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Good morning!

The other day, I stumbled upon a short piece in Real Simple about saying like and um in conversation”¦ like, um, a lot.


Apparently, these words are verbal fillers, which we use when we feel nervous or need a second to get our thoughts together– and we’ve probably been using them for about 100,000 years now! Even the first recordings by Thomas Edison include them: “We’ll get into Paris and make for the, uh, Grand Hotel”¦ Uh, good-bye.” Interesting, right?

The piece goes on to say it’s fine to use um and uh, which are the equivalent of taking a pause for effect, but the word like, especially in formal situations, can weaken the impression that you make. In a Penn State study, participants perceived job applicants as less desirable if they overused like, as opposed to using uh instead. Good to know!

When it comes to using like and um in conversation, I’m pretty bad. I don’t say um or uh a ton, but I’m guilty of using like way too much, which I don’t like at all. I’m trying to break myself of the habit, so I’ve become much more conscious of saying like, but it still slips into conversation quite a bit. I guess I just need to keep working at it!


Yummy breakfast this morning: oats + egg whites with blackberries, ground flax, and peanut butter””and, of course, iced coffee with soy milk.

IMG_0001-2 (800x600)

I ran out of egg whites this morning, so I couldn’t make my new favorite breakfast, so I tossed in some rolled oats for some extra substance.

IMG_0002-2 (800x600)

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Question of the Day

How often do you use like and um in conversation? Do you notice when other people use them? If you use these words in conversation, have you ever tried breaking yourself of the habit?



  1. One of my undergrad professors used to make people repeat their entire sentence if they used “like” when answering questions. For some people it would take three or four tries. That class (and my speech class with the professor that took away points for everytime you used a verbal filler) broke my habit.

  2. great article on like and um. i definitely say “um” more than “Like” – luckily. btw.. that picture of you in that green dress (vegas right?), you look great.. i’m glad that is the main picture… you look striking, very pretty.

  3. Haha like um I am like um totally guilty of like saying um like too many um times 😛 So true and don’t say um too often but I could definitely afford to cut back on my like usage! It’s funny to think about- like just slips into my everyday convos so easily but when I’m having a convo via instant message I never actually type like…

  4. I took two classes in school – public speaking and drama (please note I am not an actor by any means – ha- was an elective!) that really brought an awareness to this topic. Every time we gave a speech or recited a monologue and used “like” or “um” we were docked 5 points! Some of our speeches had to be 10 minutes… that is a lot of “um’s” if you are not careful! At that time I got really good at watching how I spoke but now, many years later, I have slipped back into old habits. Need to work on it again!

  5. I catch myself saying like all the time..even when it’s the only word that’ll actually fit. But every time I end up stumbling trying to think of something else to say and it’ll only make it worse- haha!

  6. SO funny you did this post today! I noticed I say UMMMMM a lot. I just started teaching, and I am really trying to break myself. I remember being in school and counting the um’s and like’s of teachers I didn’t like. I also notice it when others do it if it is more than 3-4 times in a speech. Time to stop the umm’s, uh’s, and likes! 🙂

  7. I am definitely guilty of using both “um” and “like” too much. When I’m going to have an important, professional conversation with someone, I usually have to kind of plan out in my head what I’m going to say ahead of time to make sure I don’t say any of those filler words!

  8. Last year I became a debate coach at my school. While teaching the students how to speak I realized how much I used um. It caused me to be a lot more conscious of how I speak to people. Imagine the teacher being taught by her students!

  9. Just an FYI that the Upper Crust has been involved in some particularly unsavory business practices, specifically: exploiting, underpaying, and withholding overtime earnings from immigrant workers. Several have filed suit, and the chain is quickly gaining reputation as an unethical employer. A quick google of “Upper Crust” and “labor disputes” will reveal more information. Harvard students have an ongoing boycott, and litigation is ongoing. Blog promotion is a major endorsement, and I just wanted to put in an opposing viewpoint. The pizza is delicious, but I choose to put my money where my mouth is and buy elsewhere.

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