Bone Broth (aka “Meat Tea”)

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hello, hello!

This morning’s breakfast was my usual two-ingredient pancake, but with chia seeds in the mix. (I know, I’m crazy.) I added a scoop of sunflower butter to my pancake and drank a glass of Dandy Blend with almond milk.


I also drank a mug of bone broth (aka “meat tea”) with breakfast.


I know, it’s totally hippy-dippy, but a lot of what I’ve been reading (and listening to) has suggested it, so I figured what the heck. Honestly, so many people, websites, books, podcasts, etc. touted the benefits of bone broth for gut health, I just finally decided to give it a try. In the podcast I listened to the other day, Chris Kresser explained that bone broth is a great at-home remedy because it’s glycine- and collagen-rich, which are crucial for repairing the gut lining. Besides bone broth for gut health, he also suggested:

  • Whole30/GAPS/Paleo diet for 30 days
  • Probiotics and fermented foods
  • Stress management (mindfulness, yoga, mediation, sleep)

Kressler gives specific recommendations for each of the things mentioned above, so check out the Balanced Bites Podcast #8 for more info. He also said if things don’t improve after 30 days, you should seek professional help from a doctor/medical practitioner.

Ok, back to the bone broth. Obviously, I’m making bone broth for it’s gut-healing properties, but it can also be a healthy addition to your cooking. It’s actually used in a lot of homemade soups. There’s even a delicious-sounding recipe for Butternut Sage Soup in Practical Paleo that I want to make. (You’ll probably see it on CNC soon!) And, making your own bone broth at home, instead of buying a can or carton of beef or chicken stock at the grocery store, allows you to avoid additives. All natural, baby!

IMG_2013 (750x563)

I have to admit, at first, the thought of making bone broth seemed a little overwhelming, but it’s as simple as boiling water. For real.

First, I bought 2-ish pounds of marrow bones from the grocery store. They’re super cheap (and dogs love them. Check out those intense pug eyes! A marrow bone will keep Murphy occupied for hours!)

IMG_1896 (563x750)_thumb[2]

Then, you add the bones to a crockpot full of water. I used two pounds of bones with 4 quarts of water. The recipe from Practical Paleo also calls for apple cider vinegar, sea salt, and garlic.


I let it all cook overnight and then, in the morning, I had delicious “meat tea!” Haha! It sounds so gross!


I know, I know”¦ eww, “meat tea,” but, honestly, it tasted so much better than I thought it would. Of course, it had tons of flavor, but it’s also really rich, even sort of creamy, like a regular hot soup. I’ve been drinking a half mug full with my meals throughout the day. I hope it helps!

Question of the Day

Have you ever tried an at-home remedy for dealing with a health issue? Was it helpful?



  1. I admire your candidness concerning the different things you are trying. Anyone who shares a negative opinion obviously has never been the recipient of a debilitating problem that doesn’t have a nice, tidy solution. I have tried numerous things through the last couple of years to help stomach issues and I know how you reach a point where you will try all kinds of things. So I admire your sense of adventure and your willingness to explore and find solutions.

  2. It does sound kind of gross but I bet it tastes good. I used to make beef soup all the time with marrow bones. You could add some veggies to that and I bet it would be really good. Beef soup without the chunks of beef!

  3. Weird im just catching up on my reader and i just made two pots of Marrow soup… Bone broth is what I call Marrow soup I just add soup veggies. The creaminess is from the marrow. Once cooked the marrow is great on toast with a sprinkle of salt. (I think it’s a European thing) 🙂

  4. Hahah. I love how people are so grossed out by ‘meat tea’ or ‘bone broth’. People–if you’ve ever had a broth-based soup you’ve had…

    Bone broth. No getting around it.

    I will say that since I switched to making homemade stock/bone broth/meat tea, I will never, ever go back. Every soup and sauce I make has such a richer flavor. Plus it’s nice to know that we’re getting such good stuff like vitamin k2, collagen, gelatin and trace minerals.

    ::broth mug cheers::

  5. I am all for at home rememdies. I do not fully believe in Western medicine beceause I feel it is now so emotionless. You have a problem? Here ya go, take 10 and you’ll feel better. It does not break open the root of the problem and instead just puts a bandaid over it. I also believe prescription medicines do more harm than good by pumping your body full of so many harmful ingredients. The side effects are almost always worse than the condition being treated.

    Have you ever thought to see an acupuncturist? They are expensive, but a few sessions a month is well worth the cost.

    PS. I gagged pretty bad when looking at your “carcass tea” hahaha

  6. That’s the best way to make broth, honestly.

    I’ve made thyme tea before using thyme from my garden. I took it to help with cramps but it also helps with nose/throat congestion and seems to be a mild sedative. I have tested it on our kids and it does seem to help them when they have stuffy and yucky noses. I think maybe it helps a little with cramps but I usually wuss out and take ibuprofen. I don’t know that it would help colitis but it does help relieve gas. With homemade remedies it’s easy to imagine the benefits are there…perhaps that’s part of the charm! But thyme is recognized for having medicinal applications.

  7. I was going to say “its probably a lot like soup” but you got around to that. LoL! I made shrimp broth for the first time ever like 2 weeks ago. So easy! And now I’m really bummed I didn’t grab those weird looking bones in the clearance bin at the grocery store today…

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