Lots of Dining Out {Weekend Recap}

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! Happy Monday!

Did the weekend fly by for anyone else? I feel like I was just shutting down my computer on Friday afternoon, and here I am typing away once again. Weekend time warp.

The past couple of days were definitely a whirlwind, but for a good reason: quality time and meals with friends! Basically, I did a lot of dining out this weekend.

  • Friday night: Dinner at Margaritas with a huge group of hometown friends for a birthday celebration.
  • Saturday morning: Brunch with friends at Johnny D’s in Davis Square. Followed by an amazing almond latte from Diesel Café.
  • Saturday night: Dinner with friends at Legal C Bar in Hingham. The “Bang Bang Cauliflower” was incredible, and I’m on a mission to recreate it this week.


A couple of posts I’ve written about dining out:

Yesterday morning, I woke up bright and early for Open Gym at CrossFit.

IMG_1259 (900x900)

Mal and I missed “Fight Gone Bad” (FGB) the day before, so we decided to do the workout at Open Gym together.

IMG_1273 (675x900)

I hadn’t done FGB since I first started CrossFit (almost 2 years ago), so I was excited to see if I had improved””and I did! Almost 20 reps! My box jumps were so slow (it’s so much harder to jump with extra weight), but everything else felt pretty good.

IMG_1277 (900x675)

24 weeks! Definitely pregnant.

IMG_1265 (675x900)IMG_1263 (675x900)

After CrossFit, Mal and I swung home to get Murphy to take him to the park for a doggie playdate with Bentley and Lulu.

IMG_1284 (900x675)

IMG_1288 (900x675)

After that, I did a quick grocery shopping at Stop & Shop. I’m trying to mix it up with our weekly shopping because Whole Foods gets really expensive. I love Whole Foods so much, and I still end up there a few times a week, but a big grocery shopping at Stop & Shop or Trader Joe’s is quite a bit more friendly on my wallet.

After eating out all weekend, I was more than ready to plan a healthy week of home-cooked meals. Of course, I love dining out, but after a lot of restaurant (or even take-out) meals, it definitely gets to a point where I’m ready to get back to my normal eating habits, ya know?

This week’s meal plan:

IMG_1297 (900x675)

Reebok ZQUICK Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway to win a pair of Reebok ZQUICK! Here’s your winner:

Cassie Johnson

I’d love to win these for speed work since they’re so lightweight!

Congrats, Cassie! Please email me at tina@carrotsncake.com with your full name, mailing address, shoe size, and choice of color.

Question of the Day

How often do you dine out (or get take-out/prepared foods) each week?



  1. We’ve been getting take out a lot more than I’d like. As a new mom, there has been a big adjustment and sometimes, I cannot find the energy to go to the store and cook. Oh well…a goal to continue working on.

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