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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning!

It’s time for another edition of “Life Via iPhone” (aka “Photo Dump”), which means I have quite the random mix of life moments to share with you guys. Are you ready? Here we go!

Coloring with Dada and Murphy – These three are so cute together, and I love that Mal and Quinn are still in their jammies.

IMG_1998 (1280x1280)

This was such a “fun” workout – I really loved it, but my legs did not, especially after running 13.1 miles the day before. Woof.


Quinn’s daily report from daycare – He fell asleep with an orange from our fruit bowl during nap time. Adorable. Apparently, he carried it around all morning too!


I recently cut 3 inches off my hair – I snapped this photo to show my friend Marisa.


Here’s the photo from KFIT that inspired my recent hair cut – It looks like there’s a bird’s nest on my head! Yikes.

IMG_2210 (1)

Playing outside on a semi-warm day – Please note the mittens on Quinn’s hands. (I know, right?!) The folks from ETS Apparel recently sent him one of their Cubbies to try out and it is THE BEST THING EVER. It’s a fleece shirt with mittens that are attached by zippers, so they stay on, but have the option of being removed too. Quinn didn’t seem to mind them at all and kept them on the entire time we were outside. Best invention ever. (FYI: The shirt is designed to be worn under a winter jacket, but it was so warm outside the other day, Quinn just wore the shirt with another long sleeve under it.) You can save 15% off your oder with discount code CAKE15!


We finally hung the photos from our session with Lucie – We had them professionally framed too, so they look awesome. We hung a few in our bedroom and some in the living room. I love them so much.


A tiny salad thief – Quinn snagged my Kale Caesar Salad and then took it into the living room, so he could watch TV while he ate. Haha!


Mal’s “lost” keys – I found them in the front door about 30 minutes after Mal frantically ran around the house looking for them. He ended up taking my car, so I sent him a picture to show him that I found them right where he left them!

IMG_2313 (640x640)

Quinn looking for Murphy’s belly button… again – Poor Murphy. He puts up with a lot.


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Question of the Day

When was the last time you got your hair cut?

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  1. After reading this post I’ve decided my son needs a Cubbie shirt (genius) and secondly that I need a Will Run for Coffee shirt! The pictures of Q are precious. Where did you find your frames?

  2. oh my gosh all the moments we would forget if it wasn’t for our iphones! I hope I can do a workout like that after I run my half this weekend, but, since it’s my first one I’m not keeping my hopes up!

  3. I love how you can laugh at your husband’s misplaced keys. My husband has done it so many times it’s annoying. It’s almost a daily thing: “where are my keys??” Ugh! And then the time he couldn’t find his keys so he took mine without telling me and then didn’t put them back.

  4. Last hair cut was September, I’m due for a trim in February. I’m trying to grow it out after a hormonal hair cut (after baby was born) that was too short for my liking, ha!

  5. I’ve totally done that with my keys before and it never fails to freak me out! Love that Quinn took your salad I last got my hair cut a few days before Christmas. Ideally, I do it every 6-8 weeks, but being away at school means I usually stretch it out to 10 or so. The ends stay healthy, but it gets so thick!

  6. My hair, ugh. It’s been about 6+ months at this point. I am covered in Grey. I’m pregnant with baby #3 and I swear each time I have a kid my hair gets cut less and less. Maybe you’ve inspired me enough to finally get one!

  7. Love all the pictures! My husband and I are constantly searching our house for our keys… we try to put them in the same spot every day, but somehow we always end up losing them.

  8. I get my hair cut maaaaybe twice a year, but prob closer to one. Since I’m teaching all the time it’s always up in some weird nest on my head and when I can actually do it I’m surprised by how much longer it’s gotten!

  9. Glad you love the Cubbies, they are a life saver for parents with little ones that want to spend time in the snow and not be constantly fixing mittens or going inside early due to cold hands. They are excellent for skiing too! Enjoy the Snow!

  10. If you look closely at the first picture of Quinn and Mal in their PJs, you will also see that Murphy is sleeping! Ha ha ha!! Maybe he is dreaming of putting his PJs back on and going back to bed. Love that he is back to his old self.

    Cute post 🙂

  11. My hair has not.been cut.since.september..and it was a trim since it.wasnt my usual stylist. I am now using a desperately needed haircut as a reward for when I lose 25 lbs.

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