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It’s that time of year again: March Madness!

I like sports, but watching them on TV just isn’t my thing. I follow along with the game for a little while, but, eventually, I just lose interest. However, college basketball during March Madness is so much more exciting for me. I admit, I still half-watch the games, but once I fill out my tournament bracket, I’m all over which teams are playing, when they’re playing, who’s winning/losing, and how my bracket is doing.

IMG_1672 (900x675)

Last night, I half-watched the Harvard-Vanderbilt game with Mal while giving myself a manicure. (I swear, I can’t focus on entire game if my life depended on it.)

IMG_1676 (900x675)

Pug nail file? Everyone needs one (and, apparently, some hand lotion for that nasty CrossFit callous).

IMG_1674 (900x675)


Dinner was low-key, but still delicious. I had a tuna sandwich with truffle salt mixed in and two glasses of wine, which I drank while watching the game.

IMG_1669 (675x900)

After dinner, I discovered a delicious dessert: sweet potato wedges with peanut butter and butterscotch chips on top. Oh, yes, it was as amazing as it sounds.

IMG_1680 (900x675)


This morning’s breakfast was a big bowl of Super Creamy Oatmeal with two massive scoops of Teddie Peanut Butter. I’ll probably eat a late lunch today, so I loaded up on the nut butter. I love how it sticks to my ribs!

IMG_1682 (900x675)

Off to the airport! See you in DC!

Question of the Day

Are you excited about March Madness? Did you fill out a bracket? If so, who do you have winning the whole tourney?

I have UNC to win the whole thing with Duke, Michigan State, and Florida in the Final Four.

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  1. I love snacking on sweet potatoes! Lately I have been making baked sweet potato chips and dipping them in peanut butter. Its so filling!

  2. The only sport I really get into is baseball.

    I was just telling my husband last night… March Madness is one of my LEAST favorite times to be a high school teacher. It’s ALL every single 10th & 11th grade boy wants to talk/think about!

  3. I do enjoy March Madness, but I really haven’t gotten into it this year! My office always does a bracket, but this year I am not participating. I figure I can put my $10 toward something else. I came in last place last year (ha!) and I don’t want to lose my money again! lol

  4. I am so bummed that I don’t have cable right now! And I am way too busy with school to go sit at the local pub to watch the games. (And I would feel lame-o doing that alone too!!) I don’t fill out a bracket. I went to Syracuse so I always expect them to win. LoL!

  5. I also have UNC winning it all! Final Four are Duke, Ohio, UNC, and Memphis (I’m from/live in Memphis).

    I don’t really watch sports on my own, but will watch if it’s on. However, March Madness is completely different! Especially since Memphis usually makes an appearance.

  6. Go heels! But as a true UNC fan I knocked Duke out early on. Doesn’t matter, I don’t want to see their name too many times on the bracket!

  7. my husband fills out like 6 brackets so I let him do all the figuring and what not, sitting on the couch as he screams at the tv haha. i like march maddness but i really cant watch any tv without doing some other sort of activity as well. usually reading blogs 🙂

  8. Was that dessert discovery helped by the two glasses of wine? 😉

    I’m not a big sports person. I never can follow what’s going on. I can see how the whole bracket thing would make it more fun to watch, though.

  9. i’m excited! too bad work is getting in the way! i went 13-3 yesterday. not too bad. I have kentucky winning the whole thing. with memphis, ohio state and north carolina in the final 4.

  10. I always fill out a bracket and enter a pool – I rarely actually watch the games, but just check to see how I’m doing! I also like the rivalry between my fiancee and I! I have Ohio State winning it all, with Baylor, Marquette, and Kansas also in the final 4.

  11. It kind of kills me how not many of my girlfriends give two hoots about march madness. I was in class during the Syracuse game following it on my phone and at break I wanted to talk about how they almost got knocked out and NO ONE even knew who Syracuse was, much less that they almost got knocked out by a 16 seed! They looked at me like I had five heads. Ugh!! Annoying! I am from Kentucky so I literally bleed blue! Go cats!

  12. I love March Madness so I feel compelled to tell you: Florida and Michigan St are in the same region and it is impossible to have them both in the Final Four. You need a team from the East Region. (which is why someone thought you possibly meant FlState, big difference) Here’s a hint: don’t pick Syracuse! Good luck tomorrow!

  13. Yes! Go UNC! Good choice! I was there in 05 when they won….though I don’t know about this year…losing the ACC is never a good sign.

    1. UNC is a great choice! I was there in 09!!

      We actually also lost the ACC tournament in 93, 05, and 09 – the last three years that we have won the National Championship so don’t count them out just yet!

      Go Heels!

  14. I always root for UNC and Villanova (who isn’t in it this year). I cheered for Vandy last night and it was tough since everyone around me was rooting for Harvard!

  15. I’m not a basketball fan but since Iowa State is playing (and won last night!) I actually watched it and am kind of following the games.

  16. Woo! Im at the airport now waiting for my flight (delayed 2 hours bahh) to DC for the race too! Hope your flight goes smoother than mine is! Good luck tomorrow

  17. I forgot to fill out a bracket, maybe my fiance and I will and make fun little bets on each game… Loser does laundry for a week, winner gets breakfast in bed?!

    P.S. A PB sweet potato sounds fabulous!!! Mixing the PB with Greek yogurt would be good too…

  18. I’m not excited about March Madness, but my husband surely is. I did fill out a bracket for a little family fun contest (my daughters also filled one out). My daughters are actually getting into it! I have the UC Bearcats winning the whole thing. I really doubt they will, but that’s who I would want to win!

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