Mal’s Birthday Celebration x 4

Mal had quite the birthday this year – complete with 4 different celebrations! Woohoo!

Celebration #1: Family party

Mal’s birthday celebration officially kicked off the day before with a family “Euro party” at home. And, of course, no family party would be complete without Mal’s beloved Funfetti cake. We make it for him every year! 🙂 Quinn was ALL about baking Funfetti cupcakes, so I picked him up early from school to get a jumpstart on them.

When Mal got home from school, we headed out to the Euro Mart for sandwiches for dinner. Mal (ok, all of us) have a minor major obsession with the Euro Mart. If you’re local and have visited before, you KNOW what I mean! 😉

Back at home, we ate dinner together and then Mal opened his birthday presents. We gave him Eight Dates and a gift card to Huckberry – both of which were big hits!

The party concluded with us sing “Happy Birthday” and eating Funfetti cupcakes! 🙂 Please note: The birthday sign in the background. We’ll leave that up until late June since all of us have birthdays within a month of each other!

Celebration #2: Dinner with friends

On Mal’s actual birthday, we got together with a big group of friends for dinner and drinks at The Range. I ended up getting wrapped up in conversation and barely took any photos, BUT I managed to snap this one of the birthday boy before we blew out his candles!

Celebration #3: Vitamin Sea

Quinn wanted to get “bee-ah” (said in a South Shore accent) for Dada’s birthday, and Mal wanted to visit Vitamin Sea (a new local brewery) for months now, so we went on Saturday afternoon. Mal absolutely loved it, and he’s already planning another visit soon!

Quinn found a rusty chain in the parking lot and a padlock in my purse, so he had a great time at Vitamin Sea too. Ha! I know… we’re Parents of the Year! 😉

But, seriously, Vitamin Sea is a great spot for families – we just didn’t plan well since we couldn’t stay for long. We ended up having a jam-packed Saturday!

My sunglasses are from Persol, and I lovvveee them! I’ve had them from YEARS now! 

Next time, we plan to visit with friends (and toys and games)! 🙂

Celebration #4: Dinner with Papi and Lori

Mal’s final birthday celebration was dinner with his dad and his fiancé at Trident. We planned much better for this adventure and brought Quinn’s Tegu blocks (magnetic wooden blocks) because the tables inside and out are made from metal. They kept him entertained for quite awhile!

It was a really fun dinner – complete with oysters (Quinn tried one!!!), entrees, drinks, and dessert. Mal and Quinn blew out the candles on birthday creme brûlée! 🙂

After dinner, we walked around the Hingham Shipyard for a bit before saying goodbye to Papi and Lori.

All in all, it was a wonderful birthday celebration for Mal. He really had the best few days! 🙂

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  1. Happy Birthday to Mal! Looks like great celebrations and can’t go wrong with Funfetti! It’s the best and has always been a favorite of mine!

  2. Happy Birthday Mal!!

    complete with oysters (Quinn tried one!!!)………OMG! How was that? I won’t try one. Ha!!

    1. Quinn ate one bite, which was AMAZING!! He didn’t love it, but we’re still so proud of him! He actually tried a bite of shrimp too! 🙂

  3. Hi Tina. Sorry if you’ve shared before but I couldn’t find any info with a quick search—what sunglasses are you wearing in these pictures? I love them!

    Happy belated birthday to Mal!

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