Lime Leaf

Around 4:45 this afternoon, Mal and I were both starving. Apparently, our lunches did not hold off our hunger very well, so we decided to enjoy a super early dinner at Lime Leaf. Yay, early bird special! 😉

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Lime Leaf is a small, family-run restaurant, specializing in authentic Thai dishes. The restaurant offers a lengthy menu with a wide variety of flavors.

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I loved the brightly-colored décor!

IMG_0008 (480x640)

Hi, friends! :mrgreen:

IMG_0010 (640x480)

Mal didn’t want to be on the blog today. 😆

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We started with an appetizer of Soft Spring Rolls filled with shrimp, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, and basil leaves, served with sweet and sour sauce. Typically, spring rolls taste sort of blah to me, but these ones were excellent””lots of flavor and so, so, so fresh!

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For my entrée, I ordered the Lime Leaf Noodles, which were rice noodles with egg, ground peanuts, scallions, ground turnips, and Tom Yum spices, topped with crispy lime chicken. This dish sealed the deal for me. I’m now in love with Lime Leaf. Best Thai food around!

IMG_0019 (640x480)

Since we moved to the area, Mal and I have had some pretty bad luck with the restaurants on the South Shore, but Lime Leaf is definitely a winner! We already have plans to go back!

Enjoy your Friday night!


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