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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! 😎

After yesterday’s eating debacle, I started my morning with a more “balanced” breakfast: one egg over easy with melted cheddar on two pieces of toasted Ezekiel bread and half of an apple on the side.


The meal was very satisfying and didn’t leave me craving something else… like cake, for instance.


I also drank some Birthday Cake iced coffee with soy milk with breakfast. (There may or may not be an awesome coffee promo next week on CNC in honor of someone’s 30th birthday! πŸ˜‰ )


Bathing Suit Body Confidence

So, I haven’t worn a bathing suit in almost 2 years. Not because I don’t want to, but because I haven’t had a chance. The weather was terrible in Boston last summer, so there was no reason to wear one. (Some people, like my husband, say we had nice weather last summer, but if you worked in an office from 9-5, Monday – Friday, there was zero bathing suit-worthy weather on the weekends. Worst summer ever. πŸ˜• ) The winter, of course, didn’t provide any options to get into a bathing suit either.

So, now I am gearing-up to wear a bathing suit (for the first time in 2 years) this coming weekend. I’m not necessarily looking forward to it, but I’m not dreading it either. Since January, I’ve been toning up and staying in shape, so I feel pretty good about myself, but I’ve never been the type of person to who is totally confident wearing a bathing suit. (I guess living in a place that only sees “bathing suit weather” for 3 months out of the year makes it tough, too.)Β I act like I feel good in a bathing suit, but I’m always reluctant to strip down. The idea of “fake it to ya make it” usually works for me, but I still feel the need to cover up. I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling.


Feel Great Weight

Are you dreading shopping for a new bathing suit this year? Check out my newest FGW post: Hate Buying a Bathing Suit? 4 Feel-Good Shopping Strategies.

Question of the Day

How do you feel about wearing a bathing suit in public? Where does your body confidence come from?

P.S. Murphy wants you to check out his blog post about homemade dog toys! πŸ˜€



  1. I think its important to find a suit you love because there are styles that flatter every figure, really. I have a great black suit that is a strapless one piece and every time I wear it I feel really confident. It’s black and sort of gathered around the midsection, hard to describe but really cute!

  2. I don’t enjoy it at all. Being 60 pounds overweight might have something to do with that. :-s

  3. Your breakfast looks perfect! I wear tankinis. I still don’t like wearing bathing suites, but it gives me a little more coverage while still being fun and feeling young. Definitely in black too. Have a great day!

  4. Last summer was the first summer in years I felt great in a 2 piece suit. It was the best feeling. I worked hard to feel that way. This summer, being pregnant, I’m nervous. My body is toned and looks good, but my hips and sides are wide, my belly is growing, so I’m waiting another month to shop. I think, as long as I can manage, I’ll still try slip into a bikini on the few occasions I am in a suit this summer. My husband says go for it, he thinks women look great pregnant, we’ll see what he says, and how I feel, in July!

  5. I absolutely feel like the lone person here, but I LOVE frolicking (yes, I said frolicking) all day in my swimsuit. Granted, I live in Germany so the weather isn’t ideal for swimsuits, but given the chance (like when the hubs and I were on a Greek cruise 2 weeks ago), I will jump on it. I used to dread it. However, living in Europe has changed my ideals about nudity and/or showing off my body. The Europeans could care less what you look like underneath your clothes as far as judging goes. They are proud of their bodies no matter what they look like. And it actually makes them sexier. I love it! I’ve even been to a nude co-ed spa. It was interesting and scary, but I had to hold my chin up and strut my stuff!

  6. Honestly, I don’t know anyone who loves it entirely! Which is crazy, because I look at everyone and see how beautiful they are.

  7. I don’t mind wearing a bathing suit. The thing I’m most self-conscious about is my pale skin. I’m not just white; I’m borderline albino. That’s what happens when you spend all your time locked in an office. I always feel like people are staring at my blinding skin.

  8. Like you, I’ve barely been in a bathing suit in the last couple of years. Last summer was terrible here too. The only time I wore a bathing suit was at a hotel pool in September (and that was just once) Ok, that’s a bit of a lie. I’ve been in a one-piece for swimming laps a couple of times a week for the last month, but to me, that’s not really “being in a bathing suit”.

    I think for those of us who don’t live in a climate where bathing suits can be worn almost year-round, it is REALLY hard to build up the bathing suit confidence- we don’t have much practice. I like my body (most of the time), but bathing suits feel like a completely different beast… Once I’m in it and realize that NO, not everyone is looking at me and thinking “wow, she’s barely wearing any clothes” because they are in the same boat, I feel better. But I’m really self conscious for the first 10 or 15 minutes.

  9. Maybe the fact you had a birthday cake iced coffee helped with satisfying that craving, too. πŸ˜› and not to sounds weird, but you have an incredible body. Other women would kill for it, so be proud and flaunt it! Tastefully, of course. πŸ™‚
    Have a good day!

  10. I agree that while I am not 100% confident in a bathing suit I try to find one that flatters my figure and then I try not to worry about every little imperfection and just enjoy myself. It doesn’t hurt when you have an amaing husband who tells me I am beautiful! πŸ˜‰

  11. I refuse to wear a suit.I have varicose veins and spider veins and I would not expose that to the world -ugh!!!!(plus excess weight!)

  12. I love being at the beach, so even though I feel a bit “naked” sometimes it’s not my shape that makes me insecure – it’s that I can NEVER find a swimsuit that can hold the girls up!

    I love how I feel in bras and in a sports bra – why don’t they make swimsuits that fit just as well?! I have a bit of a boxy upper body, so one pieces don’t look as flattering as 2-pieces and tankinis. I’ve ordered like 3 swimsuits online that are supposed to be the “best” and they’ve all gone back. HELP!
    /end rant (lol)

  13. I’m probably 30 pounds over “normal” weight (but tall) and I wear a bathing suit when I want to swim. I stopped caring about what others thought of my body a while ago. And I only care that it’s strong enough to do the yoga and hiking things I want it to do. That said, I’m not one for hanging out on the beach lying around in the sun. I usually bike there, swim for a while and then bike home. A bathing suit to me is just another form of workout clothes, so the function of it matters most to me.

  14. I grew up literally spending 8 hour days during the summer at the pool (I LOVE the pool) so I’m used to being in a suit, but I dont think any female loves it. And my boobs have grown a lot this past year (no clue why, I mean im 25 not 15) so now I’m having a bit of trouble finding a suit that fits on top and bottom! blah!

  15. I feel pretty confident in a swimsuit, but that’s because I work hard for that confidence all year long. Am I Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue caliber? Not hardly, but I am in good shape, I’m strong and toned, and that makes me feel better than anything — that I worked for it.
    You work really hard at staying in shape! That’s something about which to be proud. Nobody out there has a perfect body. NOBODY. Not even those our society holds up as perfect. But you have much to hold your head up about! I say get in that bikini and strut your stuff.

  16. I wouldn’t wear a bathing suit in pubilc, I don’t have that kind of confidence. I don’t even wear shirts that have very short sleeves. I don’t know though, I get spurts of confidence now and then. Often a fearless attitude sweeps over me. So, I guess I’m not sure if I would or not. 😎


  17. Um, I don’t even own a bathing suit. Mostly this is because I don’t like the water/swimming, but even when I used to, I’d always opt for boy shorts and tank tops, not bikinis! But then again, then last time I went swimming I was about 14, so I’m kinda glad I wasn’t in a bikini…

  18. Like you, I have had very few chances to wear a bathing suit in the past few years, mostly due to work! I usually keep some sort of little cover up on unless I am swimming, not because of body issues but because I burn like crazy! I feel like you just have to put your chin up, realize that you look great and are with people who love you, and have a good time!

  19. I wouldn’t say I’m delighted with how I look in a bathing suit, but I”m not overly self conscious. I know I’m a healthy weight, and my husband continually tells me how hot I look, so those are some great confidence boosters. Really, I focus on having fun, getting tan, and reading a good book at the beach, and let everyone else worry about how they look. I just forget about it πŸ™‚

  20. I haven’t worn a bathing suit in public for about 4 years, maybe even 5! In fact I don’t even remember the last time :s I think I’d be pretty scared if it came to it…I hate my shoulders!!

  21. Are any of us actually 100% comfortable in a bathing suit? Probably not. There’s just too much at stake! I try not to cheap out (for once) and buy a good guality suit that tend to flatter my figure. If it’s a really pretty suit, that usually helps me feel a little more confident.

  22. This year I invested a little more money in some good bathing suits from Victoria’s Secret. Having a small chest I am always looking for a little more in that department and didn’t realize how awesome a little more in this department could make me feel! I literally ordered 15 bathings suits and then ended up returning 13 or so of them to make sure I was getting the best suit. I also obviously was doing this at home which is more comfortable than in the store! I also get my confidence from realizing that my body is just about the best it can be for me and while I don’t have long legs or a huge bust, it’s me and I love me!

  23. I haven’t bought a bathing suit since my sophomore year college ( 8 years ago for those keeping track). My “trouble spot” is my stomach, and I struggle with bathing suits because it always seems like everything always CLINGS to your stomach. I’m also a bit self-conscious of my thighs (who isn’t?). This year, I found the PERFECT combination. On sale, no less! I ended up with a ‘halterkini — apron style’ — what that translates to is a bathing suit top that looks like a tankini, but it ties at the neck (halter) and behind the back where a bra strap would lay (apron style). It leaves your back exposed (fine, in my case, because I have a rockin’ back) but also doesn’t cling to your stomach. I paired it with a short swim skirt with a built in ‘panty’ underneath, which hid the tops of my thighs (the worst part for me).
    It’s PERFECT! I’m excited πŸ™‚

  24. I’m in the best shape of my life, but I still don’t like wearing a bathing suit. I feel naked! And Philly also didn’t have great bathing suit weather last summer. It rained like 4/5 of the summer, I swear!

  25. I’m not thrilled with wearing a bathing suit out in public, but I know I’m going to do it anyways, so I just go with it. I always remind myself that I am my own worst critic – I see all the flaws that nobody else would even take a second look at. I’m currently at a place where I feel pretty fit and happy with my body, so I’m not going to let any “body blunders” keep me from having a rockin’ time this summer by the pool! 😎

  26. LOVED your “Feel Great Weight” post. It’s so true that we all struggle with this. I also haven’t worn a suit in a long time because, like you said, the weather was so crappy. I don’t really have any tricks, per se. I simply remind myself that I’m healthy and my body is strong. I try not to think about it too much. Plus, at the risk of being cruel, you can ALWAYS look around and find someone wearing something they should not and you realize the attention is not on you. Oops – that’s my rude Bostonian coming out 😯

  27. I’m confused as to why you’re just learning about balanced eating when you write health posts and have taken nutrition courses and give out nutrition advice on your blog.

  28. I just had a baby in December so I am DREADING putting on a bathing suit. I wasn’t skinny to begin with, but always had a slim tummy and after a c-section, I’m totally soft! I’m hoping I can hide the belly (and the legs, who are we kidding?) with my adorable little girl πŸ™‚ Life is short, right?

  29. Perfect timing on this post. I just was in a swimsuit for the first time in years this past week in Florida. I know I don’t look perfect in a suit yet but I am a work in progress and what helped was that I knew my husband couldn’t take his eyes off of me. It’s a hard thing to be basically in lingerie in BRIGHT sunlight and still think you look hot. I’m with you on the “fake it till you make it”.

  30. I understand bathing suit frustrations.. I live on a lake, in North Carolina, where lake season lasts for about 8 months each year! I feel pretty good all over, except for my trouble spot… my thighs. But I can’t bring myself to buy a suit with a skirt (like my mom has), so I stick with cute tie-around-the-waist cover ups until I’m ready to jump in πŸ™‚

  31. even if i feel good in my suit, im always reluctant to pull off the coverup when i actually get to the beach. seriously tho, fake it til ya feel it is so true. i find that pictures of me at the beach where im having fun and running around are much more flattering than me trying to pose where i look the skinniest!

  32. Chicago did not see good bathing suit weather at all last year! I completely wasted money on buying a new one, too. But the three times I did wear it, I found it true- confidence is key. It really does make a world of difference.

    No worries! Just have fun! I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic weekend!

  33. i made the switch from bikinis to tankinis after i had a hernia surgery and ended up with a huge scar on my stomach- its faded now and barely noticeable, but i found i was more comfortable in a tankini than a bikini; i wasn’t always sucking it in, or adjusting the cups of the bikini top. even though im “tiny” i have a big bust and needed to get a D-cup, need underwire, lots of support, etc. i buy my suits from lands end, they are cute, stylish, and VERY supportive!
    and i hate to say it, but if you look around you on the beach… everyone is in the same boat about how they look on the beach, from the tiny bronzed thing in a thong to the bigger ladies letting it all hang out. AND dont forget- the old guys who wear speedos.. just walk near him, everyone will think you look like a goddess!!! lol (Tina… Revere beach… when’s the last time you went?! haha)

  34. I feel good wearing a swim suit! I work hard at keeping my body in shape and I don’t mind showing it off!

  35. I rock wearing a bikini at 52! I’m fit and toned and proud of my body, and what I wear looks good (and appropriate). I think it helps that I lived in Germany and traveled throughout the Med during summers. Europeans wear whatever they want to the beach, and enjoy themselves! We all have bodies and none of them are perfect. I don’t know why swimsuits are such a big deal when lots of people with far less then perfect bodies wear the most revealing and unflattering clothes. Flesh is flesh no matter whether it’s exhibited at the beach, or muffin top hanging out at the local mall. Eat healthy and not to excess, exercise, and wear things that flatter your figure. It’s not that hard. I live in a Florida beach community, and believe me, people of all sizes are wearing swimsuits!

  36. I am OK wearing a bathingsuit. I don’t feel fancy and fee, but I don’t feel the need to cover-up. My issue is COVERAGE. I have a chest, so it’s hard for me to find suits that don’t make me look like a slut (even if it’s just in my head!).

    I also HATE not having enough coverage of the booty, or when the suit digs in (it happens even on the skinniest people!), so to me, fit is everything. Also, the whole pale as a ghost thing doesn’t really do me any favors!

    But other than that I can’t complain πŸ˜‰

  37. I always hated being in a swimsuit in front of others until I started swimming laps and training for the triathlon…that changed my entire perspective. I stopped focusing on bathing suits as something that would be revealing my flaws to the world and I focused more on what my body could do in a swimsuit.

  38. for me i love summer.and i love going to the pool…tan time!!but i dont like bikini bathing suits.to me i feel like im wearing my bra and underwear outside.my favorite kind is the tankini,its a 2 piece but i covers most of the mid-section,therefore making me feel a little more modest.
    also to tina and all over carrotsncake readers.i just started a blog a few weeks.if you guys could read and maybe follow that would be awesome!http://macsterandme.tumblr.com/

  39. I can totally relate. I don’t think I’ve worn a bathing suit in a few years either because the weather has been so awful. The only exception has been when I visit my parents who live on a lake — but then I can get away with wearing my bikini top and shorts around haha.

    I think it’s especially hard to get into one at the beginning of the season. I am always self-conscious about my thighs, and when they’re pasty white from the winter, it doesn’t help things much! I also just hate shopping for one. Despite being a very active person, I seem to loose all confidence in my body when it comes time to pick out a swimsuit. I never feel like anything really looks all that flattering on my booty/thighs. So, like you, I’ve just got to fake it till I make it….or find a really cute wrap dress to cover up with. πŸ˜‰

  40. It’s definitely more difficult to have confidence wearing a bathing suit when you only wear one a couple times/year. It’s definitely important to stay confident and remind yourself that you are a strong woman who works hard and should be proud of your body! Let any negative thoughts run away and focus on your strength and the fun you’re having!

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