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I have another fun giveaway for you guys! Introducing the Cartwheel Fitness/Overnight Bag from Lug Life. My friends at OpenSky are running a deal on it tomorrow, so in order to create some buzz, they offered to give away one on CNC!


Adorable, right?

The funky patch on the front is where you can hold bigger items, like a yoga mat or jacket.


Cool? Definitely.

The thing I love most about this bag, however, is how many pockets and compartments it has in it. It seriously has a place for everything. No more “losing” your cell phone in a bottomless gym bag. You know how it goes”¦ hey, can you call my cell phone? I can’t find it. Yea, no more of that with this bag.


I also love that your stinky/sweaty/dirty sneakers can be stored separately from your other gear/clothing.


And here’s your chance to win this fabulous bag!

To enter: Just leave a comment on this post about the most random thing you typically carry in your gym bag. Earn an extra entry by tweeting or posting on Facebook: “I just entered to win a @Luglife Cartwheel Fitness/Overnight Bag from @CarrotsNCake” Just be sure to leave a second comment with your tweet/FB post. I’ll randomly pick a winner tomorrow afternoon. Good luck!



  1. The most random thing I carry in my gym bag is my swim shammy towel- I rarely do a swim for a workout any more and even when I was swimming every day I never even used this so I don’t know why I carry it around!

  2. I carry everything and anything in my gym bag. Sometimes I want a full on pamper session after a workout and bring a whole bunch of products to the gym. It makes me work a little bit harder knowing I can chillax in the sauna after.

  3. The most random thing I carry in my gym bag is probably all my schoolwork! I usually go in between classes so I just put everything into one bag.

  4. Most random thing in my gym bag is probably bobby pins to tuck away stray hairs while working out/running…absolutely not random at all, but I’m a pretty practical lady 🙂

  5. The most random thing i carry is a pad to keep track of the strength training program I was doing… except I haven’t done the program in almost a year and I still carry the pad around with me!

  6. I only own one bag I use for everything, so I normally find grocery reciepts, my sons metal airplanes and vaseline… =/
    That is a super cool bag!

  7. Currently my gym bag doubles as a carry all for clothes for my second job, as a waitress. We have a uniform so I always have a pair or two of funky dangly earrings to wear so that I can stand out a little.

  8. The most random thing I carry in my gym bag is often (especially this time of year when we are traveling a fair amount) a bag of dog food…because my gym bag also often doubles as my daily bag 🙂

  9. The most random thing I carry in my gym bag really isn’t all that random. More just the usual things like makeup, deodorant, change of clothes….etc. This being said, sometimes I forget to clean my gym bags out and months later find jewelry I thought was gone forever.

  10. Hand sanitizer (in fun seasonal scents). It’s a must since the studio floors seem to be the most neglected part of my gym.

  11. The most random thing(s) in my gym bag are extra hair ties. I always have at least a couple extra – I have really thick, long hair and if my hair tie breaks, I need to have a back-up!

  12. Wow- there is a reason there are so many comments- awesome bag (and great question!)

    I keep a bunch of emergency powders with electrolytes for after long runs, an extra set of headphones, and a bunch of torn magazine pages with circut training…oh and I always bring a jump rope!

  13. I keep a whole pack of bobby pins in my bag, but always end up using headbands. I keep forgetting they’re in there and end up buying more, but those seem to find their way to my gym bag too!

  14. The most random thing I carry in my gym bag is my ipod charger. You never know when you need to add a quick 10 min charge to your ipod while changing to make it through the workout! If I had this bad I’d have a perfect compartment for it.

  15. For some reason I have a deck of playing cards in my gym bag. Not sure how they got there, but I’ve never taken them out! I’m always ready for a game 🙂

  16. just the other day I found a random «bobby» chocolate from the hotel in Jamaica where we stayed for my BFF’s wedding…..last February! No idea how it survived this long haha

  17. Not really random, but I have at least 4 hair ties and a few head bands in my bag at one time. I hate having my hair in my face when I workout.

  18. I always have random old magazines in my gym bag. And of course extra hair ties! I’d love to win! That bag looks great!

  19. the most random thing i carry in my gym bag is 2 extra ipod mini covers. i got rid of the ipod and upgraded quite a while ago. i guess i am just hoping to see someone with the one like i had and give them away. it sounds weird, but i also also found my dog’s collaspable water bowl in the zipper pocket… i don’t even remember why it is is in there. lol

  20. The most random thing I carry in my gym bag….a copy of Anchor man! I know it’s weird BUT there is a gym area where I work as well and there is a tv in there that never works…except for the DVD player! If I’m in a rush and can’t make it to my usual gym I have it on hand to keep my occupied if I’m on the elliptical! 🙂 Hence the need for this fabulous bag..pockets!

  21. I have a spoon in my gym bag from sometime when I planned on eating yogurt after working out… and haven’t taken it out for some reason (other than that I’m gross, lol).

  22. A random thing in my gym bag are my son’s crayons. Not sure how they got in there but when I was looking for a hairband the other day I came across 2 of his crayons.

  23. I ALWAYS carry two sets of headphones- my old school wrap around head phones for running and my earbuds for when I leave the gym and want to look a little less 80’s. the earbuds always fall out when I run!

  24. I don’t think I have anything random. I don’t even keep all the essentials in there and I’m pretty much always forgetting something so definitely nothing extra!

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