How many calories do you REALLY need? Spoiler: It’s more than you think you do!⁠ ⁠

How many calories do you REALLY need? More than you think you do!⁠

I’d guess that a lot of women reading this live in a near-constant state of ‘underfed’. Meaning, they’re following some 1,200 calorie a day guideline they’ve been told will magically help them lose weight and be healthy.⁠

Sound familiar?⁠

Well, I call BS.⁠

Why? Because it’s ridiculous and frankly, I’m tired of seeing beautiful, intelligent women falling for the lies and spiraling when ‘the formula’ doesn’t work.⁠

You are more than some arbitrary numbers that diet culture decided work for you.⁠

They don’t work. You’re not a failure.⁠

Most active women could likely eat 2k+ calories a day. And many of those same women could even improve their body composition (get leaner and stronger) at the same time.⁠

The numbers vary and adjustments matter (this is why having a trained coach -hello!- is great) but here are some basics:⁠

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the bare minimum our body needs to function. We should never eat at or below this. But guess what, for most women 1,200 cals IS the BMR… or lower!⁠

Maintenance calories are found at our TDEE… what your body requires to maintain its current size. Here we are healthy. We’re not losing, we’re not gaining. Our hormones are happy. ⁠

To lose weight, find your TDEE (there’s a calculator for that) and subtract 10-20% of calories from that number. This is where you can safely ‘diet’ down to. You’ll avoid hunger, thyroid down-regulation, and energy crashes.⁠

This is where you’ll see slow, sustainable fat loss while maintaining energy and satisfaction.⁠

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