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Yesterday, I was invited to a private media event to explore the newly opened Sports Club/LA in Chestnut Hill, and it was an awesome experience. You know how I loovvve fancy fitness clubs! Seriously, I wish I lived closer so I could work out there all the time.

Fireplace (600x400)

When I arrived at Sports Club/LA, I was warmly greeted, given a gift bag, and then taken to the locker room, so I could change into fitness gear, which was provided for the event.


The locker room was gorgeous, spacious, and pristine. I totally could see myself hanging out and relaxing there after a workout.

1195 (600x400)

The lockers had those fancy digital locks, so you don’t need to bring a lock or have a keycard to store your belongings.


The locker room had everything you’d need to get ready after a workout, including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razors, shaving cream, and shower caps in the showers and body lotion, hair gel, mouthwash, Q-tips, and hair dryers outside of the showers.


You really wouldn’t need to bring much if you wanted to pretty yourself after a workout.


Once everyone arrived for the event, Travis Murray, General Manager, Sports Club/LA Chestnut Hill, gave us a tour of the facilities, which, I must say, are incredible. In a nutshell (this is how I summed up my experience to Mal last night): Sports Club/LA Chestnut Hill has all of my favorite workouts in one place.


The first place we visited on our tour was the “For Kids Only” childcare program, which everyone seemed really excited about. There was an adorable under-the-sea theme painted by local non-profit, Artists for Humanity, on the walls and all kinds of interactive and enriching games and toys. The cost of childcare is extra ($13/hour), but there are also package deals for parents who might use this service frequently.


Our next stop was the cardio space, which had tons of brand new Precor equipment with Priva, which is basically “a fitness co-pilot” that allows you to set weekly goals based on calorie burn, distance, or workout duration. Priva tracks your progress and saves favorite workouts so you can do them again. Pretty neat, right?



Then, we headed to the “turf area,” which is used for BLITZ, Sport Club/LA’s high-intensity strength training and conditioning program, which incorporates functional movement, power, endurance, agility, core, and balance into progression-style workouts that are customizable and scalable to the individual. Classes are typically 6-8 people.


BLITZ utilizes a variety of exercises and equipment in order to get a full body workout. Some of the exercises: turf drills, prowler pushes, medicine ball slams, pull-ups, kettlebell swings, plyometrics, and power lifting. Sounds familiar, right? CrossFit anyone?


CrossFit actually came up quite a few times throughout the event, and it was pretty cool that Sports Club/LA realized they needed to offer this type of training to keep members happy. Smaiyra Million, CEO of Sports Club/LA, actually told us that BLITZ was created in response to members’ demand for CrossFit-style workouts.

BLITZ is not included with the cost of membership at Sports Club/LA, and the additional price is determined by how many classes you attend each week.


The tour of the facilities continued into the Pilates studio.


And then yoga studio.


And finally into the group exercise room, which offers all kinds of class from bootcamp to barre. Between the 3 rooms, the Club offers over 80 classes each week!


After the tour, we had a chance to sample some of the fitness offerings at the Club, including a REV cycling class, BLITZ, and yoga.

The REV class was unlike any other indoor cycling I’ve ever experienced. It was a multi-media spinning class, which simulated rides, races, and tours on a panoramic screen (the same ones at IMAX theaters) and, OMG, it was awesome. I totally geeked-out and loved it.

Our ride started in Hawaii and then moved to Spain, where there were a lot of hills, and then finished on the streets of Boston.


Riding through Boston was so cool. I loved flying through intersections and not worrying about cars! (FYI: I get motion sickness fairly easily, but I didn’t experience it during this class. I felt a little weird when we were speeding down hills in Spain, but it was more of a “fun” feeling than a “sick” feeling.)


Sarah and me post-ride!


After REV Class, it was time to give BLITZ a try. We were paired up for a circuit-style workout, which gave us a feel for what a real class would be like. It reminded me a lot of CrossFit!


The last class we tried was yoga. The space was so beautiful, and it definitely put me in the mood to get my zen on.


After our workout, we had a chance to enjoy the locker room amenities and soak up the health benefits of the salt-infused steam room. I spent about 10 minutes inside the steam room, and it definitely helped me relax.

1054 (600x400)

The event concluded with a reception at The Cottage, which was located right next door to Sports Club/LA.



I hadn’t eaten since 11:00, so I was famished and chowed down. Everything tasted so good!




Question of the Day

What’s the nicest gym you’ve ever visited?

P.S. Just wanted to share some info about a wonderful culinary charity event coming up next month. The 5th Annual Chefs for a Cure will be held on Thursday, April 11 at The Residences at W Boston. A bunch of top Boston-area chefs will be there and 100% of the proceeds from the event benefit local breast health services in Massachusetts.



  1. This is an incredible gym! I want to belong, haha. How much was it a month, do you have any idea? I’m not sure I would like that childcare and BLITZ are extra, though, on top of the membership.

          1. @Tina: But you juust said that you had to pay extra for Blitz.? Who are we kidding, it ain’t cheap! Hoping you’ll review the Equinox next (going up across from SCLA) If anything maybe these nice gyms will drive down the cost of Healthworks!

  2. That REV Cycling class looks amazing! I used to belong to Sports Club/LA in NYC — definitely the nicest gym I’ve been to — but it was a few years ago and the REV class was nothing like that. I’m a cycling instructor now and I would LOVE to have that imagery to teach class, I bet it gets everyone climbing when they should be, sprinting when they should be, etc. Really cool!

  3. It looks amazing and would definitely get me to the gym 5-6 times a week. But I bet by the time you add in all the extras (Childcare/Blitz/Pilates) it’s just as much as a fancy studio or unlimited crossfit membership. I currently have a membership to a meh month-to-month gym (free child care!) for cycling and yoga and a 3x a week crossfit memebership. As much as I would love that gym I think my method would probably saves me a decent amount of money.

  4. This place looks amazing! I bet the spin class flew by! Did they play music in the spin class or was it the sounds of the street? More gyms need this!

  5. You get to try some of the COOLEST stuff and go to some sweet events! I’m envious of you! Sounds like an awesome place — I love the fancy gyms too, but I LOVE my CF box 🙂

  6. love the gym… I would want to work out every day…and never leave..

    thanks for sharing your experience…

  7. Wow! What a nice facility!!! I’m an old-head powerlifter (what you guys call crossfit these days) 🙂 So all I really need is an olympic bar, a couple 45’s and a rack to mount it on! Okay, maybe a little more than that, but you get the drift. 😉

  8. Wow that gym looks amazing!! I would love to have a gym membership to a place like that that offers awesome class like the BLITZ. And hairdryers in the bathroom?!!
    My gym at my university cannot even compare to that one nor can the gym I go to fit camp at.

  9. WOW! I would love to join this health club as well! I wish all gyms/clubs had locker room amenities like that! I’m having some serious gym envy right now.

  10. Ohh, man! That makes me miss my old gym. My company had a corporate membership to one of them fancy places a couple years ago. They’d take $30 out of my paycheck for my membership which normally was for well over $100!

    That spin class looks amazing! Might be the thing to convince me to ride bikes again …

  11. I got a day pass at the Sports Club/LA inside the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC once and yeah… it was pretty amazing. One thing I didn’t like is that they had a separate, “VIP” area in the locker room where only certain members were permitted to go. I felt like I was in an airplane, where they pull the curtain between coach and first class. I’ve also been to an Equinox in Bethesda, MD and one in Chicago. They’re both gorgeous.

    At the end of the day though, I’m really happy with my middle-of-the-road gym! It’s nice but not outrageous, and clean but not pretentious. As some of the really fancy gyms I’ve visited, I’d feel out of place if I wasn’t decked out in fancy fitness clothes, and I’d rather not have to feel like that just in order to get my sweat on 🙂

  12. Okay wow. That place is better than the best gym I’d ever imagined could exist. However I wonder how much membership is? Although if I HAD the money, spending it on fitness and a gym I’d want to go to is definitely worth it!

  13. That gym is like the heaven of gyms. How much is a membership? I love using the gyms at resorts, especially the casino resorts in in Vegas. They’re actually similar to the Sports Club, just much smaller. You get a slick clean gym plus you get to use the spa facilities too. It doesn’t feel like a chore to work out on vacataion if you get a spa treat afterwards.

  14. I think a lot of gyms are offering Crossfit type classes now, as it is so popular! I go to my local YMCA, and I LOVE it, and the price is so, so right. I knew I’d never be able to afford the local Crossfit box right now (It’s just NOT in my budget), so when my Y started doing “Crossfit Light”, like I call it, I was pumped! We have a space all to ourselves that is like a Crossfit box, and although space and equipment is limited, we are doing all the same workouts. It’s a great option for people like me who want to try Crossfit but just can’t fit it into our budget just yet.

  15. I’m totally shocked! That gym looks incredible, and would LOVE to be a member there (it would definitely be my 2nd home). I was especially intrigued by the spinning class that took you through a journey through the screen. Also, the yoga looked extremely relaxing! The overall ambiance is amazing. The best gym i’ve been to (which still doesn’t quite compare with this one) is Lifetime Fitness back where I live in Maryland. I thought that was amazing, but this gym showed be something completely new!

  16. That place looks really neat! I am jealous of fancy gyms as none near me. When I lived in Kuwait I went to an AMAZING and fancy gym. When I remember the name of it I’ll post it. Loved how fancy it was.

  17. Have you ever been to an equinox club? I have a free pass for a week but I’m waiting until I have a week with lots of free time so I can really take advantage, I’ve heard the clubs are insanely beautiful and that the classes are amazing but I’m a recent college grad and $180/ month is simply not happening.

  18. WOW. I heard about this location opening and it looks amazing. I would join too if I had the cash, maybe when my car is paid off ill take on a better Gym like this. The nicest gym I have ever visited was either the Equinox in the Backbay (I had an interview there for a sales position) or the The Sporting Club at The Bellevue (a friend worked there) in Philadelphia. I love fantasy gyms as well! One day I hope to Join one. I hear the Sports Club in Waltham (town I live in) is super nice too, its where the Celtics train.

  19. And here I thought the new gym in our neighborhood was stepping up it’s digs! I would LIVE in that yoga room alone! And really, for what you get, I don’t think $140 is crazy out of the ballpark for facillities like that. Our local gym is about that, normally, but luckily Mark gets a discout through his work. Our gym does have a pool, though, which is a huge plus…at least its way easier to go work out in a place thats as swanky as that one!

  20. Umm… I want a tour like that! That is AMAZING! The nicest one I’ve been to is Exhale in Dallas. It’s actually just a yoga studio, but upstairs they give you flip flops, rain-bath showers, robes… wonderful. The best gym (not just yoga) in Dallas is probably Telos. They have clawfoot bathtubs with wrap-around curtains for privacy. Sort of weird, but also really cool.

  21. It looks beautiful. The best gym I have ever been to is Fitness Unlimited in Milton. It has 80+ classes included in your membership, as well as an “Athletic Performance Center” with barre, TRX, etc. equipment. That is for small group and personal training only (which are extra costs) but it is a fantastic atmosphere too.

  22. I am swooning. I may even be in love. Gosh, how I miss the fancy gyms of NYC. I worked for one after college and realllllllllly miss having access to great gyms. I love what the French countryside has to offer but sometimes a gal needs weights! LOVED the pics!

  23. Wow that is a beautiful gym. My eyes kept getting bigger and bigger with each picture. I’ve never been a gym so nice. I wonder what it’s like to shower and not have the “willies” lol!!

  24. Um, this looks absolutely amazing! Everything you could ever want in a fitness studio including a Pilates room AND a Barre class room. Wow, if only I had enough money for a place like this! The nicest gym I ever belonged to was when I was a senior in High School and my mom payed for her and my membership to the Canton Club which has since been changed into like 3 different gyms. But it was immaculate, huge and had a TON of machines and classes. I’m moving back to Boston this weekend ( 🙂 🙂 ) and am going to have to find a gym.

  25. its so funny.. I always think my little gym up in Maine is so amazing and then I see gyms like this and am floored! haha

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