To Maine and Back {Weekend Recap}

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! How was your weekend? Mine was so, so, so nice. Mal, Murphy, and I traveled up to Maine to visit our friends Dave and Marie (remember them?), who live just outside of Portland. It was so great to catch up and spend some time with them. Mal and I definitely missed them!

Some pics from the weekend”¦

On Friday afternoon, traffic going north on 93 was a nightmare, so Mal and I did our best to entertain ourselves”¦


And Murphy, too!


Oregon onesies from Dave and Marie! Mal was so pumped!


Saturday morning breakfast at Dave’s Diner and Marie’s Café: Almond Joy coffee…

IMG_2321 (900x900)

And an egg sandwich on a 7-Up Biscuit!

IMG_2326 (900x900)


On Saturday afternoon, we headed into Portland to have lunch at Duckfat.

IMG_2333 (900x900)

There was about an hour wait for a table, so we walked around Portland and popped into a few shops to kill some time. (FYI: Duckfat was totally worth the wait!)

IMG_2341 (900x675)

My lunch: Housemade root beer.

IMG_2347 (900x900)

French fries with truffle ketchup.

IMG_2350 (675x900)

Tomato and fennel soup. Delicious!

IMG_2353 (675x900)

After lunch, we went bowling! I broke 100 on my first game!


Mal and I woke up bright and early on Sunday morning, so we could drive home to do Open WOD 14.5 at our box. Dave and Marie woke up even earlier to make us breakfast before we hit the road. How nice are they!?


Thankfully, we barely hit any traffic on the drive home. Murphy was absolutely pooped after such a fun-filled weekend.

IMG_2367 (675x900)

Open WOD 14.5 was awful, and I truly hope I don’t see that workout again for a long, long time, but I made it through the whole thing, which was my only goal. I couldn’t do Burpees, so I did Squat Thrusts instead (and used 65 pounds for the Thrusters).

After the set of 21, I had a disgusting, phlegm-tastic coughing fit in the middle of WOD, and I actually considered quitting because I was so stuffed up and uncomfortable, but I kept trucking along. By the time I finished the set of 15, I knew I was halfway done and just kept moving. I finished in 17:41.

IMG_2373 (675x900)

Post-WOD treat!


Questions of the Day

How was your weekend? What’d you do?

What’s the best thing you ate?

Have you ever visited Maine?



  1. Maine Rocks! In fact that’s where I live! 🙂 We’ll have to hit up duckfat next time we’re in Portland! Sounds interesting regardless. We headed up to Vermont this weekend hitting up the maple sugar houses since it’s maple season and ended our Vermont journey at ben and jerry’s ice cream factory! yummy yum yum.

  2. I honestly don’t know how you all are able to travel safely with Mal involved, haha. I wouldn’t be able to handle him. And that DuckFat place? whoa, that looks amazing. I’ve always wanted to go to Maine, I’ve heard it is so much fun and just beautiful.
    My weekend was chill but solid–I got to run again for the first time after 5 weeks of resting an injury, and my husband and I enjoyed some delicious food as well–including the stuffed french toast I made for him for his birthday. I was so happy for him that he had all of Saturday off and got out early Sunday-he has been working so hard at the hospital during M-ICU, and he needed it. Also, Harry Potter was on all weekend 😀

  3. Maine Rocks! That’s were I live! 🙂 We’ll have to try out duck fat next time we’re in Portland! Sound interesting regardless. We spent the weekend roaming around Vermont. Stopped at several maple syrup farms and ended our journey at ben and jerry’s ice cream factory. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream was definitely the best thing I ate all weekend!

  4. Friday I attempted 14.5 at my normal WOD time (5:15am) and was really bummed when I had to leave for work with it unfinished. I was a hot mess on my 45 min drive to work when I realized that even though I just worked my butt off, I was going to have to post a ZERO for the final WOD. I never wanted to visit that workout again. But my goal for this open was to post a score for each workout. So I gathered my bestest friends and sisters and redid it on Sunday. I finished in 36:24, and now I can say I left nothing on the table.
    I am happy to see Open 2014 come to a close. I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed with the WODs this year compared to 2013. And I may not have the same encouragement for newbies next year as I did this year for them paying their $20 and joining.

    Best thing I ate: Oatmeal Choc Chip cookies I made with my son
    Visit Maine: Everyday! And I work right on the ocean 🙂

  5. Those little weekend getaways are so nice every once in awhile. Glad you guys had a fun time with your friends! And major props on the WOD! It sounds killer.

    Our weekend was CRAZY (but super fun). It was Hunter’s first birthday party (*tear*), a fun night out with friends, and lots of packing.

  6. I’ve never been to Maine, but feel like it’s probably beautiful! Cracking up at your traffic pictures..I got stuck in traffic one time for 11 hours and thought I was going to lose my mind!! And oh my word, those truffle fries look DELISH! Glad you had a great trip!!

  7. I made myself poached eggs with asparagus and smoked salmon on a sweet potato rosti yesterday…I smiled for about 3 hours solid after it!!! Well done on getting through the workout!!!

  8. Glad you had a great trip! I grew up a little bit north of Portland, and my parents still live there, so I head back often. You can’t beat Maine in the summer 🙂

  9. I have been to Portland! That’s where my fiance proposed to me, actually! We were in NYC this weekend (from Boston), so the best thing I ate was a big ol’ slice of New York pizza…YUM. Our puppy HATES the car so much, he refuses to go in the backseat and relax, I am jealous that Murphy is so good on long car rides!

  10. Ah! Portland, Maine. I got a little confused at first thinking you guys drove to Oregon and back. Sounds like a fun trip. Those fries look wonderful!

  11. I got in 2 great runs this weekend and for once actually had some time off from work. Well, I still worked but not what I usually do! It was nice to have a little bit of a break for sure.

    Looking forward to a new week and a new month! 🙂

  12. Way to go on the WOD! I did it on Friday and pregnant or not (I’m 21 weeks this week, too) I think it was one of the toughest ones I’ve ever done. I couldn’t do 65 lbs, though!

  13. The 14.5 was such a mind game for me. I wanted to quit. I was telling myself “I can’t do this”, but I just keep trucking along. I decided right off the bat to break up my thrusters and used my burpees to somewhat catch my breathe and finished in 18:17. I then made my husband take me to dinner(beer never tasted sooooo good) in celebration of no more Open WODs.

  14. I haven’t done any travel to the east coast except NYC. There are too many places to see it’s almost hard to pick. Unfortunately, my weekend was spent in a hospital while my Mom recovered from emergency heart surgery. I did manage to get in a cycle class yesterday and it felt great to release all the stress.

  15. I’ve been in Maine once, if you can count changing planes after a long overseas flight. I’d love to really visit there. Murphy looks adorable. I think I’ll demand a cupcake after my next workout when I want to quit but somehow keep going. 🙂

  16. Ugh, I watched the Open on Friday night at my CrossFit gym and felt my quads and shoulders burning in empathy. Good for you finishing it with an extra being on board! I used this weekend to start early on the cookbook challenge – I picked up a book I had gotten for Christmas and made a lemon tart using the book’s custard recipe and Elana’s paleo pecan tart crust recipe (mostly because I hate dealing with pastry dough, partly for added health).

  17. You are such a trooper for fitting in that workout.

    Yes, I have been to Maine twice. Maine has a special place in my heart because my husband grew up there, and that is where we were engaged. We were engaged on Peak’s Island (which is a ferry ride away from Portland). It’s a gorgeous, quiet and relaxing place. We went to a Portland Seadogs minor league baseball game, visited the Shipyard Brewery, went to Freeport to do some outlet shopping, had a real authentic lobster roll at the Lobster Shack, toured some lighthouses and had lunch at another place that Adam Richman visited on Man vs. Food in downtown Portland called Nosh, which also had amazing truffle fries (he also went to Lobster Shack).

    Now that I live in San Francisco, a trip to Maine is pretty far, so I don’t think I’ll get back any time soon. Glad you enjoyed!

  18. That housemade root beer and those fries made my mouth water. So yummy! My weekend was great and I indulged a bit having really yummy margherita pizza and some peanut butter chip sugar cookies. So good to indulge.

  19. Oh I loved Duckfat! I visited Maine for the first time last year in October and we made a pitstop for dinner there 🙂 The best thing I ate this weekend was a homemade cheese board with Olympic Provisions salami, grapes, brioche toast, and a local sheep’s milk cheese from Williamsburg.

  20. I just went to Duckfat too this weekend! We went on Sunday before things got busy. SO GOOD! It was really cute there! I absolutely love Portland 🙂

  21. it rained all weekend but i ran a half marathon yesterday in the downpour and PR’ed.
    That cupcake is now going to be in my mind all day!
    Had a delicious omelette after the race yesterday. Salmon, red onion and cream cheese. So yummy!
    I went to Maine in August of 2001. It was one of my favorite trips ever. Bar Harbor, Acadia, Deer Isle. I ate a ton of blueberries and pie!
    That pic of the bowling ball and the baby belly. Ha! So cute.

  22. Maine is absolutely gorgeous! I used to live in Massachusetts and would visit Maine every couple of years.
    Have you been to Salem, Massachusetts around Halloween time? Awesome experience! I highly suggest it 🙂

    BTW I cannot get enough of Murphy! He is the cutest thing

  23. Ha! These are not ‘french fried with truffle ketchup’ — they are Duckfat fried french fries with truffle ketchup 😉 (that’s why the place is called Duckfat). People swear they can taste it, but honestly I can’t. The truffle ketchup is good, though.

  24. Looks like a fun trip!! We just booked a week-long vacation in Higgins Beach, Maine – about 10min from Portland, I believe. SO SO looking forward to it- will be our first family vacation (us, 2 yr old daughter and to be 6mo old son….ahhh! stills feels weird to type that I have 2 kids! ha!) Will check out Duckfat restaurant- would it be highchair/family-friendly? Any other recommendations from you or other readers? 🙂

  25. I spent my weekend in Hawaii but unfortunately had to come home on Sunday. We had some amazing food! It was so much fun trying out the local Hawaiian food and traditional dishes.

  26. What a nice weekend! I used to go to Maine all the time with my family when I was young, but I haven’t gone in a long time. I don’t even know what adult stuff there is to do there lol.
    My weekend was really nice. I kept Friday night low-key & stayed at home because I was going out for my friend’s birthday Saturday night. We went to Back Deck for dinner in Downtown Crossing (really good!) & then went to the W Lounge & The Tunnel at the W Hotel. My boyfriend picked me up from there & I spent the rest of the weekend with him. My boyfriend + friends + some R&R = a great weekend in my book. 😀

  27. I was born and raised in Maine! My folks still live about 45 minutes outside of Portland. I LOVE Duckfat!! The truffle ketchup is by far my favorite! Do they still serve the meatloaf Panini because that was phenomenal! I love all the funky local restaurants in Portland. Your post made me super jealous and homesick! I can’t wait until my husband and I move back in a couple years!!

  28. Looks like a nice, quick trip (though 93 is killer sometimes!). I’ve heard DuckFat is delicious! Need to make a trip up there!
    Yes, husband and I go every now and then. We last went to Kennebunk a year and a half ago to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed in a lovely B&B and since it was October it was relatively quiet. Still got in a nice run along the beach.
    Love the pic of you and Mal with the bowling ball! You look great!

  29. I was thinking you were in Portland, Oregon for some reason, I was thinking that’d me a reeeaally long drive haha you look so cute in the bowling pic!

  30. I use to work up the hill from Duckfat, their frys are wonderful. Plus their milkshakes are great. When they first opened they did a spin from Pulp Fiction about the $5.00 milkshake. Glad you had a good time.

  31. You look so beautiful! I’ve been reading your blog for years and you truly look gorgeous carrying your precious baby boy 🙂

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