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Hey, friends! Hanging in there? I’ve said it before, but my hopes is that Carrots ‘N’ Cake can bring a sense of “normalcy” during this unsettling time, so let’s talk about meal prep – a favorite on CNC!

I’ve been loving “meal prep” protein bowls lately. You’ve probably seen me share a ton of them on Instagram in recent weeks. They are so many ways to make a “power bowl,” so I definitely have not gotten bored of them yet! The ingredients are completely flexible, so they can fit any diet; it’s the perfect way to eat a balanced meal that satisfies your taste buds, macro goals, and more.

I typically start with protein, then add A LOT of vegetables, and finish it off with fat (exactly how I make a lot of of my healthy throw-together meals). They’re different all the time because I basically use whatever food I have prepared for that week. I’ll often stick to the same ingredients throughout the week, but thenswitch them up the next week. When you mix up your proteins, veggies, dressings, etc. week after week, you not only experiment with what tastes great together, but it never gets boring. The options are endless!

Here are 10 of my recent meal prep protein bowls. They’re not the prettiest, but I promise they were delicious, nutritious, and satisfying! I hope they give you some ideas for your own!

Here’s a breakdown of what we always have at home in the freezer or pantry or purchase on the regular from week-to-week:

  • ButcherBox – where we get our sustainably raised meat
  • Thrive Market– where we order a lot of our healthier food items at a huge discount
  • Freezer – I always like to purchase cauliflower rice, sliced bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, and chopped spinach, so if I’m in a pinch and have no fresh produce around, I can quickly defrost any of these vegetables and whip up a meal. I also recently picked up Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi and love having that on hand.
  • Pantry – I keep these items on hand (like beans, lentils, salsa, seeds, etc.) because they make prep incredibly easy and quick whenever I’m in a pinch!

BOWL 1: sautéed kale with Instant Pot Garlic Honey Shredded Chicken + roasted vegetables

BOWL 2: shredded cabbage mix (from Trader Joe’s) with Easy Peanut Sauce, Trader Joe’s Melodious Blend (Cooked Green Lentils, Cooked Red Lentils, Cooked Green Garbanzo Beans)

BOWL 3: arugula with buffalo tempeh, roasted sweet potatoes, and rainbow cauliflower (from Trader Joe’s)

BOWL 4: sautéed kale with a turkey burger topped with cheddar cheese + Trader Joe’s Zhong sauce, lentils, and roasted zucchini

BOWL 5: arugula with ground turkey, Bang Bang Buffalo Cauliflower, and Trader Joe’s Green Goddess Salad Dressing

BOWL 6: arugula, lentils, roasted parsnips, leeks, pumpkin seeds, and dressing

BOWL 7: spinach, lentils, buffalo tempeh, roasted potatoes, and dressing

BOWL 8: shredded cabbage mix (from Trader Joe’s), cod, roasted Brussels sprouts, and avocado

BOWL 9: arugula, roasted broccoli and Brussels, chicken sausage, avocado, and hummus

BOWL 10: spinach, roasted potatoes, peas, pumpkin seeds, and dressing

Do you have a favorite meal prep protein bowl combo?

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