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I’m not even running (or watching) the Boston Marathon, but I am psyched for it!! It’s the best day of the year, so even the days leading up to the big event are exciting for me!

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FYI: You can buy the above shirt at the South Boston Running Emporium in Southie on West Broadway.

This morning, Mal and I met our TNT team (well, it’s just a few of us from TNT + other recruited runners) for a 7.5-mile run. The weather was a little bit chilly, but bright and sunny and really nice for running. Monday’s weather looks like it is going to be perfect for the marathon!

IMG_0117 (640x478)

Marathon weekend in Boston is incredibly inspiring, so I was super excited for our run this morning. Plus, check out the email that our team captain sent earlier this week:

In honor of the 115th running of the Boston Marathon, this week’s run
is going to take us from the Store – to the Common – Down Mass Ave –
ACROSS THE MARATHON FINISH LINE and back to the store. This
route is about 7.5miles.

Wahoo! I could not wait to get out there and run this morning!! Here’s a map of the route if you’re interested: 7.53mi from Southie to Marathon Finish and back.

IMG_0102 (640x478)

IMG_0104 (640x478)

We ran right by the Expo!

IMG_0105 (640x478)

And down Boylston Street! The city is already getting set up for Monday!

IMG_0106 (640x478)

IMG_0111 (640x478)

IMG_0109 (640x478)

The finish line was being put into place when we ran by! So cool!

IMG_0108 (640x478)

Our group finished 7.33 miles in 1:04:37, which is an average pace of 8:38– fast for me!

IMG_0119 (640x478)

Sadly, my knee was really starting to bug me during the last few miles. As soon as I finished, I immediately iced it”¦

IMG_0113 (640x478)

With a Coors Light can! It’s the only cold thing I could find! Ha!

IMG_0116 (478x640)

Minus the knee pain, it was a fun run!

IMG_0121 (640x478)

Now, I’m rocking my Paradice Pack. Let’s hope this knee pain goes away ASAP! Ugh, injuries are the worst!

IMG_0123 (478x640)

After my run, I refueled with egg whites mixed with feta and basil, whole wheat toast with butter, and a Blondie iced coffee from P.S. Gourmet.

IMG_0126 (640x478)

I’m heading to a blogger meet-up this afternoon. For some reason, I’m really nervous about it. Rumor has it that there are going to be some great runners there. I’m sure I’ll be starstruck!

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  1. I wonder why they do the marathon on a Monday? It seems like it would be better to do it on a weekend. Whatever, I’m randomly thinking (typing?) aloud my logistical thoughts. Ha! Props for the quick pace today! Hope your knee feels better soon 🙂

  2. I’m a first year at BU (Boston University) and it’s so fun seeing the preparation for the Marathon!! I even went to the expo yesterday, which was very cool! (I’m not running the marathon. The expo is free and open to the public, so I checked it out.) I’m so inspired to run a full marathon! (I’ve run two half marys in my life.)

  3. How awesome! I bet that expo would be a really cool one to attend! Hope your knee starts feeling better ASAP!

  4. Hope your knee feels better!

    I wish I could make it to the meet up, but I’m working. I’m heading out and about in town after work with a few bloggers if you’re free! 🙂

  5. Marathon Monday is most definitely the best day of the year. I went to BC so I have so many fond memories from that day. It’s such a great day where the ENTIRE community gathers together to celebrate something amazing!

    Have fun at the blogger meet up!

  6. I have been reading your blog for some time now- since last May I think, and I made the choice to move to Boston from Ohio and have been living here about a month in Somerville. I work on the common and I always wonder if I might run into you some time and you were RIGHT here today. Ah well… thanks for the post on Marathon stuff, I’m so excited for monday now! We don’t have anything like this in Ohio. I have to say I reallt love it here.

  7. I think it’s cute that you have a book coming out, columns galore and have a slew of respectable marathon/ races under your belt and you’re going to be startstruck. Hee hee hee… that’s so Tina! <3

  8. What a fabulous way to start your day! I love that feeling of seeing the city transform into a runner’s world. I am doing my first marathon this fall…already starting to get excited about it!

  9. I watched my brother run the Boston marathon once and it was a really exciting experience!

    I metup with a fellow blogger this week and I was nervous because it was my first time meeting another blogger. It turned out great and we had lots to talk about! You probably have nothing to be nervous about!

  10. The Salt Lake marathon was this morning right down the street from my house!! Loved the marathon vibe and hope to run at least a half this summer!!

  11. You, nervous around other bloggers or runners? Thanks for keeping it real but I’m sure you’ll be the most popular person there 🙂

    Icy Coors Light? hey, necessity is the mother of invention. Take care of your leg!

  12. I just came back from the expo, full of free samples + a new headband and two boxes of GU. Not running Boston, just a semi-local going to check it out. It was really fun to spot the marathoners by their bright green bags.

    I dream of doing Boston, even though I am a new runner.

    1. @Susan: Oh, and it’s funny, coincidentally I ran ~7 today too. Ran down by the river in Cambridge (new route for me). I really should get down to the commons to run some time!

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