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Hey, hey! I hope you guys had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

We actually started with no real plans for the long weekend, but then ended up being pretty busy – lots of friends, family, and barbecues!


Our local Orangetheory added a 3:00 PM class to their Friday schedule for the summer, so Mal and I popped in for a fitness “happy hour” before picking Qman up from daycare. It was an awesome workout and, holy cow, were we sweaty by the end. Check out my leggings! Haha!

Photo May 26, 4 01 34 PM (1280x1280)


On Saturday, Mal and Quinn were invited to a “boys only” adventure at the zoo.

Photo May 27, 9 18 06 AM (1280x960)

So, I spent the morning with my favorite pug!

Photo May 27, 10 17 48 AM (1280x1280)

We had such a nice time exploring Forge Pond Park. Murphy loved all of the sights, sounds, and smells, and I got to listen to my favorite podcast.

Photo May 27, 10 40 28 AM (1280x1280)

After our long walk at the park, I dropped Murphy off at home and then headed to downtown Hingham to wander around and pop into some of the adorable little shops. I always drive through on my way to Orangetheory, but never have time to stop, so I made it a point to stroll around.

Photo May 27, 12 16 39 PM (960x1280)

It was lunchtime, and I was starting to get hungry, so I stopped by Square Cafe for lunch. So many people have said good things about it, so I just had to see what it was all about – and it did not disappoint! It’s super cute inside and the food was so fresh and flavorful!

Photo May 27, 12 31 29 PM (1279x1280)

After that, I headed home to meet my boys. Qman went down for a nap and then we all headed over to our friends’ house for a barbecue.

Photo May 27, 6 17 12 PM (1280x960)

The boys (both big and little) had such a great time together! 🙂

Photo May 27, 4 39 49 PM (1280x960)


The next morning, Mal, Quinn, and I went to Lucky Finn Cafe for breakfast. It’s the cutest little coffee shop right on the ocean, and it’s most definitely a family favorite!

Photo May 28, 9 51 38 AM (803x1280)

Photo May 28, 9 26 30 AM (960x1280)

Photo May 28, 9 31 23 AM (960x1280)

The coffee was excellent as well as the breakfast sandwiches and croissants.

Photo May 28, 9 33 14 AM (960x1280)

Qman was definitely a fan! 🙂

Photo May 28, 9 37 03 AM (1280x1280)

After our visit to Lucky Finn, we stopped by Hornstra Farms to see the cows.

Photo May 28, 10 30 57 AM (960x1280)

And buy a few treats for a barbecue later that afternoon. We also bought a couple of apple cider donuts to share because the ones at Hornstra are to die for!

Photo May 28, 10 43 56 AM (815x1280)

We also purchased a bottle of strawberry milk to share, which brought me right back to my childhood. We always had Nesquik strawberry in the house, so I drank it like it was my job! Qman actually wanted a sugary, red 40-filled fruit punch drink from Hornstra, so we steered him in the direction of strawberry milk (beet juice for color), and he ended up loving it! 🙂

Photo May 28, 10 48 08 AM (1280x960)

After our morning adventures, we headed home for nap time. When Qman woke up, we went to our friends’ barbecue where we enjoyed lots of delicious food, including coffee cookie and cookie dough ice cream from Hornstra. I’m not a huge ice cream person (I’d much rather eat a piece of cake or a cookie), but Hornstra‘s ice cream is something else. Holy yum!

Photo May 28, 6 03 30 PM (1280x960)

Saturday actually ended up being a late night – Qman didn’t get to bed until 9:00 PM – so we made it an early night on Sunday. We were ALL in bed by 8:30 pm or so.

Photo May 28, 8 58 40 PM (897x1280)


Monday started bright and early with Memorial Day “Murph,” a CrossFit hero workout in honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005. It’s a tough workout, and I was actually feeling kind of blah about it since I don’t go to CrossFit all that much anymore and feel like my fitness level has declined quite a bit. But I surprised myself and shaved off 3 minutes from my first (and only) Murph time. Not too shabby!

Photo May 29, 8 47 06 AM (1280x1280)

After CrossFit, we (of course) headed to Coffee Shack for donuts and iced coffee.

Photo May 29, 10 28 10 AM (1280x1280)

Back at home, we quickly showered and then hopped in the car to drive to my Grammie’s house for her 85th birthday party!

Photo May 29, 2 02 41 PM (1280x960)

Her great-grandchildren had a blast playing with her birthday balloons! They were entertained for hours!

Photo May 29, 2 33 14 PM (960x1280)

After dinner and cake, we said goodbye to Grammie and headed home.

Photo May 29, 3 20 24 PM (1280x960)

What a wonderful weekend!

Question of the Day

How was your Memorial Day weekend?

Anyone else grow up on strawberry milk? 



  1. Oh my gosh I just want to cuddle that pug face! I had a wonderful weekend and was able to getaway for a bit, which was nice! I didn’t grow up on strawberry milk– I was always a fan of chocolate though! Always, always chocolate over fruit, hah!

  2. I have always preferred strawberry milk over chocolate milk.

    I am a weird girl. I love chocolate but do not care for chocolate milk, ice cream, or cake.

  3. Strawberry milk reminds me of being a little kid and going to get hotdogs and Hoffman Hotdogs, this super retro restaurant in the city near us. I haven’t thought about that in years! Looks like a wonderful weekend, if only long weekends could last forever!

  4. Strawberry milk was always a huge treat growing up. I love they used beets for the color! What a fun weekend! We spent ours vacationing on the water – it was heaven.

  5. Low key weekend over here! Ribs, ice cream, donuts and pancakes were some of our eats though 🙂 I loved nesquick strawberry milk but only had it on occasion. My company summer picnic always has it though for the kiddos and I always snag a bottle for myself, haha

  6. I stopped in a local donut shop last week and spotted the milk…specifically the Strawberry Milk. I had this intense urge to chug it! LOL I think that was the nostalgia! I <3 Strawberry milk…I had already had breakfast so, I passed. *sigh* If only Nesquik was "good" for you. 🙂 However, I may have to make that strawberry milk my BFF one day soon. …

  7. Good lord your Murph time is FAST!! I’ve been crossfitting for a little over a year now, and this was my second Murph, but first time doing it with pullups (instead of ring rows) and full pushups (instead of box PUs) and it took me FOREVA lol. But it’s one of those wods that really makes you think and push yourself. My hands got all ripped up and I just kept reminding myself that, yeah, I’m tired and my hands hurt, but I get to go home afterwards and so many didn’t/don’t get to. Definitely a great wod for the mental and physical. Glad you did it again!

  8. Such a fun weekend! Happy 85th to your Grammie, too! I wasn’t a fan of strawberry but would demolish chocolate milk. My husband’s team strawberry all the way though. The ice cream sounds delicious too! It’s been a while since I’ve had real cookie dough ice cream- it’s usually frozen yogurt with cookie dough + a ton of other sweets. But real ice THAT would take me back to my childhood!

  9. Sounds like a great weekend! I LOVED strawberry milk too! I haven’t had it in years. Now that I’m plant-based I’ll have to see if there’s a good dairy-free version of it. I’ve had chocolate almond milk and it is delicious so there has to be a good strawberry one out there!

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