How I Make My Morning (Iced) Coffee [VIDEO]

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Good morning and happy 2018, friends!

I have some New Year content coming at ya this week, but I wanted to share a video about one of the most common questions I get from CNC followers: How I make my morning iced coffee!

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Here’s how I brew my iced coffee – Mal and I have been making it this same way in the same coffee maker forever. It’s super simple and works great for us! Pro tip: The VARIETY of coffee that you use is much more important than the amount, especially when it comes to the grinds to water ratio. The better (i.e. bolder, stronger, more flavorful), the better your coffee will taste!


Stainless Steel Insulated Shaker Bottle – Ok, so this shaker is not featured in video, but only because I forgot it at the gym, but it’s my favorite go-to shaker. It works awesome, and it’s so pretty! 🙂

Marine Collagen Powder – I use this mainly to add extra protein to my diet, but it’s also great for anti-aging, digestion, and boosting hair and nails.

SFH Vanilla Protein Powder – Vanilla and Churro are my favorite flavors of protein powder. I switch it up depending on my mood in the morning.

SFH Churro Protein Powder – I like SFH because it’s pure whey protein without any funny stuff, which means it doesn’t mess up my stomach like a lot of protein powders on the market.

Stainless Steel Insulated Tumbler – You guys have seen this tumbler a few times on CNC now – love this thing! And it comes in a zillion fun colors… maybe I need two? 🙂

Reusable Stainless Steel Straws – An oldie, but goodie product! I’ve been using these straws since 2009 and still love them today!

Question of the Day

I typically drink decaf coffee, but I haven’t found a brand that I love. I typically like bold, but smooth coffee and usually flavored.

Anyone have a favorite decaf that they like? 

Do you have any fun coffee hacks?



  1. Decaf flavored coffee is one of my favorite types and some of my favorite brands which offer very unique flavors include: Crazy Cups Coffee, Martinson’s Coffee, Double Donut – all of which I typically order via Amazon.

  2. Hi Tina I had a question about the collagen. . .A friend of mine told me that putting collagen in coffee is a bad idea because coffee is so acidic and it ruins the collagen. I used to put mine in coffee all the time but stopped. . .Have you heard this? What are your thoughts?

  3. I’ve never heard of that type of collagen but want to try it. The one I am familiar with is the collagen peptides that is grass-fed beef.

  4. I think I’ve asked you this before BUT how do you feel about the vital proteins vs. the brand you recommended for marine collagen. The vital proteins is a bit fishy to me, how is that one in comparison? Love the video!

  5. Have you tried the SFH Candy Cane? So good! I’ve been drinking it with my coffee daily since I bought it. I think it took over for my churro addiction.

  6. Hi Tina! What are your thoughts on using whey protein powder v plant based? I always assumed plant based was “better” (for no real reason) and have been using Vega/Vega Sport for years now. I don’t love the flavors and want to branch out but always steered away from Whey. Is there a reason why you use Whey specifically? Is there a reason why someone would use whey v. plant based? Are the results different? Thank you!!

    1. Honestly, I just really like the taste of SFH. I tried a whole bunch of plant-based protein powders in the past, but just never really liked any of them. When I found SFH and it didn’t destroy my stomach, I’ve used it ever since. It’s made with really great ingredients and nothing funny, so I love that too!

  7. I get the freshly ground decaf french roast at Whole Foods and love it! It’s smooth, bold and really delicious.

    Re: your upcoming New Year posts- could you do a follow up on how avoiding eggs has impacted (or not) your skin? I’m so interested to hear about your experience with that.

    Happy New Year Tina! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll have to check that out.

      Yes, I’ll definitely do a post or video on eggs and my skin. The short version is that I haven’t eaten eggs since my trip to San Francisco, and my skin has been a zillion times better. I’ve also watched my caffeine consumption so I think that might help too.

  8. Tina I’m so glad you posted this. I’ve been looking for a good way to get my protein in after a workout. I also need to look into adding the collagen you mentioned too. Thanks again for posting!!

  9. I’ve secretly always wondered how you make your iced coffee too because I have my routine in the morning that I swear by! Maybe I should make a fun video! As far as brewing iced coffee, have you ever considered buying a Toddy? That’s what I use. It’s an initial investment (around $40 from Amazon), but the iced coffee it brews is delicious and contains a lot less acid when cold brewed as opposed to regular drip! My coffee hacks are adding collagen + Stevia + a dash of Califia Farms almond milk into my homemade cold brew (Costa Rican blend from TJ’s of all places!). Works like a charm every time!

  10. Thanks for sharing the protein powders you use- I need to increase my daily protein intake and apart from eating a truck load of chicken, I haven’t considered protein powders because they’re usually full of other crap that I don’t like to consume. Will have to check out the brands you’ve recommended. Thanks!

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