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Good morning and a very happy Monday to you!

Somehow I haven’t done a Life Via iPhone (aka “photo dump) post since January. Whattttt?! I know a lot of you guys enjoy them, so it’s definitely time for another one. I’m also really into Snapchat lately, so I’ve included some fun “snaps” too. (FYI:  You can find me on Snapchat by name at ‘carrotsncake’.) Ok, so without further ado, here’s a glimpse into our life lately via my iPhone and randomness on Snapchat!

Cruisin’ with Q-man – He asked to wear his sunglasses for this stroller ride. Apparently (and thankfully), he has Dada’s sense of style!

IMG_8319 (1280x1280) (1280x1280)

Ahhhh, water leak!! I turned on the faucet so Quinn could wash his hands, but then I heard water dripping below. Uh oh. I immediately turned it off, opened the cabinet and saw everything below totally drenched. Ughhhh. Thankfully, the water stopped, and I was able to clean up the mess, but I still sent Mal this photo to show him what happened at home. In the end, we didn’t need a plummer, but, instead, the faucet extender we use for Quinn was backing up and leaking down below. Mal had put it on a new way that didn’t quite work, so it started to leak. We fixed it and no leaks since!

IMG_8524 (960x1280)

A recent trip to Trader Joe’s – Grocery shopping with a toddler is always an adventure! 🙂

IMG_8633 (1280x1280)

“Dog! Dog! Dog!” – Quinn loved this filter on Snapchat and he’s been talking up a storm lately!

IMG_8540 (720x1280)

We’ve created a (yogurt-covered raisin) monster – Quinn lovvvvveeesss yogurt-covered raisins. I recently bought some from CVS/pharmacy (they have so many awesome healthy snacks nowadays) and he was obsessed with them. It’s ALL he wanted to eat.

IMG_6668 (1280x1280)

Loving this meal lately! It’s cauliflower rice mixed with white rice, ground beef, peppers, onions, and pizza seasoning. Oh my gosh, it’s delicious and tastes really great as leftovers.

IMG_8541 (1280x1280)

A fun cardio WOD at KFIT – I sure do love a heavy workout, but a straight-up cardio sweat session is awesome too!

IMG_8549 (720x1280)

Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate Nut Bar = OMGSOGOOD. Seriously. I ate this baby for dessert one night after dinner. I definitely need to buy more!

IMG_8556 (1280x960)

Feeding the ducks at CVS – Yep, our local CVS/pharmacy has a pond with ducks right next to it, so it’s always one of our favorite errands!

IMG_8619 (1280x1280)

Saturday workout at Salt Shack – I loved the variety in this one! FYI: The Overhead Plate Carry is actually 100 Walking Lunges with an Overhead Plate Carry.

IMG_8650 (1280x1280)

Massaaaggeee – I’m still loving my membership to Massage Envy and had a glorious massage this week!

IMG_8557 (1280x1280)

New delicious Marylou’s iced coffee combo – I tried this flavor combination the other day and it was incredible!

IMG_8562 (720x1280)

Quinn’s first tie-dye shirt – How cool, right!? He made this at daycare last week!

IMG_8563 (720x1280)

My happy place: Scarlet Oak Tavern – This restaurant just makes me happy. I love everything about it… the atmosphere, food, drinks, service, all of it.

IMG_8564 (720x1280)

Happy birthday, Papi! Quinn and I texted some fun photos to Papi for his birthday the other day!

IMG_8585 (1280x1280)

Questions of the Day

Where is your happy place? 

Parents: What’s your strategy for grocery shopping with a toddler?



  1. My happy place is on the water. Mitch likes to push the little cart around trader joes (although I’m not allowed to put anything in it), and the snack area treat is always saved for when we check out.

  2. My toddler loves yogurt covered raisins too, I’m a huge fan of the ones from CVS, there is something about how imperfect the raisins are covered with the yogurt that I love!
    I’ve been taking my 19 month old grocery shopping since he was 5 months old, he just sits in the carriage and takes it all in, we go every Saturday or Sunday morning after he wakes up so its been very routine. BUT recently he has asked to walk and tried to get out of the cart so I’m thinking my laid back grocery shopping trips are coming to an end soon, gah! I think my goal will have to be get in and out as fast as possible in the future – but sometimes I just LOVE browsing so he may have to stay home with Dada!

  3. I love cauliflower rice, and I actually have some in the fridge right now – thanks for reminding me! And definitely expect that to be the first of many tie-dye shirts; I think every camp and maybe every other grade in school got me another one up through middle school 🙂

  4. It looks like you redesigned your website since I was last here, I guess I’ve been reading the e-mail updates too often and not actually visiting the site. Have you tried making your own cold brew coffee? With overnight steeping? I am curious to try it but don’t know where to begin. It seems to be the new cool thing to do.

  5. Good morning! Have you had facials with Massage Envy? I’m living in Mobile area now (I miss New England… LOTS!) and have actually been looking into M.E.. They use Murad, which is what I use, but I don’t know if it’s worth it. Thanks in advance! 🙂

  6. I will have to try yogurt covered raisins for my two! I find it’s better to take them in the morning rather than the afternoon. The afternoon shops turn into a hitting and biting match but in the morning they are much happier. They are starting to want to get out or climb around so that can be a bit trying. My supermarket has a produce lady who loves to give them both bananas, then we hit the bakery for a free cookie (they have a punch card!) and if I’m getting lunchmeat, it’s cheese slices for everyone! 🙂

  7. So cute! I totally get the whole shopping with toddler thing. That has happened to me a few times where my son has almost run out of the store. I know people judge me because I completely lose my sh!+. It’s the only time I completely freak out on my son but I don’t know what I would do if something happened to him!

  8. Grocery shopping with a toddler : If it’s a short trip then I carry him in my arms (yes it is a workout). If it’s a longer trip I put him in the cart and act like it’s a car (I actually makes sound!). Some grocery store in my area have car-cart and this is a win but I still have to go fast or my son will get out and walk/run everywhere/touching everything even eating fruits directly from the shelves – I had to tell the cashier that I needed to pay for the almost finished nectarine in my son hands. So bottom line my strategy is to shop online and do my errands alone! haha!

  9. My strategy for grocery shopping with a toddler is do it before I pick them up at daycare! And truthfully, it doesn’t get easier with age!!! I have a 5 and 7 year-old and when we get in the grocery store, they turn back into toddlers! At least with the olders you can give them tasks. And when I stuck in line, I give them challenge: count all the boxes of crackers on that shelf that you can see, can you stand with your feet in 1 square, 2 squares, 3 squares (etc). How many different types of chocolate? Can you return this basket over there… basically ANYTHING that keeps them engaged, it is almost like I have to create a lesson plan for grocery shopping so I don’t lose my mind!

    1. Haha! Good thing Mal is a teacher. I’ll have him come up with some grocery shopping lesson plans in the future! 🙂 Lots of great ideas! Thanks!

      1. @Tina: That would make a cool post! A printable grocery shopping activity plan, Grocery Bingo would be cool. Although, “sit in the cart and have all the yogurt raisins” would keep Q busy for a few minutes too I bet!

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