Life Advice from Murphy

Play more.


Never say no to a car ride.


Don’t be afraid to look silly.


Breathe deeply.


Make exercise fun.


Travel as much as possible.


Eat your veggies.


Greens included!


Stretch regularly.


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Look both ways before you cross the street.


Take good care of those you love.


Face your fears.


Spend time with your family.


Respect your elders.


Live in the moment.


Savor your food slowly.


Choose your friends wisely.


Persistence, persistence, persistence.







Let go of grudges.



Get dirty.


(Dirt don’t hurt.)


Smile like you mean it.


What has your dog taught you about life?


  1. I have had my dog for 12 years this month, and he has taught me more about life than anything else I’ve encountered thus far. He’s taught me that sometimes all you need is a good cuddle, and then you have to get back up and do something. He taught me that rainy, cold days are for sleeping, and sunny days are for laying in the grass. He taught me that regardless of where you came from, or what you believe, you should get at least one shot to be a friend. He taught me that you can love someone besides yourself so much that it breaks your heart everyday to see them grow old and weak as you grow older and wiser. He is deaf and blind now, and although he’s much less rambunctious than he once was, he is still, and will always be my baby. <3

  2. My dog taught me:
    1) to never leave food unattended!
    2) that if your sleep was more important than her cry at night you will surely find pee on the floor the next morning… :S
    3) that selfless love is real!

    Loved your post!!

  3. My Boston and my Pug have taught me the meaning behind the saying “dog is man’s best friend.” After losing a husband and almost a daughter, as well as a house and a job, I am so grateful to have my dog to go home to every night. I think it’s possible to love a dog as much as another human. I’m now more involved in doing things to help dogs and people in other parts of the world. If A Pug Owner would like a loving family to rescue him from his pug, I will take the Pug. It’s not a “working” breed.

  4. i don’t have a dog, but man I want a king cavalier so bad, maybe 1 day.
    this is like unconditional love like having a baby, only difference is a dog is less work and doesn’t cry all day. 🙂

  5. Murphy has some of the best facial expressions! And I love all of his advice! Such a wise little guy! Thanks for sharing him with all of us!

  6. I love this post! I have 2 pugs and they bring me and my family so much laughter and happiness every day 🙂 and of course they have the best advice!

  7. I Stumbled upon you today on Stumbleupon. Your site has made me happy. Love your pug Life Advice from Murphy. He is one smart little fellow!

  8. I found you on StumbleUpon today. I love Murphy and his life advice. He’s so right. Thank you Murphy for sharing your wisdom. I’m glad you get peanut butter jars!

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