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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning, friends.

Over the past couple of days, I took some time to grieve. I cried, listened to DMB, and reminisced with old photos, but I realize the best way for me to cope is to try to get back to my everyday routine and be as positive about life as possible. I want to cherish my memories of him with smiles, not tears, and I know he wouldn’t want it any other way.


It’s cool outside this morning”” fall is definitely on its way””so I whipped up a batch of warm banana oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar mixed in.

_MG_3302 (640x426)

I topped my oatmeal with chia seeds, raisins, and scoop of peanut butter.

_MG_3283 (426x640)

_MG_3305 (640x426)

And I drank a glass of really strong iced coffee with vanilla soy milk. I guess I added too many grinds to that batch. Better too strong than too weak!


_MG_3288 (640x426)

Feel Great Weight

Here’s this week’s Feel Great Weight post: 9 Summer Diet Tips to Stick to in the Fall.


Question of the Day

How do you change your eating habits and workout routine when the cooler weather arrives?



  1. Losing someone close to you is never an easy thing. That person has touched your life in a way that you will never forgot and getting back to your daily routine isn’t always easy but it does help to have some consistency in your life.

    I get the opportunity to run outside more! The summer heat in Florida has been brutal and so I have been doing most of my runs on a treadmill. I can’t wait to enjoy an evening run outside again.

  2. yes it is absolutely true the best way to cope is trying to get back to normal life. however, don’t be afraid to let yourself feel whatever you need to feel. no matter what it is, it’s okay. stay strong. 🙂
    and when the fall weather comes…i eat even more fall veggies than normal. bring on the sweet potatoes, squash, everything-pumpkin-flavored, etc 🙂

  3. I also recently lost a close friend much too young. It is so hard to process. You have many people thinking of you during this tough time.

  4. I think the best way to honor those who have passed is to live the best life we can, and that’s exactly what you’re doing!

    I solved the problem of cold vs. warm weather workouts by moving from Massachusetts to California. (Oh, and there was that little issue of moving out here for grad school too…)

  5. I’m glad you have been taking time to yourself Tina to grieve… We have all been thinking about you <3 I know it's not easy, I cannot imagine… I sounds like you have an amazing attitude and lots of love and support around you 🙂

    I always forget how much I like raisins AND crunchy PB in my oats… the chewy/crunchy textures are awesome.

    I much prefer to run in cooler weather… very much looking forward to the cooler running days ahead. When it gets REALLY cold, I reactivate my sports club membership and run a lot on the treadmill. This is easier on my legs so it also give my legs a chance to heal after months of pavement pounding.

    I am a huge fan of soups and stews when the weather gets cooler…. and KABOCHA SQUASH and BRUSSELS SPROUTS. I kinda went overboard last year with the sprouts and squash haha Definitely need to be a bit more moderate this year.

  6. I TRY not to change my routine (very OCD), but the holidays coming up can just be brutal! I love to bake and I can get a little nuts with it! Living in the south I can stay outside even when it gets colder, so not much should change there. The produce will change with what’s in season so I will adjust when that happens. I can already see less strawberries where I shop…:( I am obsessed with the “oats in a jar” combo right now, but will eventually move to the warm oats..:) I just signed up for my very first race (yay!!) so I am hoping to stay focused and not change anything.
    The stages of grief can be excruciating….I just hurt for you, but I admire your strength to move forward. I pray that God will give you strength and wisdom to put one foot in front of the other.

  7. I feel like I’ve been waiting a long time for cool weather to arrive in central Florida…and, let’s face it, I’ll probably still be waiting awhile. But I use it as a chance to get out of the gym and outside during normal hours for a nice run plus my dog gets a lot more outdoor activity since I don’t have to worry about him overheating.

  8. I definitely spend more time outside in the fall–I’m not a direct sunlight worker outer: I don’t like the sun beating down on me while I’m running or lifting…so I tend to stay indoors in the summer (crazy? yes), or run in the early darkness of the prevening.

    I like the cool, crisp fall air, so I run more outside and I like to bring my barbell out and do Crossfit WODs in my back yard.

  9. awwww yayy I”m glad you know what will help you cope with this! 🙂

    And I normally do body weight intervals inside the house, and many times along with weight work. So, cool weather isn’t really an issue hehe. Unless I do run sometimes and jumprope. Have a beautiful rest of the day Tina!

  10. I definitely start incorporate more warm and hearty meals into my diet – hot oatmeal, soups, chilis, hot chocolate! I used to start working out inside at a gym more once the colder months hit, but in San Diego I don’t have to do that as much any more!

    hanging in there, still thinking of you!

  11. I’m sorry for your loss, but I find that getting back into your regular routine does help you manage the emotions and sadness!

    I find that I have to make more of an effort to cut out starchy carbs as it gets closer to winter in Boston! Plus, find ways to make indoor workouts (treadmill!) exciting, so I don’t get bored! I generally save up DVR’d shows and use them as my motivation to get (and stay!) on the treadmill for 30-45mins!

  12. I lost my best friend (who was also my cousin) when I was 17. It’s been 16 years and I still miss her so much, especially during those big life moments. It’s not fair to lose people you love before you’ve had the chance to live a lifetime with them, but we can live our lives well to honor theirs.

    One thing I change during the winter months is my cooking regularity. During the summer, dinners are casual and thrown together, but in the fall/winter I cook with more regularity and dishes that are a bit more involved and comforting.

  13. my eating habits only change in that i start to bring back fall type foods…..but my workout changes a ton! i run outside more (since it will no longer be over 100 degrees!!), i go on more hikes, and i start working out more in the evenings since the sun is still up!

    oh fall…please please please get here already!!!

  14. I’m so sorry about your friend, but it’s good that you’ve taken time to heel and are now trying to get back to normal. It’ll be tough, but by staying busy you’ll have more distractions. xoxoxo thoughts and prayers heading your way!! <3

  15. I am sorry for your loss, Tina! 🙁 But know that you will see him again and the reuniting will be amazing! Keep your chin up, life really is special and sweet!

    I try to stick to the similar workouts, but swimming is taken indoors. I still teach a bunch of fitness classes, so those stay in the Fall as well!

  16. Tina, I just wanted to say that we’re all thinking of you and your friend and sending you happy thoughts!

    When it starts to get cold I tend to run for warm scarves, my crock pot so I can make fabulous vegetarian stews and my Brooks running sneaks. I have always loved long walks during fall and this year I look forward to lots of long runs enjoying the leaves change color.

    I hope you have a great month!!

  17. I don’t really change anything that much. Except I do know that it’s a lot harder to go swim my laps when it’s cold outside! I just make myself do it anyway. Not looking forward to that though.

  18. more intense workouts inside oes the trick for me,splitting up the workouts half in am/pm helps b/c then you arent working out for 2 hrs straight,im planning on going to free workouts hosted by also {free zumba classes and crossfit} so ill be able to jog/run when the weather is warmer.

  19. I will start eating pumpkin oatmeal again. I will go for evening walks when it starts getting dark (I don’t like walking in the daylight for some reason), I will bake bread, I will return to yoga, I will hike more. Also, I will continue to rock out on my new hula hoop.

      1. @Tina:

        I’m trying to find local (south shore) classes. If you get a line on any, I hope you’ll post about them. It is so fun, and quite a workout (after I bashed my nose a couple of times and sent it flying at the walls and ceilings.)

  20. I am definitely outside more in the fall than in the summer. It’s so much more appealing to go running or walking when it’s a) not sweltering, and b) the trees are changing colors!

    May I ask what brand of vanilla soy milk you use in your iced coffee?

  21. I admire you ability to continue on during this difficult time and hope the good memories bring your comfort.

    I don’t really change my habits from summer to fall – during the winter, I actually end up working out more because I figure, if I’m going to be indoors, might as well hit up the gym a bit longer!

  22. You are right that your friend would want you to go back to normal routine and live life happily, but I’m sure that won’t make it any easier… so just know we support you on the days, or times of the day when the last thing you feel like doing is blogging about something routine 🙂 Hugs!

  23. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. It’ll get easier with time, but of course he’ll always be in your heart. But getting back to your normal routine will definitely help you to cope, as well as support from your family & friends. On a happier note, that oatmeal looks delicious! In the fall, I definitely crave more comfort foods because of the cooler temperatures. Probably not a good thing lol.

  24. Thinking of you during this tough time Tina.

    I love this time of year when the weather starts to get a bit crisp and I can introduce some fall-y foods (which I’ve usually started yearning for). I’ve started making banana/ almond meal/ pumpkin pancakes and drinking copious amounts of my fave cinnamon spice tea that I can only find at certain starbucks (the one at the Derby Shoppes has it and its amazing!)

  25. My routine honestly doesn’t change much, except I do tend to cut out my after-dinner walks which I really don’t like. But it’s too dark by the time I get home and finish supper. Such a shame! I’d like to incorporate more night rituals to get me up and moving though!

    And yes. Strong coffee much outweighs weak coffee. 😉

  26. I’m a firm believer in remembering the good times. Looking at photos. Talking with mutual friends about all of the wonderful memories.

    And getting back into a routine is also so important.

    When fall comes around I find myself outdoors more often despite the days getting shorter! And I start craving warm comfort meals.

  27. Sorry for your loss. It gets easier with time.
    I love the title of this post! I know it’s cliche, but some DMB songs really take me back and conjure great memories.

  28. I hope everything is going well for you Tina. 🙂

    I am definitely outside more during the fall whether it’s running, hiking or apple picking. I love the fall weather and fall flavors: pumpkin, spices, apples. My favorite season by far!

  29. It is really important to keep the life is short thing in mind whenever you are going through hard times.

    Even as someone who is still “young” I try to direct my life on a certain path and freak out when things I planned in my head don’t work out. It can be very harmful in a way because then I get bogged down.

    College is teaching me to go with the flow because I truly believe it works out in the end!

  30. So sorry to hear about your friend. My friend’s brother was killed in Afghanistan last year & it’s been a real struggle (still) going through the first death of someone I knew that was my age & someone in the war. His 21st birthday would have been tomorrow, so I’m getting my celebration on for sure.

    That Dave quote is one of my favorites (your title) and I think of it often when I think of Marc.

  31. I’m so sorry for your loss Tina…and I love that DMB quote, life is definitely short and it’s moments like these that reminds us to cherish life and be thankful for everyday 🙂

    Btw, I’m not sure when you changed your layout but I definitely like the look with a sidebar on each side and your content in the middle 🙂

  32. Best wishes to you. I have also had a very hard week that has left me VERY unstable but I am just trying to keep a normal routine in the closet way possible.

  33. You are definitely right about that – the best way to honor you friend is to make the most of your days:-).

    When it get’s cooler here I start running outside again – it’s been such a hot summer in NC. I can run all through winter pretty much though which I love.

  34. Since summer lasted a whole 2 weeks and fall should last maybe a month I’m getting outside whenever it’s not raining. And since winter and snow are soon to be on us up here in the north, my husband and I will be getting snow shoes so that we can still hike regardless of the snow!!

  35. I am glad you found a way to get through things. Same for me when my grandmother passed recently. I just kept up with my eating and exercise for some sort of normalcy.

    For me, when it gets cold its running time! I know, totally opposite of most people but its too darn hot in the summer. If it gets too nasty out with ice and such, I take it inside for some Zumba!

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