Life Advice from a Pug

This post is sponsored by Freshpet, and its content is provided by Murphy P. Haupert. (His middle name is Piranha.) As always, thank you for supporting this blog! 

Back in 2011, Murphy offered some life advice to CNC readers. He didn’t speak of pug training or pug temperament. Instead he spoke from the heart and offered his best words of wisdom. At the time, he was just 3 years old, but Murphy knew a thing or two about being happy and living well. I guess he just wanted to get some life advice from a pug out into the world.

Fast-forward eight years, our much more senior pug is at it again. He’s experienced a number of hardships over the years, including the loss of his right ear (there’s no ear canal; just an ear flap), chronic vestibular disease, countless eye ulcers, and more. Obviously, these ailments have made him more adorable and appreciate life so much more. So, once again, here is Murphy offering his best pug advice to help you live a full and happy life!

Never say no to an adventure.

Smile like you mean it.

Don’t leave your loved ones waiting.

Eat good food.

As a pug, Murphy appreciates good food, especially when it’s made from fresh, whole ingredients. Even his flat nose can smell the difference!

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Freshpet’s food is super fresh and comes straight from the fridge – there’s even pieces of whole foods like carrots and peas mixed in. It’s fresh, flavorful, and guaranteed to keep your pet happy and healthy from breakfast to dinner! Check out Freshpet’s store locator to see if it’s sold near you!

When in doubt, hug it out.

The little things are the big things.

Do what you love.


And without regrets.

Question of the Day

What life advice would your dog give to you?


  1. This is such a beautiful post! Dogs hold such a close part of my heart and my dog, Daisy is an inspiration each day! She is filled with energy and life and always brings zest and excitement to my life. If she were to give advice, she would say, “Life is better when we’re laughing.” She always brings a smile to my face and loves to make people laugh.

  2. Love this! I always say we can learn so much from our pets approaches to life. Rudy, my 11 month old golden doodle would add, “Smell everything, and pay attention to your surroundings – anything that moves or makes a noise, including blowing leaves and airplanes flying overhead! Find joy in all the little things”

  3. I love it!!!!!
    My dog would encourage comfort over glamour, to never hold a grudge, and greet your loved ones like you thought you would never see them again.

  4. My dog Ginger would tell us chase as many rabbits as you can whether you catch them or not. The joy is in the chase.(sidenote, she has never caught a rabbit, but never gives up).

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