: 52
  • Golden: 42
  • Baby or New: 18
  • Purple or Blue: 11
  • Fingerling: 7
  • Frozen: 10
  • Potato Chips: 1

As far as the type of recipe submitted, side dishes were most popular, but there were also lots of main dishes and breakfasts. There were 45 potato salads, 25 appetizers, 22 soups, 10 desserts, 9 pizzas, 7 potato candies, and 6 bread/roll recipes. Scalloped potatoes were also quite popular and 38 recipes included mashed potatoes.

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Once we heard an overview of the recipes, it was time to taste them! There were 5 judges for the contest: Meredith from the U.S. Potato Board, Kris from Fleishman-Hillard, two Foods Editors from Better Homes & Gardens, and me. The recipes were judged on visual appeal, taste, creativity, and interpretation of contest theme.

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The winner of The Ultimate Potato Recipe Contest will be announced in the March issue of Better Homes & Gardens, so I’m not allowed to give specific details about any of the recipes, but I can tell you all 8 finalists were delicious and very creative, and we picked a fantastic recipe as the winner. I’ll be sure to share all of the recipes on CNC once the March issue of Better Homes & Gardens hits stands.

Here are photos of the 8 finalists:

IMG_5823 (750x563)_thumb

IMG_5826 (750x563)_thumb

IMG_5829 (750x563)_thumb

IMG_5833 (750x563)_thumb

IMG_5834 (563x750)_thumb

IMG_5837 (750x563)_thumb

IMG_5839 (750x563)_thumb

IMG_5845 (750x563)_thumb

IMG_5848 (750x563)_thumb

I only planned to eat a bite or two of each entry, but some of them were so delicious, I ended up eating a lot more!

IMG_5851 (750x563)_thumb

I was stuffed by the end, but it was totally worth it. Judging recipes for a national contest was such a neat opportunity and, obviously, potatoes are delicious to eat. Thank you, U.S. Potato Board and Better Homes & Gardens, for inviting me to participate!

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Question of the Day

If you had the chance to judge a recipe contest, what type of recipes would you want to taste?

Judging potato recipes was a lot of fun, but cake recipes would be my ultimate pick!



  1. If I had the chance to judge a recipe contest, I think I would want to taste dessert recipes. I love watching the Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” and I’m always so jealous of the judges. 🙂

    P.S.-Where did you get those super-cute jeans?

  2. The stats on the kitchen are absolutely mind blowing! 400 dozen eggs?! Amazing. I also love the look of the potato entries, it is some interesting how a humble spud can be turned into so many different delicious things! Have a great weekend Tina!

  3. I would want to judge/test cupcakes like on cupcake wars! I wish I had that test kitchen in my house, I would never leave!!

  4. carrot cake contest! i lurve it but it’s so hard to get a good one! i’m sure you’d sign up for that panel too 🙂

  5. Oh man, I normally skip over your sponsored posts, but I am obsessed with potatoes and those pictures totally made me drool. Love the idea of potato nachos…I may have to think up my own version soon.

  6. wow, what an amazing opportunity! you were surrounded by some pretty prestigious people in their field. i’m sure you felt honored, as you should! that would be SO fun! my favorite would be different types of pizzas–the weirder the better.

    …and am i missing something but NO ONE submitted a sweet potato recipe when indicating what potatoes they used? i would have thought that would have been more popular, as they are so much more flavorful (in my humble opinion) than boring russet. what was the “weirdest” or most different recipe you saw?

  7. “Lots of people submitted sweet potato recipes, but they were disqualified. Sweet potatoes are actually a root vegetable.”

    This is news to me! Can you dedicate a post to educate us about this?

  8. I am obsessed with nachos so I would definately love to judge plates AND plates of nachos! I just ordered your Teddie Peanut Butter Bundle on OpenSky! I’ll have to try to create some peanut butter nachos 🙂

  9. I would love to be a judge of a guacamole recipe contest. My dh makes amazing guacamole and therefore I am so picky about my guacamole… I’ve tasted a lot and most don’t compare IMO. Would be fun to get to taste a number of them at once.

  10. Yummm, potatoes are so versatile I bet all of these recipes tasted completely different and delicious. I think its weird only one person thought to use potato chips for a potato recipe entry. Can’t wait to see a more detailed description of each recipe, and the winner!

  11. Totally random but I think I’d like to judge a smoothie or soup contest! I’m always looking for new soup recipe ideas and I eat soup almost everyday during Fall/Winter.

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