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Hi, friends! I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Memorial Day! Mine has been pretty low-key, but really nice.


My day started with breakfast (waffles + peanut butter + banana) and then a 2-mile run to kick off Summer Run Streak. My legs (especially my calves) were tight from yesterday’s half marathon, so it was one of those slow and steady runs, but it felt great to “shake out” my legs and get them moving.

IMG_5355 (750x563)

A few minutes after I finished my run, Mal and Murphy returned home from the dog park. Apparently, Murphy had a really good time there and “elephant butted” in a swamp, so he desperately needed a bath.

IMG_1278 (750x561)

Look at his bugged-out pug face!

IMG_5357 (750x563)

He’s such a baby when it comes to baths.

IMG_5358 (750x563)

Once he’s wet, Murphy doesn’t mind baths that much””it’s just the anticipation that gets him.

IMG_5361 (750x563)

IMG_5363 (750x563)

After his bath, we tried to dry off Murphy with a towel, but he thought it was playtime and started biting and jumping at it, so we didn’t have much success. Mal thought using some cool air from my hair dryer might work, but Murphy was just not having it””even when I tried to bribe him with a peanut butter Kong.

IMG_5366 (563x750)

Murphy wanted no part of the hair dryer action.

IMG_5367 (750x563)


A couple of hours later, I drove to South Boston to meet Lauren and Ali for lunch at Legal Harborside.

IMG_5370 (750x563)

It was a gorgeous day, so we chose to eat outside.

IMG_5371 (750x563)

Check out the view from our table. So pretty!

IMG_5375 (750x563)

I ordered the “Salad Bowl” with crabmeat on top and a grainy mustard dressing on the side. It was an awesome salad””super fresh with lots of crabmeat, veggies, and chickpeas. The dressing was also pretty amazing. I even used half of a roll to soak up every last bit of it.

IMG_5373 (750x563)

My lovely lunch dates:

IMG_5376 (750x563)

It was so nice to see these ladies. I hadn’t seen either of them in awhile (Lauren since last year’s HLS and Ali since October), so it was great to catch up in person.

IMG_5379 (750x563)


Just a little while ago, I sliced up an orange to eat as an afternoon snack. I’m not sure if it’s the warm weather or what, but I’ve been seriously craving citrus fruits lately.

IMG_5385 (750x563)

How was your Memorial Day?



  1. I’m pretty sure Olive’s favorite part of bath time is when she decides to play with the towel while we are trying to dry her off!

  2. That salad looks delicious! What a nice way to spend your day!
    Today has been low key but the weekend was more fun. Barbecues and an engagement party. My hubs and I spent today shopping because our AC is broken and we couldn’t stand being in the hot house any longer!

  3. I love low-key days…it’s not a Canadian holiday so today we’ve been decluttering the house and wow…it feels good! I think I’ll need a low-key day tomorrow!

  4. It’s been a fantastic weekend!
    I started my day with challenging yoga class. Then spent the day recovering from this weekend’s events. I am sore from my run, bike ride, and yoga!

  5. my boyfriend and i gave our cujo a bath today too. not so much that he needed it, but it was so hot we needed something to cool us off. a doggy shaking off worked as good as a sprinkler! also, i was wondering if the running streak thing is a good idea, because aren’t you supposed to take rest days to give your body time to heal?

  6. Low key here too. I watched the parade go by my house and then went to EMS to buy some rock climbing shoes. I went to learn with them at the Quincy Quarries on Saturday, and definitely want to go again.

  7. low key, worked a little and a nice hard workout in the morning! Going to disneyland tomorrow, so i’m saving up my energy ;). My dog doesn’t like baths but he usually just sits there after he gets wet, so it’s just getting him INTO the tub..

  8. I love the picture where Murphy has his stuffed animal laying behind him, so funny! The oranges down here in Florida have been so juicy this year I have been eating them a lot!

  9. Congrats on yesterday’s half marathon Tina. yay you!!!! OMG, love the dirty dog shots on this post, as well as the citrus picture with the “background pug”. Have a good rest of the week.

  10. Murphy is the cutest and he always makes me wish we had a dog. I also think that salad looks lovely. Crab salad is my fav meal ever and you just can’t get it in the North of England.

  11. My pug absolutely freaks out any time he’s put close to the bath tub! He hasn’t been giving a “bath” since August! Kind of gross now that I’m thinking about it… Luckily I don’t think he gets too dirty sleeping on the couch all day!

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