Looking Forward to Summer

Good morning! Happy Monday!  :mrgreen:

The weekend totally flew by for me. I was at a CrossFit Level 1 certification course all weekend, which was awesome, but a whirlwind at the same time. I learned SO MUCH in two days, which made me fall even more in love with CrossFit (super cheesy and true), but we packed a lot in. I am still trying to process it all, but I can’t wait to put all of that information to good use. What a great sport!

10 Principles of Physical Fitness

I’ll have a full recap of my experience at the Level 1 course later this week. I still need to put my thoughts together about it, but, in short, I really enjoyed it. And I find out if I passed the test later this week, so, hopefully, I have good news to share with you then!


After two days of information overload at the Level 1 course, my brain was fried (I don’t know how I managed to graduate high school, college, and grad school), so the last thing I wanted to think about was grocery shopping or making dinner. Well, when I got home from the Level 1 course, Mal informed me that he had taken care of both tasks. Best husband ever! We had Lime Leaf take-out for dinner and the grocery shopping for the week was done. Awe. Some.

lime leaf take-out

It was a nice evening, so Mal and I ate dinner outside on our back porch. While we ate, Mal and I got on the topic of the fun things we’re looking forward to in the coming weeks. Starting tomorrow (I’m off to Milwaukee) until the end of July, our calendars are packed with travel, events, and celebrations.

  • May 7-8: Milwaukee
  • May 14-16: New York City
  • May 17-19: CrossFit Regionals
  • May 23: Mal’s birthday
  • May 25: Mal’s birthday celebration
  • May 31-June 1: Annapolis for ZOOMA
  • June 11-13: Colorado
  • June 15-16: Garage Games (spectating)
  • June 19: My birthday
  • June 22: Possibly my birthday celebration (I might want to keep it low-key this year)
  • June 26-ish: Baby Matthew arrives
  • June 27-30: Fitbloggin’
  • July 1-7: Black Butte Ranch
  • July 12: 5-year wedding anniversary
  • July 13-14: 5-year wedding anniversary celebration
  • July 22-28: CrossFit Games

flip flops

You know who is also looking forward to summer? Murphy loves the beach and sand sandwiches.

IMG_0025 (500x375)

Question of the Day

Would you rather have a big party or something more low-key to celebrate your birthday?

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

P.S. I thought this was pretty cool and just wanted to share: 12 Hidden Meanings of Popular Food Phrases! I especially loved “piece of cake.”


  1. I have a big birthday coming up this year (30!) but my sister is getting married the weekend before. So I think I will do something low key. I talked about going on a trip somewhere, but I haven’t decided.


  2. You’re coming to WI?! What for? I live in Milwaukee and want to extend an early “welcome” to you! The weather is supposed to be nice and warm (for WI) the next few days. Have a great time here! 🙂

  3. Wow! What a busy schedule! Early congrats on completing (and I’m sure, passing) the Level 1 course!! The only thing we have on tap this summer is enjoying the beach, our pool, and going to a lake house in Nebo, NC for a week (July). Also, I begin training for half/full marathons. And, I love a low-key get together. Although, a big blowout “milestone” birthday party would be fun, too!

  4. Quite a busy schedule you have. Believe me its really hard to maintain each and everything and assign time for your special activities. I’m a working woman and it really hard to maintain time, even in my own family. I’m planning for a long vacation so I could spend some time with them.

  5. I’m looking to being finished with exams! Going back to study is killer! Totally know what you mean! I’ve no idea how I managed to grab myself a degree! Also really randomly looking forward to cherry picking! We’ve gone in to partnership with a local farm this year and will be in the possession of the only Irish cherries! They’re so amazing! I’ve been looking forward to it since last Summer!

  6. I’m definitely looking forward to the summer as well, especially the wedding of one of my best childhood friends on June 15th. I would much rather have a low-key birthday celebration than a huge party. This past year I just had a dinner with about 6 friends and it was perfect.

  7. I’m SO excited for the next few weeks, I get to go home to see my family at the end of may, Vegas with my girlfriends from high school in June AND my bday in June. I like to keep things low key because planning big events makes me too nervous but I still like presents!

  8. What are you planning to do on your Colorado trip? I live in the Vail area and travel around the state like it’s my job (it kind of is), so if you’re looking for any tips or recommendations please let me know!

  9. Sounds like a packed schedule! And just warning you…if I happen to see you at Regionals or the Games in Cali, I’m going to have to come up and say hello. 🙂

  10. I’ve never seen these 10 Principles of Physical Fitness laid out this way before, is this a CrossFit specific thing? It’s an awesome list, I’m definitely going to look at whether or not I’m incorporating each of these into my training. You’re next few months look packed full of fun!

  11. Your wedding anniversary is the day after mine……but we hit 3 years this year, so you got us beat there. LOL!!!

    Seriously, looking at your schedule makes me tired. HAHA!!! You have a lot going on, but all of it sounds fun

  12. Milwaukee!!!!!Wisconsin and I welcome you! If you need suggestions of food place id say- Beans & Barley, Bel Air Cantina, The Eatery (for brunch!), or Cafe Benelux! Enjoy my hood! Weather should be nice! I got all excited for you coming like I might get to spot a celebrity 🙂

  13. What brings you to Milwaukee? I live in a suburb, and the weather is/is supposed to be beautiful this week!

  14. That’s awesome about your level 1 course; I’m sure you aced it! I really want to go through a certification course (Crossfit, personal trainer, etc) too and hope to soon. If only work didn’t get in the way….

    You do have a lot of traveling to do this summer, but it all sounds fun. I’ll be Colorado the week before you guys go; what part will you be in? My wife and I will be in Breckenridge. Also, June birthday’s rock….I’m the 8th!! This will be my last year in the 20’s….uh oh….aging!

  15. Busy few months ahead for you!! I’m looking forward to a secret 30th birthday weekend with my boy this weekend, a bachelorette party ‘down the shore next weekend, a wedding June 1st (which I am in), and my nephew Aidan is due to make his arrival June 24th 🙂

  16. I can’t believe you’re celebrating 5 years of marriage! That means I’ve been reading your blog >5 years. So weird…doesn’t seem that long.

    Sidenote: You and Mal are such an inspiration. You’re always doing considerate & thoughtful things for one another. A good reminder to do the same for my husband.

  17. Waiting to hear your recap, I just went through all the posts last week to make sure I didn’t miss it! Can’t wait to hear, I am going for mine June 8th!

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