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Hey, hey!

I ran a 5K road race with the lovely ladies of KFIT this morning and, surprisingly, I pulled off a PR! Woohoo! It felt pretty awesome, especially 9 days before the marathon. Yayyyyyy!


We signed up for the Marshfield St. Patrick’s Day 5K, but because of the ridiculous amount of snow back in March, it was postponed until today. And what a day for a race. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! Finally!

IMG_1272 (800x600)

The course was (mostly) flat, and I was feeling pretty good, so I set out at a comfortable, yet challenging, pace. I didn’t know my exact pace until 5:00 minutes into the race when my RunKeeper app told me it was 7:15. Whoa. I knew this pace was much too fast to sustain, so I slowed down for mile 2.

The second mile of the race totally flew by– thanks to my kick-butt Boston Marathon playlist that I made last night. (Related: The cell service in Marshfield isn’t great, so if you run this race, be sure to download some music on your phone because Pandora and similar apps don’t work very well.) Before I knew it, I was running the final mile of the race, so I pushed as hard as I could. Just as I wanted to give up, I saw the finish line in the distance and SPRINTED to the end. As soon as I crossed the finish line, I knew it was a PR. Official time: 23:40 (7:37). Yeehaw!

IMG_1278 (800x600)

After the race, the whole KFIT crew celebrated by enjoying some adult beverages outside in the sunshine. It was an awesome afternoon!

IMG_1282 (800x440)11150219_887538551289600_3839025440968422253_n

And, tonight, I made some Donut Cookies, which Monica brought me when she visited last week. They tasted phenomenal, but I really wish we had a donut pan because they would have tasted that much better. So much donut love. YUMMMM!


Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite race distance to run? 

Have you ever tried a donut cookie? 



  1. I spontaneously ran a half marathon today. I thought of you during the hardest parts! I know you run for more than three hours at a time and around 30 minutes I was thinking how on earth you manage to oull that off. Somehow that thought motivated me to kee running for another hour and thirty minutes.thanks for doing what you do, Tina.

  2. Since training for a marathon and not having to low of mileage I have been loving 5 miles runs! I have done some 5 mile races as well and boy oh boy those are just plain great!

  3. Yay congrats! I felt that way after picking up running again this season. I don’t run as much in the winter and tend to focus more on strength training, but this year I did more HIIT work as well. When I headed back outside to run, I felt like I was going faster than normal and when I was done I realized I had taken 0:45 sec off my mile time!

    My favorite distance to run is the half, but if I haven’t prepared then prob the 10K.

  4. congrats on the PR! your marathon training speedwork is paying off. Are you getting excited for Boston? I’m excited and nervous and praying the weather is good. Can’t believe it’s a week from tomorrow! Really looking forward to seeing some of Boston in the days after the race. I’ve never been there before; can you recommend some must see places/things to do? Thanks! Dana

  5. LOVE this!!! I soo want to try crossfit! I just recently lost 30 pounds and this looks so fun. I have to travel about an hr and 15 minutes to the closest one, but I’m thinking it may be worth it once a week! 😀 I’m nervous since I have never even lifted weights before! lol 😀 Way to go on your PR!!!!!!!

  6. 5k is just a nice distance! I don’t do any running these days but nice to know my legs can handle five k every now and then! Cookies sound great! We have cookies called party rings here, little ring cookies with icing and sprinkles…kind of like donut cookies!

  7. I’ve mainly done 5Ks so I guess I would say they are my favorites (I’ve been running for about 9 months now so I’m still pretty new to it). 😉

    I’ve done a 10K once and my next challenge will be a half marathon coming up soon.

    Wishing you all the best for Boston (and for good weather)! Can’t wait to hear all about it! 🙂

  8. Those donut cookies look super yum. 😀 Favorite distance is probably 13.1 miles. I love the half. It’s long enough for me to measure out my energy and short enough to not be extremely sore afterwards like a marathon.

  9. Congrats on the PR!!! So awesome in the middle of marathon training.

    I am definitely a fan of the half marathon. Pushing pace for 5 and 10K’s to that uncomfortable place…I haven’t mastered. Nor the marathon. Still a crap shoot for me on how to “race” it!

    I need to find that mix! what a great idea.

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