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Hello and happy Hump Day! How are things going where you are?

Quinn and I just got back from a shopping adventure at Target. I know, we live an exciting life. Haha! But, seriously, now that we’re not snowed in anymore, Quinn and I have been getting out and about a lot more and having so much fun together. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately!

A Craft Project

It rained most of last week, so Quinn and I went to Michaels to buy some goodies for a little craft project. At daycare, he loves a set of tin boxes with beads inside them, so we made some for home.

IMG_1207 (800x600)

Supplies: Beads and bells + containers to put them inside.

IMG_1215 (800x600)

I couldn’t find tins exactly like the ones at daycare, so I worked with what Michaels had in-store. Quick tip: I used a glue gun to seal the lids shut, just in case Quinn got a little crazy shaking them!


They were an instant hit!

IMG_1226 (800x600)

Shake, shake, shake!

IMG_1224 (800x600)

IMG_1228 (800x600)

The different containers (i.e. tin and plastic) + the various shapes and sizes of the beads and bells gave each ”˜shaker’ a different noise. Quinn loves these things now and plays with them all the time!


My Gym ”˜Tiny Tykes’ Class

We actually planned to go on a Peek a Blue Hike for You and Your Tots at Blue Hills yesterday morning, but rain was in the forecast, so I found a My Gym class on the South Shore Macaroni Kid website, so I signed us up for it. (FYI: The first class is free.) And I’m so glad that we went. Quinn really enjoyed himself! IMG_1339 (800x600)

Quinn tried so many new things during class: walking on a balance beam, doing a front roll, swinging on trapeze, playing ‘peek-a-boo’ in a parachute, rolling around in a ball pit, bouncing on a trampoline, popping bubbles from a bubble machine, watching a puppet show, singing, dancing, and so much more! Can you tell we had a great time?! So much, in fact, I enrolled us immediately. I can’t wait for Quinn’s next class! IMG_1343 (800x600)

Gym Date with Dad

Mal’s membership at Fit Factory allows him to bring a guest a couple of times per month, so Quinn and I met him there after school yesterday for a gym date. Quinn played while Dad hit the weight room and Mom hit the treadmill for 5.5 miles.

IMG_1352 (800x600)

Cruising around the park with Murphy 

Now that it’s nice out, we like taking Murphy to the dog park to stretch his little pug legs. And, of course, we love the fresh air and activity too!

IMG_1250 (800x800)

Please note how Quinn is sitting in his stroller””total lounge mode. Haha!

IMG_1259 (800x600)

One of the items on my Target shopping list this morning was facial cleansing wipes because I am super lazy and hate washing my face at night. Ever since I starting using them, my nighttime routine is so much more enjoyable. Haha!

IMG_1194 (800x600)

Anyway, I started thinking about some of the other super lazy things I do, and here’s what I came up with:

  • I almost always buy wine with twist off caps; corks are too much work
  • Whenever I sleep on the couch, I never bother pulling out the sleeper bed
  • Even though it’s Spring, I’m still wearing my winter boots because they’re so easy to slip on and off and super comfy

Question of the Day

What super lazy things do you do?

P.S. IBD friends: I registered for this free webcast the other day and just wanted to pass it along: Complementary and Alternative Medicine in IBD- A Webcast.



  1. Man, my box would be perfect for you… everyone brings their babies/kids plus now we have CrossFit kids class. Think they start as young as 3 or so. Their tiny kettlebells are the cutest.

  2. Screw-top caps aren’t lazy, they’re *economical*. UC Davis actually did a study to see what type of packaging (screw-top, wooden cork, synthetic cork) kept wine the freshest, but I haven’t read the results…because I’m lazy. My biggest lazy habit would be wearing flip flops to do everything — unless I have socks on, in which case I will slip on my husband’s too-big-for-me slippers, because removing my socks to wear flops is too much work. That’s pretty lazy.

  3. This is random, Tina, but you mentioned your sofa and the sleeper bed. We’re expecting our first baby this summer and need to consolidate some space without compromising room for guests..would you mind sharing what sofa bed you have and if you recommend it (even though you may not use it yourself 🙂 )? Thanks!!

    1. I actually don’t recommend it. It was super expensive and the fabric is already starting to look warn, the cushions are losing support, and it’s only a year old. The sleeper bed, however, is really comfy. It’s memory foam, which I highly recommend! 😄

  4. I hate washing my face at night too! I used wipes for a while, but they all made my face breakout and feel a little sticky. Maybe I’ll try those!

  5. I hate uncorking wine too! I am horrible at it and slightly embarrassed that I still haven’t figured it out. Something lazy I do that actually makes things harder in the long run is when I take off my clothes from the day I throw them in the hamper even if they aren’t needing to be washed – too lazy to fold/hang up haha

  6. I never buy wine without a cork, because I like to keep them! I also think it tastes better for some reason, but that’s probably all in my head. I’m really lazy with brushing my teeth at night…I have no problem doing a whole routine with washing my face but for some reason the 2 minutes it takes to brush my teeth is just too much! My dentist would cringe, but sometimes if I’m lazy I just rinse with mouthwash (sometimes floss + mouthwash). Gross, I know. I would never skip in the morning though!

  7. We have the same Chicco jogging stroller and my 10-month old daughter lounges in it exactly like Quinn does-with her right foot up. Too cute!

  8. I see Quinn is in the infant seat in Target? Do you let him ride in the cart? My 10 month old looooves it!

    I just bought the Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc because I have heard you mention its your favorite. I was so psyched to see it was a twist off, lol! And it was excellent!

  9. I’m good about washing my face at night, but if I’m not washing my hair in the morning, I always leave my mascara on so that my morning routine is quicker! So bad I know, but I just can’t be bothered to take it off only to put it back on again!

  10. I don’t put the tops of containers and bottles back on correctly and it drives my husband crazy. One time I didn’t put the cap tightly back onto a bottle of laundry detergent and it spilled all over the back seat of his car. He wasn’t happy but at least is smelled good, right? I will say, I have been much more careful about tightening caps and covers!

  11. I started using wipes instead of washing my face at night too! There’s just not enough time between dinner and baby’s bed time.
    Oh man, that my gym thing looks fun. Gotta find something like that around here

  12. I can’t tell you how often I go to bed without washing my face! I’m trying to get better with that one! I also use my feet whenever possible, picking things up off the floor, turning up the volume on the tv…it’s sad!

  13. Face wipes are a must for removing any eye make up…I’ve never tried Burt’s actually! Must see if I can pick them up here! I put recyclables in the main bin sometimes when I’ve already rinsed four cans (usually coconut milk) and I’m too lazy to rinse just one more!

  14. I HATE washing my face unless I’m in the shower. My most recent lazy thing is trying to change the channel/volume with my toes when the remote is one the coffee table. Yes I have problems..haha

    1. @Sarah:

      Have y’all heard of NorWex? Get the “wash cloths” ~ you use with only water ~ all makeup comes off, even waterproof mascara, and leaves your face/skin feeling oh so soft. I get those lil bumps on the back of my upper arms and they are almost gone from using the wash cloths.

      The Enviro Cloth and Window Cloth are amazing!!! My windows, mirrors, glass on pictures and photo frames have never looked better. Cleaning with water only!!

      NorWex ~ *Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes*

      {no I don’t sell NorWex ~ I just love their products ~ google to find a Rep in your area and check them out, you won’t be sorry ~ have a party so you can get lots of free stuff!!}

  15. I use facial wipes to wash my face in the morning for the same reason. And yes, I’ll admit to preferring screw top wine for sheer laziness. I recently bought a pair of slip on shoes at Target because I didn’t want to wear my winter boots anymore but didn’t want to deal with laces either. C’mon flip flop weather!!

  16. I bought those face wipes to use at night….but I’ve been too lazy to use them. I saw someone else does this too: I use my feet to pick up dropped items. I microwave things for 2:22 or 1:11 so I don’t have to push other buttons.

  17. Hi Tina – This may be random”¦but I have a close friend who’s son is turning one in a few short weeks and I am at a lost for a gift. Mainly because A) the little kiddo is incredibly spoiled and B) though the kiddo has some good bounty, Mom and Dad prefer simple toys (i.e non-plastics) so they have chests full of plastic toys they don’t play with and more simple eco-natural toys he plays with reguarly. I’d prefer to get the kiddo (and Mom & Dad) something useful and not a toy/gift that will be lost in the toy box. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! PS: I am love reading your blog, it is one of my daily highlights. Quinn is such a cutie!

  18. I’m so lazy when it comes to laundry. When I finally get around to folding it, I have every intention of putting the laundry away. I constantly move it back and forth between my bed (that’s where I do all my folding) and the laundry basket for a good two weeks before I finally put it away! It would be so easy to put away as I find, but I’m sooooo lazy when it comes to this chore.

  19. Sometimes I track a package online from my laptop on the kitchen counter so I don’t have to walk to the front door to see if its been delivered!

  20. Ha! I buy those exact and wipes for the exact same reason. I bought them for traveling at first but liked them so much I use them a few times a week when I’m just not feeling a full on facial routine before bed.

  21. Flip-flops are my lazy! I ran my first errands wearing them yesterday and it was amazing, so happy to ditch boots. But my boots aren’t slip-on, so that might be my issue.

    This one goes in the lazy parenting category. We got a note home about how all Kindergarteners need to be capable of changing between boots and sneakers in the winter, including tying shoes. I immediately found my kid a pair of slip-on w/ 1 small Velcro strap. Teaching tying was tooo hard. HAHA… maybe this summer!

  22. The little shakers you made are super cute! When my kids were little, I put dried beans and rice in some water bottles for the same effect. The kids loved them, but they of course looked like trash. I think my MIL thought I was crazy.

  23. Hi Tina – I am super lazy about washing my face too and live for cleansing wipes, especially after a sweaty workout if I cant shower right away. I absolutely LOVE the Kirkland brand cleansing facial wipes from Costco. I’m not sure if there is a Costco by you, or another whole sale retailer, but because I use them so often buying them in bulk has been much more cost efficient than when I was buying individual packs. They are great quality too!! Just as good, if not better, than the Olay and Neutrogena brand ones I had been buying.

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