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Hello and happy Hump Day! How are things going where you are?

Quinn and I just got back from a shopping adventure at Target. I know, we live an exciting life. Haha! But, seriously, now that we’re not snowed in anymore, Quinn and I have been getting out and about a lot more and having so much fun together. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately!

A Craft Project

It rained most of last week, so Quinn and I went to Michaels to buy some goodies for a little craft project. At daycare, he loves a set of tin boxes with beads inside them, so we made some for home.

IMG_1207 (800x600)

Supplies: Beads and bells + containers to put them inside.

IMG_1215 (800x600)

I couldn’t find tins exactly like the ones at daycare, so I worked with what Michaels had in-store. Quick tip: I used a glue gun to seal the lids shut, just in case Quinn got a little crazy shaking them!


They were an instant hit!

IMG_1226 (800x600)

Shake, shake, shake!

IMG_1224 (800x600)

IMG_1228 (800x600)

The different containers (i.e. tin and plastic) + the various shapes and sizes of the beads and bells gave each ”˜shaker’ a different noise. Quinn loves these things now and plays with them all the time!


My Gym ”˜Tiny Tykes’ Class

We actually planned to go on a Peek a Blue Hike for You and Your Tots at Blue Hills yesterday morning, but rain was in the forecast, so I found a My Gym class on the South Shore Macaroni Kid website, so I signed us up for it. (FYI: The first class is free.) And I’m so glad that we went. Quinn really enjoyed himself! IMG_1339 (800x600)

Quinn tried so many new things during class: walking on a balance beam, doing a front roll, swinging on trapeze, playing ‘peek-a-boo’ in a parachute, rolling around in a ball pit, bouncing on a trampoline, popping bubbles from a bubble machine, watching a puppet show, singing, dancing, and so much more! Can you tell we had a great time?! So much, in fact, I enrolled us immediately. I can’t wait for Quinn’s next class! IMG_1343 (800x600)

Gym Date with Dad

Mal’s membership at Fit Factory allows him to bring a guest a couple of times per month, so Quinn and I met him there after school yesterday for a gym date. Quinn played while Dad hit the weight room and Mom hit the treadmill for 5.5 miles.

IMG_1352 (800x600)

Cruising around the park with Murphy 

Now that it’s nice out, we like taking Murphy to the dog park to stretch his little pug legs. And, of course, we love the fresh air and activity too!

IMG_1250 (800x800)

Please note how Quinn is sitting in his stroller””total lounge mode. Haha!

IMG_1259 (800x600)

One of the items on my Target shopping list this morning was facial cleansing wipes because I am super lazy and hate washing my face at night. Ever since I starting using them, my nighttime routine is so much more enjoyable. Haha!

IMG_1194 (800x600)

Anyway, I started thinking about some of the other super lazy things I do, and here’s what I came up with:

  • I almost always buy wine with twist off caps; corks are too much work
  • Whenever I sleep on the couch, I never bother pulling out the sleeper bed
  • Even though it’s Spring, I’m still wearing my winter boots because they’re so easy to slip on and off and super comfy

Question of the Day

What super lazy things do you do?

P.S. IBD friends: I registered for this free webcast the other day and just wanted to pass it along: Complementary and Alternative Medicine in IBD- A Webcast.

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